MY PLANET or . . . er . . . my Cat
This is Sadie, my adorable cat.
...Otherwise known as
"The Great, White, 'Beached' Whale."
Sadie was a lazy cat.
And like most lazy beings, she had a fancy for the T.V.
But her favorite leisure activity was sunbathing.
Cat in the hat?
"I will not eat green eggs in a hat.  I will not eat them," said Sadie Cat.  "I may be fat, but I will not eat green eggs in a hat!"
...Cat out of the hat.
Sadie loved her country.  And on Independence day she really showed she's a "Patrioticat."
Alas, at age 13, Sadie lost her battle with intestinal cancer.  After dropping to a disturbing 4 lbs. and unable to eat much of anything, I had our vet put her to sleep.  Now she rests in peace in the backyard, next to her buddy Patches the dog.
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