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Wow!! Where to start...  LOL!  I'll try to keep this short & sweet, but I have so many people to thank .
First off, I won't waste your time by flaming EaGames. we all feel the same way about them.

I'd like to thank all of our Grumpy People, if  I thanked you all, I'd have to name the entire guild roster. All of you  have made this guild one of the best in Andromeda. You have  shown excellence in service; in pride; & in comraderie!! You have enriched my (& others) gaming experience by leaps & bounds!!

That said,  I do need to Gratz some people that I feel have gone  'Above & Beyond'
First off is our Founders, if you only knew the 'Behind the Scenes' chats we've had, & the numerous times they have brought me to my senses as far as Guild Leadership,  LOL you should see my chat log!!
Chiippsetter, Bourbon, Manonamission & our MIA, Seanteh deserve a round of thanks for the work you all didn't see.

I think my time for ENB is about over, tho I will be trying out some different games;  Eve is one.  I cant afford to run 2-3-4 online games :(
Above all, I'm so glad I met each & every Grump!
Take care of yourselves, Take care of each other, & Have fun & be safe whereever you are!!
Are you tired of working for a guild run by a bunch of kids? Maybe the " Grumpy Old Men "  guild is for you? Grumpy  Old Men is E & B's guild for players 30+. So, if you are looking for  intellectually stimulating chat mixed with a healthy dose of humour, perhaps  it is time you considered becoming a " Grumpy Old Man "
Contact Us:
Grumpy Old Men Guild rules and guidelines
Grumpy Old Men holds  true to its claim that it is an egalitarian  guild that promotes equality and democracy within the guild. The following  are some guidelines put in place by the Founding Council to help promote  guild efficiency:
1. All  "Gawd" 's have the right to recruit other  players into the guild. Please insure that those players recruited, in your opinion, meet the G.O.M. guild criteria.
2. All recruits will start as "Wet Behind the Ears". After a period of several weeks, the council will make a preliminary decision as to whether or not the Initiate meets the guild criteria. If the council feels that the  Initiate does meet the guild criteria they will inform the guild of their  decision to make the Initiate a full member. If the guild states no objections the Initiate is then promoted to   " Senior Citizen " with all rights, privileges and obligations that title infers.
3. All items manufactured by the guild for guild members are to stay in the guild. Items may be passed to other guild members or placed in the guild vault, but are not to be sold or given away to non-guild  members. Failure to follow this policy may result in expulsion from the Grumpy Old Men.
4. Please be respectful and helpful of other guild  members. If a guild member needs help, please do anything in your power to  assist them without jeopardizing your game play enjoyment. By doing this we ensure the increased enjoyment of E & B for all guild members.
5. The Grumpy Old Men guild has both a guild vault and a guild loans bank. If you are in need of an item or money please contact a Founder or Gawd for information on how to receive assistance in  this area. Once again we ask that you be respectful, if we all pitch in and  don't abuse this system, it will prove to be a great guild asset.
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