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So You Wanna Learn to Play?

Hi there, my name is Sam Lipman. I have been teaching music for over twenty years, on many instruments. My first job ever was teaching electric guitar to the other kids on my street. Since then I have taught hundreds of students, from infants to seniors, beginners to professionals, in several languages and many different cities.

I teach piano, classical, pop and jazz, guitar, and woodwinds, including saxophone, clarinet and flute. I also teach songwriting and composing. As an artist I have performed all over the world and as composer, my works have been featured on SuperBowl TV Commercials, airline websites and top 10 college radio, to name a few. I perform regularly with my jazz quintet and my pop band. You are most welcome to come out and meet me at a gig!

My program involves a detailed, customized plan to get you, the student, on a a solid path to where you want to go. I give you the support, structure, goals with which to grow; the rest is up to you.

Thanks for reading, and take a moment to check out my site.


Sam Lipman