Well, it all started back in the spring of 2000.  We had previously played in a band and have been playing together since 1998.  We have been great friends ever since our first band with Brian Acks called Grassy Knoll Gunmen.  After awhile, we switched names to Nine Yards.  Then, we decided our band would be better without singer/guitarist Brian, so we released him.  However, we took him back to form the band Shao-Lin Kick.  After our first and last show as Shao-Lin Kick with our dear friend Brian Acks, we decided to become Say Never Again with Bob Koutek on bass and lead vocals, Matt Jankowiak on the drums, and Tom Paulsen on guitar and backup vocals.
     Brian went on to form the band
call me eddie with another friend of ours Aaron Morrow and our drummer Matt Jankowiak.  Make sure to check them out!!!
     Anyways, are all still in high school although we each attend different ones.  We have been friends throughout grade school and junior high and We have played several shows in the Downers Grove area with other local bands like call me eddie, Just Went Blank, Fertility, By Any Means, Fergus Falls, Nipple Fish, and some others we might have forgotten.  Check out our past shows in our
shows section.
     We are currently signed to the Attic Records with such bands as call me eddie, By Any Means, and other local bands.  If you are interested in playing a show with us, contact us at
     We like to rock out.
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