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Oscar Nominations for Animated Flicks

New link to a page devoted to the glory of Cary Elwes! 03/26/99
FINALLY HERE!! Sir Steve's cool new story "The Young Soldier" is finally up! 03/20/99
Check out the Tarzan mini-preview!! 1/05/99
Ah Camelot! A place where knights and fair maidens compete in the same job market!!
Join fair maiden Kayley and valiant knight-aspirant Garrett in their quest to save Camelot from Guber.... uh... Ruber, who looks suspiciously like Riff-Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show!!


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Sir Steve's "The Young Soldier" is finally up! A cool prequel to Q4C... check it out!!

Chapter two of Lady Peachy's story is finally here!!!
(I got off my lazy butt and did it...)

Lady Katta has written a GREAT story, The Big Day!!
(ps Katta means "she-cat") :)

Thanks to Q4C fan Steve for his great story, Well Done, Ayden!!! Check it out!!


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The lyrics to Andrea Bocelli's The Prayer!!!
Much thanks to R. Gaultieri for providing them!!

Here is a site to see:David Foster!!
He made a great contribution to the soundtrack!

Here is a link to a LeAnn Rimes site with
MANY links to other sites about this accomplished singer and a RealPlayer Clip of her singing!

And, here is a cool link to a site about the Corrs!!! (thanx Caroline!)

If you like Bryan White then here is a really cool place to go!
It's got a BBS, video clips, sound clips, and loads of information!

And of course, Celine Dion provides a singing voice so here is a link to one of the best sights for this great singer. Also, here is a page with alot of links to other Celine Dion sites, clips of her singing, pictures, lyrics and LOTS more!!

For Steve!!!

row row row your boat gently down the stream
ha ha fooled you all I'm a submarine

Credits for all the speaking voices in Q4C!

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