4th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company E
Laurens District

Cooper, E. M., Captain

Rose, W. A., 1st Lieutenant

Campbell, G., 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Little, G. F., 1st Sergeant

Barksdale, W. W., Sergeant

Copeland, J. F., Sergeant

Garrett, W. H., Sergeant

Gray, P. D., Sergeant

Ansly, D. L., Corporal

Hipp, C. M., Corporal

Little, J. P., Corporal

Pool, Albert, Corporal

Sharp, H. P., Corporal

Abrams, J.

Adair, E.

Adair, Isaac

Anderson, David

Baylis, Noah

Benjamin, J. D.

Biddle, W. H.

Blakely, J. W.

Boyd, J. H.

Braddock, A. A.

Bramblet, Lewis

Bryson, W. J.

Burdette ( Burditt ), Jessie Bramlett, who was born in 22 Feb 1813, died 20 May 1897, and is buried Bethel Church/Maldin cemetery GrGr Grandson

Burdette ( Burditt ), Nathan B. born 20 Sep 1820. died 14 Apr 1877, and is buried Dial Church, Greenville GrGr Grandson

Burditt ( Baudett ), R. W., died 2 Oct 1864 (probably of yellow fever) in the 1st Louisiana Hospital in Charleston

Bums, Lewis

Camal, William

Caspary, A.

Cheek, J. W.

Cheek, William

Coker, O. H. P.

Cox, B. S.

Cunningham, J. B.

Davis, John

Denay, L. E.

Dial, Newton

Duvall, J. W.

Edwards, E. L.

Edwards, J. T.

Ferguson, J. G.

Garrett, A. Y.

Garrett, J. E.

Garrett, J. Y.

Garrett, S. B.

Garrett, Z. C.

Godfrey, W. P.

Gray, William

Green, L. A.

Hanback, Silas

Hellams, Y. C.

Henry, S. A.

Holloway, E. P.

Howard, J.

Hughes, A. H.

Jacks,J. P.

Johnson, H. P.

Johnson, W. W.

Jones, J. W.

Maddox, J. L.

Martin, I. C.

McKinney ( Mc Kinsie ), J. W. ( W. J. ), died 8 Oct 1864 (probably of yellow fever) in the 1st Louisiana Hospital in Charleston and was buried in Magnolia Cemetery

McKnight, J. W.

Meadors, R. W.

Neighbors, Jobe

Neighbors, Nathan

Peterson, J. B. W.

Philson, J. P.

Powers, L. D.

Prather, C. D.

Prather, R. L.

Putman, C. P.

Richards, J. W.

Roberson, Lewis

Rodgers, W. A.

Sadler, A.

Saxon, George

Saxon, John

Saxon, Lewis

Shanks, J. J.

Shelton, D. H.

Simmons, J. W.

Simmons, W. W.

Simpson, J. H.

Simpson, J. L.

Summerell, T. J.

Taylor, W. J.

Templeton, J. T.

Tumblin, S. W.

Wallace, A.

Wiggins, William

Woods, Hugh

Young, A. R.

Young, G. R.

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