8th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company B
Colleton District

Fishburne, Henry W., Captain, born 1818, a surveyor from Walterboro. He was also lieutenant colonel of the 13th SC Militia Infantry.

Marsh, C. J. D., 1st Lieutenant

Polk Jr., W. O., 2nd Lieutenant

Sineath, L. J., 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Whaley, W. J., 1st Sergeant

Hiers, William, Sergeant

Keckely, H. A. M., Sergeant

Templeton, S. P., Sergeant

Griffin, L., Corporal

Hutson, G., Corporal

Muckinfus, D., Corporal

O' Qinn, Hardy, Corporal was born in Colleton County, South Carolina, 19 March 1816 and died there 10 August 1910. He is buried in the "Rentz Cemetery" in Islandton, South Carolina.

Ackerman, S. O.

Bailey, William

Barton, A. G.

Benton, J. O.

Benton, Thomas

Bivens, J. B.

Blocker, W. C.

Breland, C. W.

Bunch, J. J.

Caldwell, Thomas H., born 8 Sep 1847, died 13 Sept 1916

Carter, A. F.

Carter, J. S.

Carter, John

Carter, S.

Carter, Willis

Catherton, James

Chaplain, R. W.

Cone, A. M.

Cone, W. F.

Conner, J. A.

Cook, D. W.

Cook, Richard

Cook, William

Craven, E.

Craven, H. R.

Craven, J. W.

Craven, James

Creech, H. H.

Crosbey, Benjamin

Crosby, H. E.

Davis, J. C.

Dean, J. D.

Deloach, J. C.

Dewit, J. F.

Dewit, James

Doar, W. A.

Dowling, M. W.

Drawdy, D. E.

Eady, W. S.

Edmonston, Ransom

Fewox, W. G. R.

Fishburne, C. P.

Fisk, Seaburn

Frampton, John

Furgerson, C. P.

Furgerson, D. B.

Gatch, Henry

Gatch, Lewis

George, E. B.

George, W. K.

Ginn, E.

Gooding, John

Goodwin, Barney William, born 1845

Goodwin, Philip, born 2 Nov 1846 and died 24 Feb 1876

Green, B. E.

Green, Henry

Green, J. A.

Griffm, Daniel

Haines, W. A.

Heap, H. U.

Herndon, John, who was born in Colleton in 1819 and who died between 1870 and 1880 in Colleton, father of Stephen

Herndon, Stephen, born 13 Apr 1845/1846 and died 7 Mar 1911, both events occurred in Colleton

Heyward, N.

Hickman, E. P.

Hiers, William Henry, born 5 Dec 1846

Hom, J. S.

Hutson, Daniel

Hutson, Philip


Jarral, Lewis

Johnston, I. M.

Johnston, J. G.

Johnson, Mishach

Jones, English

Keebler, William

Kicklighter, Thomas

King, W. B.

Linder, A. J.

Lynes, Isaac

Mallard, John F.

Marvin, J. H.

Mason, A. T. ( A. F. )

May, Robert

McMillan, W. O.

Miles, J. W.

Mills, James S.

Misservey, P. J.

Mixon, L.

Mole, J. A.

Nettles, W. B.

O'Bryan, L. J.

Pelham, J. B.

Polk, J. Calvin, born in 1848, operated a sawmill in Islandton, Colleton County, until the time of his death in 1933.

Polk, John

Pope, W. B.

Pye, Peter

Pye, T. H.

Pye, Thomas

Rhoad, J. L.

Rivers, B. R.

Robertson, W. J.

Seabrook, William

Sherman, J. B.

Sinclair, P. D.

Smith, K. S.

Smith, W. K.

Stanfield, J. R.

Thomas, B.

Tindal, N.

Tuttle, John E.

Tuttle, William

Ulmer, A. Cape, 14 born June 1847 and died 30 Aug 1899

Vamadon, J. A. C.

Vaughn, Thomas

Walker, Daniel

Warren, J. F.

Warren, W. C.

Way, H. B.

Weeks, Z.

Westberry, J.

Whetoel, W. A.

Wiggins, Paul

Williams, R.

Winn, W. F.

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