Scanning Victoria
Country Police

Country Victoria Police frequencies are in the 163MHz area, we only have a very limited selection of country frequencies, so if you have any that we could add please e-mail them to us.
Also just note that M district (Ballarat, Horsham) have UHF repeaters on Mt. Buninyong & Mt. Macedon, both of which use 468.125MHz, (UHF Channel 12) but they are not always operating. 

**Ballarat UHF Link - not operational for over 12 months**

Most larger country cities which operate in the VHF band (163MHz) when using Two local could be using the two local on their SMR radios (161.250) or some larger cities have UHF radios in their vehicles an could be using UHF two local (467.875MHz) 

Mid June '00, I have been told that "Communications 633" was heard on M1 district doing a great amount of radio checks. It also seems that the UHF link has been switched off.
Police In Morwell as well as
Ballarat Are Using UHF 2 Local
Which is 467.875

Shepparton - Two Local is 161.250MHz
This combined with One local can be used whenever
the unit is operations a SMR radio. (VHF). 

VHF Frequencies Below
The network that the police in country victoria use as their primary means of communications is the SMR Network, which was installed by Telstra. This also allows members to make telephone calls, which are limited to 5 minutes & radio to radio calls are limited to 3 minutes. They are also able to receive calls from normal telephones.
< Note radio to telephone, telephone to radio, and radio to radio calls, do not use the frequencies below, these calls are able to be heard bouncing off one of the closest of over 140 sites in Victoria. >

Thanks to those people who send me the frequencies and information for this site.

Frequency: Site: Net Control: Notes:
163.5750 Daylesford Police Station VKC Ballarat Hilly country, good for in and around town.
163.6125 Mt. William VCK Ballarat  
163.6750 Mt. Hollowbank VKC Ballarat Very Clear Into Ballarat City
163.6750 Mt. Buller VKC Wangaratta Alpine Area
163.7000 Mt. Alexander VKC Bendigo Just makes it to Ballarat
163.7125 Reedy Dam VKC Mildura Often hear M District Units
163.7275 Mt. Macedon VKC Bendigo  
163.8250 Maramingo Hill VKC Morwell Gets into NSW.
163.8500 Warrion Hill Warrnambool 900 Vehicals usually converse with their stations, which usually is, either Colac 900 & Warrnambool 900
163.8500 Mt. Hickey VKC Wangaratta Covers Seymour
163.8750 Marengo Warrnambool 900 Not bad in Apollo Bay, but poor out of town.
163.9125 Sam Hill VKC Morwell Covers the Omeo area
163.9750 Mt. Tassie VKC Morwell Yarram Area & Warragul
164.0000 Mt. William Hamilton 900 Net Control seems to be Hamilton 900.
164.0500 Sea Lake VKC Mildura Calder HWY


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