A into G: Arse into Gear, usually intended to advise a hurry up.

Across the ditch: In reference to Australia, as being over across the Tasman sea.

Away with the fairies (or pixies): Not paying attention.

Bach: What the North Island people refer to as a holiday house.

Backblocks: Remote place.

Backbone of the country: This is what the country's main money earner, our farmers are referred to as, by the city people.

Bail up: To confront or constrain.

Banged up: A pregnant female.

Barbie: The barbecue.

Bark: To vomit.

Basket case: Someone judged mentally deficient.

Beat about the bush: a saying, meaning: Prevaricate.

Beeswax!: (a) Rubbish; (b) this is usually used in a general saying: "mind your beeswax!" which means to watch your manners.

The Big Smoke: A large town, in the surrounding rural perception.

The Big Wet: Continuous downpour for days in Auckland "The City of Sails", New Zealand.

Blimmin: a mild form of the word, "bloody" which is used in the expression, "blimmin heck". "Heck" being a substitute for the word "hell".

Blow that for a joke!: Which means, "rejection".

Booboo: A mistake.

Brekkie: Breakfast.

Bushwacked: Totally tired.

Busy as a bee (with a bum full of honey): VERY busy.

BUTA: Boot Up The Arse.

Cardie: A cardigan.

Cheeri: Short for "cheerio" or else goodbye.
*N.B. Cheerio's are also a small saveloy.

Chill Out: Relax, calm down - very popular among the youth.

Chuff: One's backside. (Also known as: butt, bottom, arse etc).

City of Sails: Is in reference to Auckland, which has more boats per nautical mile than any other area in New Zealand.

Come up against: To encounter difficulities.

Crib: What us South Island people refer to as a holiday house.

Daylight Robbery: Being charged an over excessive amount for goods and/or services.

Dead right: Absolutely right.

Dead ringer: A very close resemblance to another person/animal/place.

Delishimo: Very tasty. Short for "delicious".

Ding: Usually in reference to denting a car.

Dipshit: Idiot.

Dorkalofa: An Aucklander.

Drop one's gear: Take off your clothes.

Dunny: Toilet.

Earbasher (Earbash): A person who talks too much.

Earwag: Gossip.

Fart sack: Where you sleep.

Fat show: No chance.

Feeding time at the zoo: When people eat like pigs, usually said at social functions.

Footie: Rugby Union game.

Garbage guts: Greedy eater.

Get off the grass: A saying meaning, "scornful rejection".

Get real: A saying meaning, "be realistic".

Get your arse into gear: (a) A command to start doing something quickly and immediately; (b) Advice to somebody proving sluggish.

Go for it: Encouragement.

Go ninety to the dozen: A saying meaning, "travel VERY fast".

Gruts or Grundies: Underpants.

Greasies: Fish "n" Chips.

Hang around like a bad smell: A saying, meaning "a nuisance, who doesn't realise that they are".

Hard Case: An amusing person.

Hard Yakker: Demanding work, usually hard work.

Hit the sack: Go to bed.

Home and hossed: Secure.

Hop to it: Act fast to whatever command was given.

Hop up and down: Distressed behaviour.

How's it going?/How ya going?: A greeting.

I beg your parding: Apology for burping.

I'll have your guts for garters: A saying being "a threat".

I'll see you right: A promise to look after someone - usually of a financial nature.

If you had a brain, it'd be lonely: You are stupid.

In deep shit: In big trouble.

In one ear and out the trouble: An accusation of being non-attentive. This is used especially by parents with their children.

In the dogbox: In disgrace.

In the poo/In the shit: In trouble.

JAFA: Just Another Fucking Aucklander (what the rest of New Zealand often refer to people that live in Auckland as).

Jandal: A shoe, which is often thought of and seen being worn on beaches.

Joe Blow: An ordinary bloke.

Kiddo: A girl.

A Knuckle-sandwich: Punch in the face.

Larrikin: A thug or a high-spirited youth.

Lippie: Lipstick.

Littlie: An infant.

Long John: Outside toilet.

The Mainland: The South Island.

Mate's rates: Preferential charges.

Miseryguts: A complainer.

More than you can poke a stick at: A saying meaning, "to much of".

Mossie: Mosquito.

Munted: Destroyed. {I must have to say this is one of the worst words I know of to date!}

My lips are sealed: A saying meaning, "I can keep a secret".

Nearly die laughing: Lenghty laughter where it gets to the point of being painfall.

Need your head read: A saying meaning, "having doubts about your sanity or sense".

Noggin: (a) The head; (b) A glass of beer.

Not give a stuff!: A saying meaning, "don't care".

Not the full quid: Mentally disadvantaged or else Mentally Defective.

OE: Overseas Experience - A lot of young New Zealander's (Kiwi's) often go overseas for a working holiday, usually upon completion of there education.

On a bad run/trot: A period of misfortune.

On a good run/trot: A period of good fortune.

On the improve: Feeling a lot better.

One look is enough: Indication that you're not impressed.

Pack a sad: Not happy.

Pack a shitty: Lose your temper.

Pav: Pavlova.
It is a wonderful KIWI (those Aussies though do claim it to be there's ... yeah right :P ;) hehehe) desert!

Pig Out: To eat excessively.

Piker: Someone decides not to participate in an activity.

Piss: Alcohol - usually beer.

Pisshead: A frequent heavy drinker.

Porkalofa: Another term for a person that lives in Auckland.

Porklander: A New Zealander.

Pressie: A present.

Pricey: Expensive.

Put one on: To punch.

Put one over: Deceive someone.

Put the shits up: Frighten someone.

Queen City: Auckland, after it's main street.

Quite a few: A lot, actually.

Radical: Exclamation of mock horror.

Rage: Wild time and/or party.

Ram it down your throat: A saying meaning, "something forced upon you".

Rapt: Pleased.

Reck: Rubbish.

Rellies: Relatives.

Rigger: A flagon of beer.

Rip, shit and bust: A saying meaning, "a vow to make a huge effort.

Ripper: Exclamation of approval.

Rough as a pig's breakfast: A saying meaning, "uncouthed".

Rough as guts: A saying meaning, "tough, but admirable".

Run-around: Being misled.

Rustbucket: A decayed car.

Sammie: Sandwich.

S'arvo: As in "See ya this afternoon".

Save it: Keep it to yourself, I don't want to know.

Savs: Saveloys - like sausages, but are red on the outside and small. Great for party food.

Scarfies: Dunedin students'. The students' here in Dunedin have earned this nickname from the scarves they wear at rugby games.
Yeah man, go Otago Highlanders, all the way {Dunedin's local team} - I'm a Scarfie, hehehehe!

Sheila: Woman.

Shit all over: Beat easily.

Shit-features: Ugly person.

Shit for brains: Stupid person.

Shunt: Dismissal.

Sickie: A day off work through illness, allegedly.

Sit on one's arse: Being lazy.

Slackarse: Lazy or tired.

Snare: To seize.

Sparkie: An electrician.

Spunk: Sexy-looking person.

Stirrer: Troublemaker.

Stubbie: A small bottle of beer.

Stuff off!: A saying meaning, "go away".

Tin can: Old, noisy car.

To go to the packs: A saying meaning, "to deteriorate".

Towie: Tow-truck driver.

Two sandwiches short of a picnic: A bit dim.

Uni: University.

Up the duff: Pregnant.

Ute: Utility truck or van.

Vegmite: A spread you put on bread and/or toast.

Verbal Diarrhoea: Running off at the mouth.

Were you born in a tent?: A sarcastic remark people make upon someone leaving the door wide open when it is cold.

Westie: The nickname given to someone who lives in a western suburb of Auckland.

What did your last slave die of? An expression meaning that a person is lazy and you (the person saying this) think they should do whatever it is themselves.

Whinger: Someone that complains quite often.

Wobbly: Throwing a tantrum.

WWW: Nickname given to the World Wide Web by impatiently frustrated users is the World Wide Wait.

Yabber: A chatter.

You can say that again: Agreeing with someone.

You could knock me down with a feather: A saying meaning "Suprise".

You make a better door than a window: This saying is said to someone that is standing in your way and doesn't appear to be moving anytime soon.