Sunrise at the 15,000 year old Standing Stones of Callinish. Copyright May 1994: Milson Macleod

Sunrise at the 15,000 year old Standing Stones of Callinish
Copyright May 1994 Milson Macleod

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  • The Scottish Stones of Destiny
  • Scottish Standing Stones (Photographs) -
    15,000 year-old records of Atlantean times
  • Atlantean Village uncovered by the Sea (Photos)


  • Green Steel environmentally-friendly alternative which will revolutionize the construction industry
  • The WolfHook Unique construction system offering significant advantages and savings over current methods


  • Environmental and Humanitarian Projects
  • Underground Farming


  • Investment in the 21st Century - Depression Proof Investments
  • The Ultimate Corporation Sole - protection of assets worldwide


  • Akkadian College of Divinity - Earn your doctorate degree in Divinity (Spirituality) online
  • Partnerships in the '90s - successful personal and business relationships
  • 50% off: hard to find books well under market value ..... withdrawn
  • Four Winds 10 - website containing uptodate news on leading edge events
  • The SPECTRUM Newspaper - archives only (ceased publication)
  • Out-of-print Newspapers Extremely important articles essential for a fuller understanding of events in recent years as well as the past and future history of mankind
  • NESARA The coming of a Golden Age - The Reformation Act; new worldwide banking system, stimulating world economies
  • The SPOTLIGHT Newspaper - Today's economic and political inside stories (archives only - out of print)


  • Eagle Research - news and Newsletter on Hydrogen and other alternate energy developments
  • Ancient Egyptian Flying Craft - so what else is new?
  • Russian TIME MACHINE Project
  • The TESLA Bladeless Turbine
  • On The Tuned Circuits of Nikola TESLA
  • FREE ELECTRICITY - or low-cost energy for businesses
  • FREE ELECTRICITY etc - another source
  • BROWN'S GAS a future fuel ready now
  • New Energy Sources for propulsion systems on land and sea
  • Plans for Running a Vehicle on Tap Water
  • Unlimited Energy from the Molecular Structure of Water
  • Fuel Cell products


  • Planet Earth meets the Photon Belt
  • Russian report on the Photon Belt
  • Quotes on the Photon Belt
  • Gravitonics - The research of Masakazu Karita, following on the work of Dr. Hideo Seki
  • The GREENERY of the NORTH POLE - Admiral Richard Byrd's story
  • Prediction before prevention: the geological background to disease
  • The Philosopher's Stone - Monatomic Gold, by David Hudson


  • The Regression of Disease
  • 21st Century Healing: "Healing 2001" - the healing of ALL diseases - Heal or Be healed .....
  • "Understanding Life" - prerequisite reading for the Course "Healing 2001"
  • Engineered Disaster in FLU's Clothing
  • FLUORIDE - Dr Limeback (Canada's leading authority on Fluoride) eats his words
  • HEALTH Maintenance Threatened
  • For further articles on health and dangers to health see Health and Healing


  • Manufacturing facilities for the worldwide production of new health products, agricultural systems, propulsion systems and more

    VIEWS of the FUTURE

  • HOPI Prophecies
  • The New Age Community
  • The Seven Seals Prophecies and other signs of the times
  • "Testing and Sorting in these Final Hours" - (Sananda - May 2002)
  • "It's always darkest before the Dawn" (Soltec - April 2002)
  • The Winds of Change (1984, revised edition)
  • Understanding Nostradamus

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