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Donlan Family of Ballydonnelan, Galway

Donlan Coat of Arms and Motto

Ballydonnelan Castle

The surname Donlan is a very rare name, comparatively speaking, and appears to be patrimonial in origin. Research indicates that it can be associated with the Irish, meaning:

"Grandson of little Domhnall (World Mighty)."

Knowing that different spellings of the same original surname are a common occurrence, probable spelling variations of the DONLAN surname could be:

The most numerous being DONNELLAN occurs in the Baronies of Clonderalaw, Islands: Moyarta, Burren, Corcomroe and Inchiquin, Bunratty Upper and Lower, Tulla Upper and Lower and Ibrickan. It also occurs in the parishes of Kilmihil, Clondagad and Kilmurry.

Today there are approximately 225 million Americans living in over 77 million households. Of these, DONLAN research has led to 726 households; estimates to be a total of approximately 1024 DONLAN households. There is a total population of some 2877 who proudly bear this distinguished family name. They live in 39 of the 50 States and the District of Columbia.

from "www.donlon.org - Geneology...""

The name Donlan (or Donnellan) is from the Irish name O Domhnalláin, meaning son of Domhnall (Donal or Donnell). From the eleventh century, the O Domhnalláins were a noted bardic family seated at Ross-O'Donelan, near Elphin in Roscommon. They settled in the area of Uí Maine, in mid-Galway South Roscommon. The O Domhnalláins were a branch of the ancient Clann Bresail, chieftains of Uí Maine. This area was ruled mainly by Uí Cheallaigh (the O'Kelly clan), also of Clann Bresail, but some of the progenitors of Uí Dhomhnalláin were of Uí Cheallaigh and also ruled Uí Maine.

from "Donlon Family History, Ireland"

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