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Penny McLean

Penny McLean was a vocalist in the group "Silver Convention" from 1975 to 1978.
She left the group in 1979, before their final album "Love In A Sleeper," but she returned to "Silver Convention" for their final single release, "Rollermania" / "Cafe Au Lait."

Her real name is Gertrude Wirschinger, but she was also known as Gertrude Munzer by marriage.

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Before Gertrude Wirschinger (born: November 4, 1948) used her artist name "Penny McLean," she was known as "Tjorven," together with her former husband Holger Münzer (alias Barry McLord) in the duo "Tjorven & Holger."

Between 1965 and 1969, they performed live on tour, on the radio and in German television, for example "Talentschuppen" (SWF Baden-Baden) and "ShowChance68" (ARD.) Later they changed the name of their duo to "MTH - Singers" (which stood for "Münzer Tjorven Holger - Singers.") Since 1969 Holger Münzer was the musical director of the three german ensembles of the musical "HAIR" in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Köln, Vienna, and Zürich.

As a solo act, Penny McLean recorded a single under the name "Barbi Münzer" ("Acapulcobanjopolka / Bananendampferkapitän.") She also recorded one single as "Barbra," in the duo "Barbra & Helmut" in two languages: in English, "Hideaway / Stop," and in German, "Geh Mit Mir / Stop." This was the first time she worked with producer and composer Michael Kunze.

As "Penny McLean" she also formed a group called "Penny Box" and/or "Penny Explosion" in the early seventies.


Barbi Munzer:

Acapulcobanjopolka (Niessen/Niessen)
Bananendampferkapitän (Niessen/Niessen)
Arranged by Wilder
(7" Columbia 1C006 28 465)

Barbra & Helmut:

Hideaway (D. Shoshan/J. Schwartz/Danova)
Stop (A. Thiemermann/F. Mushler/M. Kunze)
Produced by M. Kunze
(7" Teldec/Telefunken U 56227)

Geh Mit Mir (German version of Hideaway) (D. Shoshan/J. Schwartz/Danova/Kunze)
Stop (German version) (A. Thiemermann/F. Mushler/M. Kunze)
Produced by M. Kunze
(7" Teldec/Telefunken U 56228)



Penny McLean:

A Letter From Miami (Exuma)
Time Is A Friend (F. Muschler/M. Kunze)
(7" Epic EPC 2141) Produced by M. Kunze


ALBUM: LADY BUMP (Jupiter Records 89687 IT)

Lady Bump*
Devil Eyes
The Wizard Bump
The A-B-C Of Love
1-2-3-4... Fire!
Big Bad Boy
Baby Doll
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Jerome Kern & Otto Harbach)
I'm Knocking (At Your Door)

All songs written by S. Levay & S. Prager except where noted
Produced by Michael Kunze
Arranged and conducted by Sylvester Levay

* NOTE: US Release of LP LADY BUMP (ATCO 36-130, 1976) contains an extended version of Lady Bump (5:26) because it starts with the spoken introduction. It is not the same as the 12" version.

Lucy Neale did the talking intro on "Lady Bump" and Gitta Walther did the scream.

GERMAN CD RELEASE 1992: "Lady Bump" BMG Jupiter Records 74321 11437 2


Lady Bump/The Lady Bump's On (Jupiter Records 16069 AT)
Lady Bump (12" Extended version 6:21) (MIDSONG INT) (USA)
Released as long version (6:21 Lady Bump + The Lady Bump's On) on CD Greatest Hits Unidisc Music Inc. Canada in 1993

Lady Bump Sheet Music

Lady Bump/Devil Eyes (a re-issue from 1981)


1-2-3-4... Fire/The Wizard Bump
(Jupiter 16 666 AT)

1-2-3-4...Fire (6:18) b/w I'm Knocking / Wizard Bump / Big Bad Boy (album versions)
(12" Jupiter 27 023 XT)

Devil Eyes/I'm Knocking At Your Door
(Jupiter 17 150 AT)

Devil Eyes/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Single edit: 4:35) (France)

Nobody's Child (Levay/Kunze)
Time (Levay/Kunze)
(7" Jupiter Records 17600 AT)
Produced by S. Levay & M. Kunze


Aria (Baldan/Gembo/Bardotti)
(Backing vocals with The Munich Studio Choir)
Produced by M. Kunze & S. Levay


Zwischen Zwei Gefühlen (Torn Between Two Lovers)** (P. Yarrow/P.Jarell/M. Kunze)
Produced by M.Kunze, arranged by W. Rodelberger
Gib Mir Ein Weinig Zeit (Time) (Levay/Kunze)
Produced by M. Kunze. arranged by S. Levay
(7" Jupiter Records 17792 AT)
**= also released on LP Stardiscothek Jupiter Records 200317-214

ALBUM: PENNY (Jupiter Records 25095 OT)

Dance, Bunny Honey, Dance
24 Hours Of Love (H. Berka/M. Kunze)
Disco Dandy
Summernight Stomp
Mambo Mama
Please Mr. B
Midnight Angel
Big Bells (B. Mason/M. Kunze)
One Little Smile (Ch. Orieux/I. Cramer/M. Kunze)

All songs written by S. Klinkhammer & M. Kunze except where noted
Produced by Michael Kunze
Arranged by Stefan Klinkhammer


Dance, Bunny Honey, Dance/Summernight Stomp
(Jupiter 11 313 AT)

(Stefan Klinkhammer & Michael Kunze)

Dance ! Dance ! Aah -
Dance, Bunny Honey, Dance - Dance...

In a room full of strangers
she's waiting on tables every night
her face always smiling
she's hiding her feelings deep inside -
she's laughin' and talkin'
drinkin' champagne with everyone
getting up to the dance floor
when the dirty old man says: Let's have fun.

Dance ! Dance ! Aah -
Dance, Bunny Honey, Dance - Dance...

It isn't hard to realize
her smile is only her disguise
there are tears in her eyes.

A girl from the country
one morning she left her parent's home
she came to the city
to live the good life she'd never known
the lights and the music -
made her believe she would be free
but now she's a puppet
when the dirty old man says: come with me.

Dance ! Dance ! Aah -
Dance, Bunny Honey, Dance - Dance...

It isn't hard to realize
her smile is only her disguise
there are tears in her eyes.

Mambo Mama/24 Hours Of Love
(Jupiter 11 709 AT)

ALBUM: STAR-DISCOTHEK (Jupiter Records 200317-241)

1-2-3-4... Fire!
Dance, Bunny Honey, Dance
Midnight Angel
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
The A-B-C Of Love
Zwischen Zwei Gefühlen

Lady Bump
Big Bad Boy
The Wizard Bump
I'm Knocking
Gib Mir Ein Weinig Zeit
Devil Eyes


ALBUM: THE BEST OF PENNY MCLEAN (Jupiter Records 26175 OT)

Wild One
Big Bad Boy
Devil Eyes
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Nobody's Child
Lady Bump
24 Hours Of Love
1-2-3-4... Fire!
I'm Knocking (At Your Door)
Dance, Bunny, Honey, Dance
Mambo Mama


Wild One (D. Zimmerman/M. Kunze)
Produced by M. Kunze. arranged by D. Zimmermann
(7" Jupiter Records 15501 AT)


Midnight Explosion
Circle Of Flames
Dancing With The Night Tribe (James Cobas/M. Kunze)
I Need A Friend (Ralf Nowy/M. Kunze)
Boogie Heaven
Hypnotic Love (Ralf Nowy/M. Kunze)
Kidnapped Hijacked (Keith Forsey/Mats Bjorklund)
Backstreet Angel (Christian Bruhn/M. Kunze)
Monkey, Monkey
Don't Say Goodnight, My Love (Keith Forsey/Mats Bjorklund)

All songs written by Michael Kunze except where noted
Produced by Michael Kunze
Arranged by Ralf Nowy, Mats Bjorklund & John Davis


Midnight Explosion/Circle Of Flames
(Jupiter 15 770 AT)


Tut-Ench-Amun (R. Siegel/B. Meinunger/C. Dornaus)
Child Of Egypt (R. Siegel/B. Meinunger)
Produced by Ralph Siegel
(7" Jupiter Records 100698)


ALBUM: PROFILE (Jupiter Records 6.24781)

Tut Ench Amun
Big Bad Boy
Devil Eyes
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Nobody's Child
Lady Bump
Love Is Love
1-2-3-4... Fire!
I'm Knocking (At Your Door)
Dance, Bunny, Honey, Dance
Zwischen zwei Gefühlen


Love Is Love (Yair Klinger)
Muchacho (Horst Hornung)
Produced by Horst Hornung
(7" Jupiter Records 102108)


Words (R.Sitoussi)
Roller Coaster (A. Treffers/A.J. Britnell)
Produced by Magazine Music, arranged Stefan Klinkhammer
(7" RCA Victor PB 9980)
NOTE: Words is most known by the version of F.R. David

Wenn Die Träume Flügel Kriegen (D. Bohlen/P. McLean)
Ich Will Frei Sein (Roller Coaster) (A. Treffers/A.J. Britnell/P.McLean)
Produced by Magazine Music
(7" Philips 6005232)
NOTE: Dieter Bohlen is most known from Modern Talking


-Don’t Ever Leave Me Now (F.R. David/M. Pignocchi/D. Peppin)
-Gentlemen (F.R. David/Denis Pepin))
Produced by Magazine Music/F. R. David
(7” Galactica GS 104 031)


-Lady Bump (Remix) (Levay/Prager)
Released only on a Swedish compilation CD En Gång Till 1976 (Col 494578 2)
NOTE: There is a Lady Bump Remix ’89 & a 7” & 12” called Jack Helix Remix. There is also a DJ mix with Lady Bump & Vicki Sue Robinson’s Hold Tight


Penny McLean wrote the following books:

-Alltag mit Schutzgeistern (July 1995)

-Das Unsichtbare Dritte (June 2000)

-Der Schattenspringer

-Ein Engel Für Alle Fälle

-Einsahmkeit Ist Eine Sehnsucht (January 1990)

-Kontacte Mit Deinem Schutzgeist (1995)

-Numerlogie Und Namen

-Numerlogie Und Schicksal (September 2001)

-Schutzgeister Die Trilogie (Compilation of Kontacte Mit Deinem

-Schutzgeist/Zeugnisse Von Schutzgeistern & Alltag mit

-Schutzgeistern) (November 1996)

-Zeugnisse Von Schutzgeistern (June 1996)

-Ich Bin Mein Schicksal (co-written by Hans Christiaan) (September 1993)

Penny McLean and Uwe Hübner (2002) from "Bei Hübner" on Goldstar TV from Germany

Penny McLean with friend Axel Burkhart and her daughter Marie-Christine

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