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Film History, Theory and Production

Screaming Reels is an information and advice resource for independent, low-budget and budding filmmakers in the United Kingdom. You can read reviews of books on various aspects of film, a list of must see films, and articles, discussions and essays about film. Feel free to submit your essays, articles and opinions. The advice in this site is not a set of rules, it is simply a series of suggestions, things to make you think carefully about your films, to give you different perspectives, and to learn how other people go about the process.

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A Short History of Film
Pt. 1: Silent Cinema 1895-1927
Pt. 2: Studio System 1927-1945
Pt. 3: Post-War 1945-1959
Pt. 4: New Waves 1959-1975
Pt. 5: Blockbusters 1975-2002     Screaming Reels 2001-2005

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