1st State Troops
Company A
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Anderson District

Russell, Thomas H., Captain
Guyton, John W., 1st Lieutenant
Maret, George W., 2nd Lieutenant
Welborn, J. M., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant
Morris, Richard Minton, 3rd Lieutenant, born 1819, Anderson, married Louise C. Hays and Sarah M. Wigington, and died January 1894 Contact

NonCommissioned Officers
Douthit, J. W., Ordinance Sergeant
Grubbs, John M., Ordinance Sergeant
Major, John W., Sergeant
Martin, William C., Sergeant
Off, William M., Sergeant
Palmer, Madison, Sergeant
Campbell, A. C., Corporal
Hembree, A. P., Corporal
Kay, A. W., Corporal
Rogers, C. P., Corporal
Williams, Jasper, Corporal

Bailey, Newel
Bradbury, William
Brice, Franklin
Brown, C. B.
Brown, E. G.
Brownlee, W. A.
Bryson, Charles
Bryson, James
Busby, A. J.
Carroll, James
Cartee, W. F.
Cherry, W. B.
Childers, J. B.
Cole, Oliver
Connors, G. W.
Cox, John
Crenshaw, Samuel
Cromby, Louis A.
Davis, John Mc.
Davis, Richard
Dean, J. Milton
Dilworth, A. A.
Durhwn, Miles
Elgin, J. T.
Elgin, Joel T.
Ellerson, Mathew
Elrod, Cornelius "Neely" Vinyard, born 3 Jan 1818, Anderson. Enlisted on 1 Aug 1863, Anderson, and discharged 12 Oct 1863 Charleston, on surgeon's certificate. He married Harriett C. Williams Contact

Elrod, R. O.
Fields, J. C.
Fleming, J. 0.
Gaillard, C. D.
Gambrell, James
Garrett, John
Gore, William
Graham, A. J.
Guyton, G.
Hale, William
Harper, Thomas
Harris, T. N.
Hatcher, John
Hayne, W. A.
Hembree, M. B.
Hendrix, J. M.
Hix, Beffy
Hunter, William
Hutchens, Jepdla
Jennings, David
Jolly, Albert
Jones, William
Kay, E. H.
Keasler, James
King, R. A.
Langston, Alerson
Langston, C. C.
Lawless, William
Major, A. J.
Martin, John
Martin, Robert
Martin, Stephen
Martin, T. H.
Massey, Thomas
McCalister, William
McKinney, H. C.
Meffett, J. M.
Miller, S. F. M.
Moore, Joseph
Mullenix, J. G.
Murphey, T. M.
Newton, Larkin, born 28 May 1822, Anderson, married Ruth M. Welborn, and died 1 Jan 1890, Anderson Contact
O'Neal, James
Orr, James
Ossbourn, William
Pitts, J. J.
Prater, Joseph
Quails, A. P.
Randel, Carver
Richardson, Matthias
Richey, James Nathaniel, born 28 April 1815, Abbeville. He enlisted 1 Aug 1863 in Anderson and was discharged 24 Sept 1863 in Charleston (due to disability). He married Emily Kay (1821-14 June 1841), Lucinda Hunt (15 July 1814-18 May 1888). He died 2 Aug 1894. Anderson County and is buried in Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery Contact

Richey, Jabes
Rowland, J. B.
Seawright, W. W.
Simmons, Charles
Sitton, J. P.
Sizemore, Rowland
Smith, H. G.
Smith, J. B.
Smith, William
Spearman, F. A.
Watson, John M.
Watters, Early
Wemer, T. J.
Whitten, J. C.
Wiggington, Elisha
Wright, David D., born 1819, Pendleton District (Anderson) and married Ann Elizabeth Anderson (1820-?). Enlisted 1 Aug 1863 in Anderson for 6 months. Present all muster rolls. Died before 1880 and is buried Old Stone Church, Anderson County (grave unmarked) Contact

Wright, William M.

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