1st State Troops
Company B
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864

Jones, Bennett C., Captain
Griffin, Thomas, 1st Lieutenant
Blassengame, W. G., 2nd Lieutenant
Ponder, J. M., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Anthony, H. J., 1st Sergeant
Ellison, Joel, Sergeant
Simmons, A. R., Sergeant
Smith, W. S., Sergeant
Gantt, R., Corporal
Massengill, Ephraim, Corporal
McAdams, James, Corporal
Thomas, Lemuel, Corporal

Adams, James
Alexander, E. M.
Alexander, Elisha
Ambler, J. H.
Anderson, Richard
Arnold, Reuben
Ballenger, J. A.
Boggs, James Leander. He was born 25 Oct 1815 in Pendleton District and married Mary Perry (1822-1903). He died 15 Sept 1908 Contact

Boggs, J. M.
Bowen, Reese, born on 31 Oct 1814 in Pickens County and died on 7 Jul 1900 in Pickens County.
Bracken, John
Chapman, James
Chapman, Samuel
Clark, Moses
Cooper, Warren
Corben, James
Crain, Jeptha
Duncan, David
Durham, Carter
Eavett, Bailus
Eavett, Marshall
Ellis, J. H.
Erwin, T. A.
Erwin, W.
Farmer, J. W.
Fenley, E.
Floyd, Z. B.
Furgerson, J. T.
Gassett, P.
Gibson, Robert
Giestrap, H.
Hall, J. C.
Hamby, T. M.
Hendrix, J.
Hester, William
Hill, A. B.
Hill, Lewis
Hindman, Thomas
Holcombe, C. F.
Hollingsworth, B.
Hollingsworth, W. W.
Howard, J. H.
Howard, L. A.
Howard, N.
Jackson, P.
Jewlin, G. W.
Jones, V. S.
Jones, W. C.
Jones, W. M.
Keith, C.
Kelley, Elisha
Keniinere, E.
Keniinere, M. S.
Lark, Henry
Lawrence, B. F.
Lesley, David, born 1818 Pendleton District, married Leona Hood (1820-bef. 1870). Enlisted 1 Aug 1863 and discharged 18 Oct 1863 at Charleston, due to disability. Died 23 Dec 1910 Pickens County and is buried Crossroads Baptist Church, Pickens County (grave unmarked) Contact

Loftis, R.
Looper, Daniel
Looper, J.
Mann, Aaron
Martin, G. W.
Martin, R. B.
Martin, W. W.
Massengill, G. W.
Mc Adams, George
Mc Cracken, S. A.
Mc Dow, G. W.
Mc Junkin, J. D.
Mc Kee, J. A.
Merck, Joseph. No record of his service and he may have not reported. Contact

Miller, H. C.
Murphree, J. M.
Nalley, A.
Nalley, J. W.
Nalley, Joseph
O'Sheal, S.
Owens, R.
Parrott, Jeremiah S. "Jerry". He was born 5 July 1821 in Greenville and married Millie Alexander (1823-1910). He died 2 July 1903 in Pickens County, and is buried in Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, Pickens County Contact

Patterson, Erwin
Powell, H.
Powell, Sampson
Prather, H.
Rackley, William
Rae, T. S.
Rae, W.
Reese, E.
Rice, B. B.
Right, G. W.
Satterfield, C.
Shelton, A.
Simmons, Lewis
Smith, Joseph
Smith, W. L.
Stancel, W. M.
Stephens, R.
Stewart, S. T. R.
Stewart, Watson. He was born 1817 Pendleton District, SC and married to Malinda R. Parsons (1817-1884). He was a farmer, died 1884, Pickens County, and is buried in Parrott Cemetery, Pickens County Contact

Tripp, E.
Turner, L.
Ward, B.
White, James
White, James M.

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