1st State Troops
Company E
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Greenville District

Tribble, Robert O., Captain. He was born 15 Sept 1822 and enlisted 1 Aug 1863 in Pickens. He died 1 May 1907, at 85 years old and is buried at Townville Baptist Church ,Townville, SC. Per 1860 slave schedule in Pickens County shows he owned 12 slaves ages 4 months to 30 years old. He was a farmer.
Doyel, R. B., 1st Lieutenant
O'Kelly, H. L., 2nd Lieutenant
Lester, Daniel, 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Verner, Ebenezer Pettigrew, 1st Sergeant
Moorehead, Lewis, Sergeant
Seeba, C. F., Sergeant
White, T. A., Sergeant
Brewer, Joseph, Corporal
Rochester, J. H., Corporal
Sanders, J. O., Corporal
Ward, Samuel, Corporal

Abbetmyer, F.
Adair, William
Akin, Daniel
Allen, John
Bansemer, C. F.
Bearden, John
Beaty, R. M.
Boesch, C.
Bolin, F. M.
Breckenridge, J. P.
Breckenridge, James
Bremer, John
Broom, B.
Broom, Thomas
Bums, J. S.
Busch, Jacob
Cain, Thomas
Cantwell, D. W. C.
Carter, J. N.
Carver, Joseph, discharged 24 Oct 1863 due to disability
Chambers, J. H.
Cobb, J. B.
Cole, W. P.
Collins, J. S.
Cook, John
Cox, Nathan
Crow, F. M.
Daley, John
Dearmon, S.
Dodd, J. E.
Dorsey, P.
Edger, E. H.
Elliott, James
Elrod, John Archibald, born 28 Dec 1823 Anderson, SC. Enlisted 1 Aug 1863, married Susan McDonald, and died 17 Sept 1906 Contact

Entrekin, J. G.
Fisher, C.
Fulroth, Johannas
Gassaway, Henry
Gibson, Z.
Gissel, Canke
Grant, Noah
Haney, William
Harbin, Sevier
Harris, S. P.
Harvey, William
Head, W. M.
Henderson, Alexander
Hendrix, Elias
Hendrix, John
Hesse, C. H.
Holbrooks, Thomas
Holden, W. M.
Holland, Robert
Hughs, J. S.
Hyde, A. W.
Hyde, Jacob
Jenkins, A. E.
Jones, Joel E.
Kiel, J. H.
Kilburn, G. W.
King, James
Lampe, F.
Lawson, Jesse
Lee, J. A.
Lee, Thomas
Liles, W. A.
Loden, J. E.
Long, M.
Loony, A. J.
Lowry, A. J.
Mason, Guilford W., born 1820, died 1897, buried Wilson Cemetery, Greer, SC.
McDonald, Alfred
McDonald, Archibald
McDonnald, H. D.
McGuffin, J. B.
Minton, Z. T.
Moody, F. N.
Moody, W. F.
Moore, H.
Moore, J. B.
Moore, Jeremiah
Morgan, M. B.
Morris, John
Moseley, Simpson
Orstendorff, J. M.
Phillips, Berry
Phillips, Joel S.
Pierson, Henry
Pitts, W. R.
Pool, Thomas
Powel, Asahel
Price, J. G.
Roach, John
Roland, J. G.
Sanders, J. W.
Schroder, F.
Shed, John
Smith, Joshua
Smith, Moses
Smith, N. B.
Stribling, M. S.
Swafford, Joab
Symmes, G. W.
Trigger, C.
Wendelkin, M. C.
West, A.
White, C. H.
Wiley, David
Williams, Alexander
Williams, S. S.

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