1st State Troops
Company G
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Laurens District

Fowler, Moses Thomas, Captain, son of John C. and Nancy Peden Fowler. He first married Elizabeth Ann Peden, born 21 August 1818, about 1839. She bore hime 6 sons, including 4 sons who servcd The South. She died 26 April 1855. He was Commissioned rge Ante-Bellum militia in Company 4, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Regiment, 1 May 1854. He preivously served as a 1st Lieutenant in Company C 3rd South Carolina State Troops from Jun 1862 until Jan 1863. In spite of his age, he then Hampton's Legion Infantry, Company E, and was wounded, 11 May 1864, Riddle's Shop, VA, H e died 24 March 1889 in Spartanburg and is buried in Fairview Presbyterian Church, Fountain Inn, SC

Thomason, G. B., 1st Lieutenant

Wilson, Jasper, 2nd Lieutenant

Evans, W. H., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Stewart, W. H., 1st Sergeant
Garrison, C. J., Sergeant
Rice, L. C., Sergeant
Stone, James, Sergeant
Vaughn, Kindrick, Sergeant
Bryson, M. N., Corporal
Kellett, D. William, Corporal
Long, J. E., Corporal
Payne, Henry, Corporal
Payne, J. H., Corporal

Adair, Benjamin A.
Bagwell, Frederick
Black, Abraham
Black, Hance
Black, James
Boyce, T. L.
Brooks, George
Bryson, Robert
Caldwell, J. F.
Chapman, Hulett
Cooly, John
Cox, James
Cox, William
Cureton, G. W.
Cureton, P. D.
Davis, Elijah
Day, Baswell
Devanport, Irvin
Furgeson, Thomas
Garrison, B. D.
Garrison, E. B.
Garrison, N. W.
Gary, Jonathan
Gilbert, William
Hitt, J. A.
Hix, Ransom
Holland. T.
Hollida, J. E.
Hollida, Tully
Hopkins, D.
Janes, Edward
Jenkins, James
Jordan, B. E.
Kelly, B. J.
Kirby, A. J.
Kirby, Jackson
Lewis, J. J.
McDaniel, Charles
McDaniel, J. M.
Nabours, George
Paris, Jasper
Paris, John
Paris, M. J.
Paris, Robert
Paris, Thomas
Parkins, J. D.
Peden, D. T.
Perry, William
Pinson, M. A.
Reece, James
Scott, James
Sims, James
Sims, William
Smith, Artemus
Smith, Jefferson
Stone, Owens
Sullivan, W. R.
Thomason [ Thompson ], George
Tollison, Edward
Traynham, T. W.
Turbyfill, S. H.
Turkyfield, W. A.
Willbanks, Harrison, born in Anderson District in 1815, he enlisted 1 August 1863, discharged at Charleston, 23 October 23, 1863, on certificate of disability due to double hernia.

Willis, Fair M., born 25 October 1821 in South Carolina, married 25 December 1842 in Greenville, SC by Rev. B. Smith to Eloise/Laursa/Laurissa Adams, died 14 April 1879 in Laurens Couny, and is buried in Dial's Cemetery, Laurens County.   War time Letter

Woodside, J. L.

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