1st State Troops
Company H
Aug 1863 - Feb 1864
Greenville and Spartanburg District


Powell, Edward B., Captain

Beacham, William A., Captain

Cunningham, Enoch C., 1st Lieutenant

Center Jr., Stephen, 2nd Lieutenant, born about 1818, married Kindness Butler, lived in Highland Twp, Greenville County.

McCaffell, G. W., 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
McClemons, H. P., 1st Sergeant

Benson, P. B., Sergeant

Davis, Alfred, Sergeant

Goodlett, Moses, Sergeant

Montgomery, R. W., Corporal

Norris, John, Corporal

Whitehead, Harris N., Corporal

Wilson, A. C., Corporal

Anders, David Asbel ( Asbury ), was born 20 November 1822 in South Carolina , possibly in Greenville County and married Temperance Bishop about 1844-possibly Greenville County. His compiled service record states that he was absent and never reported for service. He died 3 June 1920 in Pisgah Forest, Transylvania County, NC and is buried in Boyleston Baptist Church, Horseshoe, Henderson County, NC

Anders, Henson

Bailey, James M.

Balew, Alfred

Balew, Austin

Balew, George J.

Ballinger, Elijah

Barnett, James

Barton, Pleasant

Batson, Nathan

Bayne, David

Berry, William D.

Bishop, Lewis

Bonham, S. B.

Boswell, Benjamin

Bridges, A. C.

Bridges, Arthur

Brown, B. B.

Brown, Thomas R.

Burrell, Calvin

Burry, Charles

Calloway, John

Coleman, E. N.

Cothran, Daniel

Cox, Ford

Crane, Lemuel

David, J. A.

Dill, George W.

Duncan, Joseph

Duncan, Thomas

Duncan, William E.

Farmer, Joel

Flynn, W. W.

Gibson, H. S.

Gillam, Fleming

Gilreath, E. G.

Goodlett, William H.

Goodwin, Joseph M.

Gordon, Anderson

Gosnell, Charles

Gosnell, John

Gosnell, Peter

Gosnell, William

Green, George S.

Green, John H.

Griffin, Andrew

Hawkins, Henry

Henson, W. M.

Hooker, John

Hooker, Spencer

Howard, Charles

Howard, E. J.

Howard, Milford

Ivans, Bird

Jackson, John W.

Johns, M. H.

Johnson, Fortunatus

Johnson, L. T.

Kelley, E. A.

Land, Jordan

Lockhart, Robert

Loftis, F. A.

Loftis, Jordan, born 1815, Greenville, SC, married Nancy Bailey, and died 22 Dec 1863 Contact

Mauldin, William

McClain, Robert

McDevit, H.

McDowell, Alfred

McJunkin Jr., Joseph Dyer, born 3 Feb 1826, Cleveland Township, Greenville District. He enlisted 1 Aug 1863 at Greenville (Reported 26 Sept 1863). He married Fanny Couch (14 June 1831-15 June 1900) and died July 1905, Greenville County. Contact

McKinney, Alexander

McMakin, James

Meadows, Chandler

Meadows, Walker

Moon, John P.

Moffow, J. F.

Moss, James

Odom, William

Pace, Richard A. K.. Served with 3rd SC, Company G in 1862-63

Parish, H. P.

Park, William

Peace, Alexander

Phillips, O. P.

Pitman, Robert

Ponder, A. J.

Pool, Ervin

Pool, Jesse

Posey, B. F.

Powell, William

Prewett, Jacob

Robeson, D. J.

Robeson, George M.

Ross, W. W.

Springfield, Thomas Descendant

Styles, A. J.

Talley, Reuben

Tally, S. B.

Tate, Larkin Cannon

Thompson, Jobery

Thompson, W. B.

Tinsley, George

Tinsley, Samuel

Tippens, Pleasant

Tramel, Wilson

Turner, W. N.

Vaughn, R. W.

Vaughn, Robert

Waldrop, T. D.

Walker, Abner

Ward, Levi

Watson, J. M.

Whitmire, R. G.

Young, A. J.

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