6th South Carolina Reserves
Company A
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Chester District

Boyd, Robert, Captain
Stokes, John, 1st Lieutenant
Heffner, J. A., 2nd Lieutenant
Morrison, S. C., 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
McNinch, James, 1st Sergeant
Alexander, R. C., Sergeant
Buchanan, A. L., Sergeant
Douglas, A. B., Sergeant
Lewis, W. W., Sergeant
Ware, M., Sergeant
Graham, T. M., QuarterMaster Sergeant
Carroll, D., Corporal
Duncan, D. H., Corporal
McNeil, A., Corporal
Stevenson, William, Corporal
Trussle, William, Corporal

Agnew, R.
Albright, J. A.
Beam, J.
Boleck, C.
Boyd, A. J.
Brown, C.
Bryant, C.
Castles, H.
Clark, J. S.
Easters, J. A.
Easters, L. C.
Grant, J.
Grant, J. H.
Hall, William
Harden, H.
Hogge, A.
Kee, R. M.
Lee, A.
McCusker, C.
Miller, J.
Miller, James
Nail, P.
Oar, J.
Oar, R.
Parish, J. M.
Phillips, J. T.
Porter, James
Porter, John
Reighlie, William
Richey, Isaac C.
Rodirock, D. B.
Sloan, John
Sloan, R.
Smith, G. H.
Sterling, W. D.
Timmer, W. O.
Wages, Elihu
Wages, J.
Walker, J. H.
White, W. A.
Whitlock, Francis Marion, born in Union county
Wolfe, J.

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