7th South Carolina Reserves
Company B
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863
Richland District

Caldwell, J. M., Captain
Barry, W. R., 1st Lieutenant
Thomas, J. A., 2nd Lieutenant
Peterson, Robert, Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Quinn, Robert, 1st Sergeant
Bolyn, J. Logan, Sergeant
Bolyn, Lowery J., Sergeant
Childers, Josiah, Sergeant
Childers, Sherod, Sergeant
Quinn, F. J. Elliott, Ordinance Sergeant
Dover, General Jackson, Corporal, born in 1830 in York District
Glass, Alexander, Corporal
Love, John E., Corporal
McDaniel, William H., Corporal

Barber, John
Biggers, Amze
Biggers, Andrew J.
Bolyn, Green
Childers, John
Crawford, Robert N.
Davison, William
Dover, Morgan Martin, born 1818 in York District, brother of Corporal General Jackson Dover
Dover, Nathan, brother of Corporal General Jackson Dover
Ervin, William
Falls, E. Amzi
Farris, James B.
Farris, Oscar A.
Floyd, J. E.
Gill, E. Hall
Green, Henry
Hampton, James
Martin, Moses, enlisted at Columbia on 20 Nov 1862. The company muster roll dated 7 Feb 1863, states that he was absent and had never reported for duty. He MAY be one of my great grandfathers on my mother's maternal side.

McCarter, Christopher L. H.
McCarter, Nelson
McGill, James H.
Moss, Barnett
Pursley, William
Roberson, William A.
Scoggins, James
Stuart, John
Watson, Cornelius
Watson, Henry
Westmoreland, Peterson
Wilson, Wrance V.

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