7th SC Reserves, Company M - 1862

7th South Carolina Reserves
Company M
Jun 1862 - Jan 1863

Maybry, Clough H., Captain
Kimbrel, Caleb, 1st Lieutenant
Wolf, Noah, 2nd Lieutenant
Gossett, J. W. C., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Steadman, B. H., 1st Sergeant
Brannon, P. R., Sergeant
Burnett, John, Sergeant
High, T. P., Sergeant
Royston, G. W., Sergeant
Cantrell, J. T., Corporal
Low, J. M., Corporal
McKinney, William A., Corporal
Younger, John H., Corporal

Belcher, George W.
Bishop, Able
Bishop, Anderson
Bishop, H. J.
Bishop, Hamilton
Bishop, Isaac A.
Blackwood, Charles
Brannon, John
Burnett, Jethro
Burnett, Luke
Byars, A. J.
Cannon, George E.
Cantrell, Turner
Chapman, Edmon
Cortee, William
Currant, A. W.
Davidson, Martin
Dillard, John
Dills, John
Edgings, James
Ezell, Levi
Gault, H. M.
Gilbert, John
Gilbert, S. S.
Goin, Richard
Green, William F.
Hall, Pinckney
Harris, Elias
Hartis, Kelsor
Henderson, William
Hines, L. A.
Hughy, John
Johnson, Elias
Kimbriel, Samuel
Kirby, William H.
Lancaster, Absolam
Martin, R. L.
McBee, Wesley
McElrath, John
McKelvy, Jabez
McKinney, John
McKinney, William
McLure, William
Miller, Robert
Padgett, W. B.
Parris, Abram
Pope, Thomas W.
Ross, John H.
Russell, Monroe
Scruggs, A. J.
Scruggs, John
Scruggs, William
Seay, Alfred
Seay, Jefferson W.
Smith, Alfred
Spencer, John
Tapp, John Pinckney
Tuck, W. J.
Turner, William J.
Vinson, Jesse
White, William H.
Willis, John

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