Episode 1X17: 4:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.
Original Air Date: 03/26/2002
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Season 1, Episode 17 Transcript

Jack Bauer voice over: Right now, terrorists are plotting to assassinate a presidential candidate. My wife and daughter have been targeted. And people that I work with may be involved in both. I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life.
Previously on 24:
Alexis Drazen: Hello?
Elizabeth Nash: I just wanted to tell you that we're not leaving town today after all.
Alexis Drazen: When will you know?
Elizabeth Nash: I'll call you as soon as I know.
Andre Drazen: Is that the girl?
Alexis Drazen: Yes.
Aaron Pierce: The threat against Senator Palmer remains a high probability. These three men are the suspected shooters.
David Palmer: A member of my advance team, Elizabeth Nash, she recognized one of the assassins.
Elizabeth Nash: Mr. Bauer, Senator Palmer told me about you.
Jack Bauer: Would you be willing to keep your appointment with Alexis?
Elizabeth Nash: You want me to spy on him?
Jack Bauer: George, what are you doing here?
George Mason: I'm the new quarterback.
Jovan Myovic: Bauer's wife and daughter have been moved to a safe house. As planned, they will be dead soon.
Teri Bauer: Hang on, Kim! I think we lost him. I'm just gonna go check. I want you to stay right here, OK? Kim!
Tanya: What's your name?
Teri Bauer: I don't remember.
The following takes place between 4:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. on the day of the California Presidential Primary.
[While Kimberly roams the hillside road in search of her mother, Teri is in the car with the motorist who picked her up.]
Kim Bauer: Mom! Mom! Mom!
Tanya: Do you remember anything yet?
Teri Bauer: No.
Tanya: It must be weird. I mean, I never met anyone that has amnesia before.
Teri Bauer: I really appreciate you helping me out. What's your name?
Tanya: Tanya.
Teri Bauer: Tanya. I hope you're not going too far out of your way.
Tanya: It's fine. The hospital isn't far from here. So, you come from money. You look like you might. Or your husband.
Teri Bauer: My husband?
Tanya: Your little band of gold? On your finger?
Teri Bauer: I don't have any memory of my husband.
[Jack brings Elizabeth Nash back to Palmer's hotel for her arranged meeting with Alexis Drazen.]
Jack Bauer: Agent Pierce, Jack Bauer. We met at the Senator’s breakfast this morning.
Aaron Pierce: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. We didn't know the kind of pressure you were under at the time. Is your family doing OK?
Jack Bauer: Yes, they're fine, thank you. This is my partner, Nina Myers.
Nina Myers: Hi.
Jack Bauer: Agents Johnson, Aleshire, they’re our surveillance technicians. I believe you've already met Miss Nash. She's part of the senator's advance team.
Aaron Pierce: Yes, from the senator's staff meeting.
Elizabeth Nash: Can I just say how sorry I am to have caused so much trouble?
Aaron Pierce: You didn't know who Alexis Drazen really was. Now you know he's a killer, it takes a lot of courage to walk into the same room with him.
Jack Bauer: I hate to interrupt, but we really do have to get going.
Aaron Pierce: All right. Drazen is down here in room 1243. We went over it. It's nothing unusual. It's ready to rig however you want to.
Jack Bauer: OK. That gives us less than 30 minutes to set up visual and audio.
Aaron Pierce: Fiber optics?
Jack Bauer: Yes. We’re also gonna need to set up monitors in an adjacent room.
Aaron Pierce: All right. We have 1242, across the hallway. It's been vacated already.
Jack Bauer: OK, good. Gentlemen, I want you to get started right away. I want coverage of every square foot of this room by at least two angles.
Agent: Yes, sir.
Jack Bauer: Nina?
Nina Myers: Yeah?
Jack Bauer: I want you to take Miss Nash into room 1242. Start prepping her. We'll be there in a minute.
Nina Myers: All right.
Jack Bauer: Have you set up the other checkpoints?
Aaron Pierce: Yes. Every entrance to the hotel is covered. So is every approach from a block away on all four sides.
Jack Bauer: Any civilians left on the floor?
Aaron Pierce: No, we've sealed it off.
Jack Bauer: Good work. You let me know as soon as Drazen enters this hotel.
Tanya: I think there's a hospital at the bottom of the canyon. I'm not sure how good it is.
Teri Bauer: Wait, wait. Pull over.
Tanya: You see something you remember?
Teri Bauer: Yeah, I think so.
Tanya: The restaurant?
Teri Bauer: Yeah.
[Tanya pulls over the car. Teri goes inside the restaurant. Tanya follows.]
Tanya: Do you recognize anything?
Teri Bauer: I've been here before. I was with someone.
Tanya: With your husband? Not your husband? Maybe we should just keep going, to the hospital.
Teri Bauer: No, no, no. Just being here helps.
Tanya: Hey, is there a matre d’ or a manager or something?
First Waiter: Manager. Mr. Martin.
Tanya: Is he here?
First Waiter: No, but he should be in about 20 minutes.
Teri Bauer: Thank you. I'm gonna wait. Maybe this Mr. Martin knows something about me. This place seems so familiar. I think I'm gonna stay. You don't have to wait with me. So, listen. Why don't you give me your number, and… when I'm better, I'll send you whatever I can afford.
Tanya: You know what? Send me whatever you can afford, plus ten bucks. It's a cab fare to the hospital, in case Mr. Martin can't help you.
Teri Bauer: Thank you.
Tanya: Good luck.
Nina Myers: So, obviously, without compromising yourself, we need you to behave in the same way you always have with him.
Elizabeth Nash: Yeah, I know. It's just the thought of letting him touch me again…
Nina Myers: I understand. What do you usually talk about with him? His work?
Jack Bauer (to radio): All agents, I want you to check in.
Elizabeth Nash: The truth is, we didn't really talk much. It wasn't really that kind of relationship.
Jack Bauer (to radio): 10-4, copy.
Elizabeth Nash: It was more… take the plunge and worry about the consequences later. You know what I mean?
Nina Myers: Yeah.
Jack Bauer: OK, I'm waiting on the signal.
[Palmer enters the room.]
David Palmer: Elizabeth?
Elizabeth Nash: Hi.
David Palmer: I heard what's going on. Are you sure about this?
Elizabeth Nash: I'm sure.
David Palmer: If you have the slightest hesitation…
Elizabeth Nash: No, I want to. Definitely.
David Palmer: May I talk to you a minute?
Jack Bauer: Yes, sir.
David Palmer: I told you to look after her, not put her in danger.
Jack Bauer: Senator, I don't need to remind you, but the threat against you is very real.
David Palmer: That's no reason to put someone else at risk.
Jack Bauer: I don't think I have. I'm gonna be right across the hall with a squad of men, ready to come in if something goes wrong.
David Palmer: This man's a professional killer. Things can happen very quickly.
Jack Bauer: And we know Alexis Drazen is not working alone. Arresting him will not stop the others. If you want to put an end to this now, sir, we keep him on the hook.
David Palmer: I know you've been through a lot, and I know these people have put your family through hell…
Jack Bauer: What does that have to do with this?
David Palmer: I hope you're not letting a desire for payback cloud your judgment.
Jack Bauer: Sir, this has nothing to do with payback. This is simply the best way to nail these guys, period.
David Palmer: Elizabeth's father is one of my oldest friends. I have known her since she was born. If anything happens to her, I'm holding you personally responsible.
Jack Bauer: I understand, Senator, and I promise you I will take care of her.
[Kim finds a payphone and dials CTU.]
Tony Almeida: CTU. Almeida.
Kim Bauer: Hi. I'd like to speak to Jack Bauer.
Tony Almeida: He's not here. Can I take a message?
Kim Bauer: Listen, it's really important. I need to speak to him now.
Tony Almeida: Who is this?
Kim Bauer: Kim, his daughter.
Tony Almeida: Are you calling from the safe house?
Kim Bauer: No. The safe house has been attacked. The agents that were guarding us are dead, and my mother is gone.
Tony Almeida: Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. The agents are dead?
Kim Bauer: Yes. And I think they've kidnapped my mother again. I need to speak to my father.
Tony Almeida: He's not here, Kim. Where are you calling from?
Kim Bauer: Um… Can I speak to Nina Myers?
Tony Almeida: She's not here either. Where are you calling from?
Kim Bauer: A payphone.
Tony Almeida: Kim?
Kim Bauer: Who did you say this was again?
Tony Almeida: This is Tony Almeida. I work for your father. Tell me where you are. I'll have somebody come get you. Kim?
Kim Bauer: That's what they said to my mother.
Tony Almeida: No, that was Jamey Farrell. She was dirty. She’s not here anymore, OK? That won't happen again. Tell me where you are, I'll have somebody come get you…
Kim Bauer: Listen to me. I need to speak to my father or Nina Myers.
Tony Almeida: He's not here, Kim. Neither one of them are here.
[Kim hangs up on Tony.]
Tony Almeida: Kim? Hello?
[Tony notifies Deputy Director Mason.]
Tony Almeida: We got a problem. I just had a call from Jack's daughter. She said the safe house had been hit and the agents are dead.
George Mason: Call over there right now.
[Tony calls the safe house.]
Tony Almeida: Nothing. It's not even ringing.
[George calls another agent.]
George Mason: Parker, get Biselli and head straight over to the safe house on Pine Canyon. Heads up – there’s could be trouble. Call me when you get there.
Parker: I’m on it.
Tony Almeida: She also said that she thought her mother might have been recaptured.
George Mason: How'd the girl get out?
Tony Almeida: I don’t know. She didn't say. I mean, she didn’t even tell me where she was, just said she was calling on a payphone.
George Mason: Access the phone company's computer and get a list of all recent payphone calls that have been made within a five mile radius of the safe house.
Tony Almeida: All right. Are you gonna call Jack or you want me to?
George Mason: Not yet.
Tony Almeida: It's his wife and kid.
George Mason: That's exactly why. He'll have an emotional reaction, he’ll get distracted, puts Elizabeth Nash in jeopardy. She's going in a room with Drazen in 15 minutes. We need to keep Jack focused.
Tony Almeida: All right. Then when do we tell him?
George Mason: We don't. I do. When the situation's under control, and not until. Clear?
Jack Bauer: Thanks.
Radio: Standing by.
Jack Bauer: Copy. He's on his way down. Are you finished yet?
Nina Myers: Ready in ten.
Jack Bauer: How is Elizabeth doing?
Nina Myers: She says she's OK, but, Jack, I don't know. Are you sure we're doing the right thing?
Jack Bauer: Well, if she can plant the tracking device on Alexis, it'll lead us to everything else. Yes, we’re doing the right thing.
Nina Myers: And if she can't?
Jack Bauer: Then we'll arrest him, we’ll try and turn him. He can't touch her, Nina. We can protect her.
Nina Myers: I hope so.
Jack Bauer: Stay focused and we can.
Nina Myers: Hey.
Jack Bauer: What?
Nina Myers: Are you all right?
Jack Bauer: I'm sorry. I just can't stop worrying about Teri and Kim. I mean, when I think about what they've been through over the last 12 hours… My little girl thought she was gonna die.
Nina Myers: Hey, Jack. We're gonna get them, OK? Look, if it's any help, from what I could tell, Teri and Kim seemed all right.
Jack Bauer: Really?
Nina Myers: Yeah.
Jack Bauer: What did the doctor say?
Nina Myers: Just some bruises. That's it.
Jack Bauer: OK. Thanks.
Nina Myers: OK?
Jack Bauer: Yeah.
[Nina starts leaving.]
Jack Bauer: Hey, Nina?
Nina Myers: Yeah?
Jack Bauer: You said that Paulson was gonna finish the debrief?
Nina Myers: Yeah.
Jack Bauer: Why didn't you stay and finish it?
Nina Myers: Because it was my understanding you wanted me back as soon as they were safe.
Jack Bauer: No, I specifically asked you to stay with them so that they would…
Mike: Hey, Nina!
Nina Myers: Yeah, Mike, just a minute.
Jack Bauer: Go back. I will be there in a minute.
Nina Myers: Yeah?
Jack Bauer: Yeah.
[The phone rings.]
Rick: I told you to take it off the hook!
[Rick takes the call.]
Rick: Yeah?
Kim Bauer: Rick, it's me.
Rick: Kim, I told you you can't keep calling here.
Kim Bauer: Look, the safe house was bad. The agents are dead and my mother is kidnapped again. I know they're after me.
Rick: What?
Kim Bauer: You need to help me. Listen to me, I'm coming to your place.
Rick: No!
Kim Bauer: You're the only person who knows the people that have my mother.
Rick: I don't! I… I…
Kim Bauer: Rick… I can't go to the police. I don't trust them. After today, I don't trust anyone. But if you don't help me right now, I will tell the police everything. Now, what is your address?
Rick: 1804 Glade, in Echo Park.
Kim Bauer: 1804 Glade, in Echo Park. OK, I'm gonna call a taxi right now. I'm gonna meet you there as soon as I can. Wait for me.
[Kim hangs up. Melanie enters Rick’s room.]
Melanie: Who was that? Another wrong number?
Keith Palmer: How's the election going?
David Palmer: Exit polls look very good.
Keith Palmer: That's great. Dad, I'm sorry.
David Palmer: Sorry about what?
Keith Palmer: You weren't covering up Ferragamo's death to protect your campaign. You did it to protect me.
David Palmer: Where'd you hear that? Your mom?
Keith Palmer: No, not Mom.
[Keith plays the tape of his conversation with Carl for his father.]
Carl Webb: There is some physical evidence in George Ferragamo's office that leads directly to you. Subtle enough so the fire marshals didn't find it the first time around. But with a little help, they'll find it.
Keith Palmer: So I'll be framed for Ferragamo's murder?
Carl Webb: Like I said, whatever it takes. That's why your father backed off, and that's why you'll back off.
David Palmer: Do you know how dangerous it was to go see Carl wearing a wire?
Keith Palmer: Look, it doesn't matter. I got it. Now you can take it to the police.
David Palmer: Give me the tape.
Keith Palmer: What are you gonna do with it?
David Palmer: Do you trust me, Keith?
[Keith hands the tape over to his father.]
Nina Myers: Can I get you anything?
Elizabeth Nash: I’m OK, thanks.
Nina Myers: Are you sure?
[Alexis calls his brother Andre.]
Alexis Drazen: It's me. There's been a development. Palmer is staying in Los Angeles after all.
Andre Drazen: The Nash girl called you?
Alexis Drazen: Yes. I'm on my way to the hotel now.
Andre Drazen: Did she say why the senator changed his plans?
Alexis Drazen: No, he didn't tell her.
Andre Drazen: Really? She's a highly placed aide.
Alexis Drazen: Well, they've tightened security since the attempt on his life at breakfast.
Andre Drazen: I wonder that she wants to see you again so quickly. You were just with her a couple of hours ago.
Alexis Drazen: You don't understand women, Andre.
Andre Drazen: I understand them well enough to know that they can use as well as be used.
Alexis Drazen: Not this one.
Andre Drazen: Palmer should have been killed hours ago. We can't afford any more mistakes. We're running out of time.
Alexis Drazen: He's as good as dead already. You have to trust me in this. The Nash woman will tell me Palmer's schedule. She doesn't suspect a thing.
Andre Drazen: Maybe not. Just to be safe, when you're finished… kill her.
Jack Bauer: Miss Nash, please follow me. We've been planting fiber-optic cameras throughout the room here, there and all through here as well.
Elizabeth Nash: I'm not really sure what those are.
Jack Bauer: I'm sorry. Please, sit down. Fiber-optic cameras are tiny cameras. They're almost impossible to see, even if you know where to look. So when you come into the room, we will have complete visual coverage of the entire suite.
Elizabeth Nash: And you'll be able to hear everything too?
Jack Bauer: Yes, every word. Are you all right?
Elizabeth Nash: Mm-hm.
Jack Bauer: OK, now, he's gonna be here in a few minutes. This is the tracking device that we want you to plant on Alexis. Once he leaves the hotel, we'll be able to track every move that he makes without exposing ourselves at all.
Elizabeth Nash: Where do I put it?
Jack Bauer: Preferably his wallet. He'll have it on him at all times, even if he changes clothes. As soon as you plant this device, I will call you on your cell phone. I will tell you the senator is waiting for you. You make your excuses, and you get out of here.
Elizabeth Nash: So I plant the tracker, the phone rings…
Jack Bauer: And then you'll leave.
Elizabeth Nash: OK.
Jack Bauer: One more thing. If at any point you start to think he's getting suspicious or you're uncomfortable in any way, all you have to do is utter the words “I hope I’m not getting a cold.”
Elizabeth Nash: “I hope I’m not getting a cold”?
Jack Bauer: Yes. Then I'll be in this room in a few seconds with at least half a dozen other agents.
Elizabeth Nash: But that would ruin the plan.
Jack Bauer: That doesn't matter. Right now all we're concerned with is your safety. Do you understand that?
Elizabeth Nash: I understand.
Jack Bauer: You don't have to do this. If you're uncomfortable in any way, no one here will think any less of you.
Elizabeth Nash: I'm fine. And thank you. For giving me this chance to redeem myself.
[Jack puts the tracking device in Elizabeth’s hands.]
Jack Bauer: You're going to be fine. Let's go.
[Henry, the restaurant owner, greets Teri by name.]
Henry Martin: Mrs. Bauer? How good to see you.
Teri Bauer: You know me?
Henry Martin: Of course. Will Dr. Parslow be joining you?
Teri Bauer: Dr. Parslow? I'm sorry. What's your name?
Henry Martin: Mrs. Bauer, are you feeling all right?
Teri Bauer: Actually, no, I, uh… I must have been in an accident or something. I… I seem to have lost my memory. But I was driving by and this place looked familiar, so… You say my name is Bauer?
Henry Martin: Yes. Does that sound familiar?
Teri Bauer: Yes, it does, but… But this man you mentioned…
Henry Martin: Dr. Parslow. You two used to come in here together quite often.
Teri Bauer: But… he's not my husband.
Henry Martin: Well… he's a doctor, and he's a friend. Maybe he can help. I happen to know the hospital that he works at. Shall I give him a call?
Teri Bauer: Yes, please.
Jack Bauer: We're set.
Agent: How’s this looking?
Nina Myers: Two’s fine. These are looking a little bright.
Agent: All right.
Jack Bauer: Is everything up and running?
Nina Myers: Yep. How's Elizabeth?
Jack Bauer: She's in her room, waiting for Alexis to call. She said she wanted to be alone.
Nina Myers: Understandable.
Agent: You’re set.
Jack Bauer: Yes.
[The agent leaves the room. Jack and Nina are left alone.]
Jack Bauer: You wanna tell me what's going on?
Nina Myers: What do you mean?
Jack Bauer: You've been holding something back from me ever since you got back from the safe house early.
Nina Myers: This isn't the time, Jack. Let's not get distracted.
Jack Bauer: If you don't start telling me what's going on, I'm going to be distracted, so spit it out.
Nina Myers: All right. Teri knows about us. She guessed it. I don't know how she did, but she did. She asked me point-blank. I couldn't deny it. She would have known.
Jack Bauer: Did you tell her that it was over?
Nina Myers: Of course I did. I think she was just shocked that it was me. Someone she knows.
Jack Bauer: When Teri and I got back together… I tried to talk to her about this, but… she said she didn't wanna know, so I just let it go.
Nina Myers: Look, Jack. You asked me to go to the safe house, so I did. I was just trying to help.
Jack Bauer: I know, I know. This is my fault. This is all my fault.
Aaron Pierce (over radio): Agent Bauer, come in.
Jack Bauer (to radio): Bauer.
Aaron Pierce (over radio): We're a go. Drazen just dropped off the car with the valet. He should be upstairs in about two and a half minutes.
Jack Bauer (to radio): Copy. All personnel in the lobby and on the floors, we are a go. We're a go.
[Jack watches Alexis in the hotel room.]
Jack Bauer (to radio): He's in the room.
Aaron Pierce (over radio): Copy that. Advise when you are green to go.
Nina Myers: There's no wallet here.
Jack Bauer (to radio): Let Elizabeth Nash know that the wallet is either in his pants, or the jacket on the bed.
Agent (over radio): Copy that, Jack. 10-4.
Aaron Pierce (over radio): Send her up in one minute. One minute.
[Elizabeth comes to Alexis.]
Elizabeth Nash: Hi.
Alexis Drazen: So good to see you.
Elizabeth Nash: Yeah.
Alexis Drazen: I can't believe how much I've missed you.
Elizabeth Nash: I know. Me too. Even though it's only been two hours.
Alexis Drazen: It seems like two years. Are you OK?
Elizabeth Nash: I'm fine. Why?
Alexis Drazen: You seem a little… tense.
Elizabeth Nash: No, not at all. Well… maybe a little. The polls back east close in less than an hour and we're all just on pins and needles.
Alexis Drazen: Well, you must have some idea about the outcome. Don't you take, uh…
Elizabeth Nash: Exit polls.
Alexis Drazen: Yes.
Elizabeth Nash: But they're not official.
Alexis Drazen: What can we do to help you… relax?
Elizabeth Nash: Well, it's a little early, but… a vodka might be nice.
Alexis Drazen: Nothing else?
Elizabeth Nash: If you insist.
[They kiss.]
Alexis Drazen: You feeling any better?
Elizabeth Nash: Much.
Alexis Drazen: You still don't seem like yourself.
Elizabeth Nash: I'll feel better after I've splashed some water on my face.
Jack Bauer (to radio): She's going for the jacket. I want SWAT personnel ready at the door. Quietly.
Nina Myers: She's got the wallet. Oh, God, Jack, she's dropped it.
Jack Bauer: Come on. Come on, Elizabeth. You can do it.
Alexis Drazen: To the future.
Nina Myers: She's put it in her coat.
Jack Bauer (to radio): SWAT team at the door, stand down. Stand down at the door.
Alexis Drazen: I'm sorry that this campaign is giving you so much stress.
Elizabeth Nash: It goes with the territory.
Alexis Drazen: Maybe when the election is over, the two of us can go somewhere together.
Elizabeth Nash: Like where?
Alexis Drazen: It doesn't matter to me. As long as we're together. So…
[Alexis throws Elizabeth on the bed and lies on top of her.]
Alexis Drazen: Who do I have to thank for keeping you in town?
Nina Myers: He's gonna feel the wallet.
Jack Bauer: Just give her a second. She's all right.
Alexis Drazen: What made the senator decide to change his plans?
Elizabeth Nash: I don't know.
Alexis Drazen: Is he gonna stay in town for long?
Elizabeth Nash: It's hard to say.
Alexis Drazen: What about his… victory speech? Will he be delivering it here at the hotel?
Elizabeth Nash: Why are you so interested in the campaign all of a sudden?
Alexis Drazen: I have no interest in the campaign. My interest is in you. And I know that you go wherever he goes.
Elizabeth Nash: Well, I don't know where that is yet.
[Elizabeth gets up.]
Alexis Drazen: Well, then I won't let you out of my sight. I must say, I do find it a little strange that the senator wouldn't include someone as smart and capable as you in his inner circle.
Elizabeth Nash: How would you know how smart I am? We've spent what, maybe 15 hours together, and most of that has been in bed?
Nina Myers: That wasn't smart.
Alexis Drazen: Was that a complaint or a compliment?
Elizabeth Nash: Both, I think. I just realized that I haven't eaten all day, which may explain why I'm in such a foul mood. Do you think we could order something up?
Alexis Drazen: What are you hungry for?
Elizabeth Nash: Where's the menu?
Alexis Drazen: I was hoping you would be hungry for something…
[Elizabeth plants the tracker in Alexis’ jacket.]
Jack Bauer: There you go. Good girl.
Alexis Drazen: …other than food. Nina Myers: It's in the jacket.
Jack Bauer (to radio): She made the plant. Clear the hallway. Copy. Clear the hallway.
Alexis Drazen: I know this might seem a little soon… I've fallen in love with you.
Agent (over radio): The hallway's clear.
Jack Bauer (to radio): Copy. I'm making the call.
Alexis Drazen: I thought that all women can sense these things.
[Jack calls Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s cell phone rings.]
Jack Bauer: Pick up the phone!
Alexis Drazen: Aren't you going to answer it?
Elizabeth Nash: It's just someone from the campaign.
Alexis Drazen: No, it could be important.
Elizabeth Nash: They can call back.
[Elizabeth hangs up the phone.]
Elizabeth Nash: Say it again, Alexis.
Jack Bauer: She hung up on me!
Elizabeth Nash: Say that you love me.
Jack Bauer: What is she doing?
Nina Myers: She's baiting him.
Alexis Drazen: I love you. And if I'm not very much mistaken, it seems that you are falling in love with me too.
[Jack calls Elizabeth again. This time, she shuts her phone off.]
Jack Bauer: I got her voicemail.
Elizabeth Nash: Would you order me a hamburger?
Alexis Drazen: Of course.
Jack Bauer: What is she doing?
Nina Myers: I don't know. Why did she take off her jacket? Jack Bauer: What is going on here? She has no intention of leaving that room.
[Alexis calls room service.]
Woman: Room service. How may I help you?
Alexis Drazen: Hello? A hamburger, please.
Woman: All right. Everything on that?
Alexis Drazen: Yes, everything.
Woman: We'll send it right up.
Alexis Drazen: OK.
Jack Bauer: What's that in her hand?
Alexis Drazen: So, now… is there anything else?
Elizabeth Nash: Yes.
Jack Bauer: Oh, my God. She's got a knife!
Nina Myers: SWAT team, hit the room. Hit the room now!
[Elizabeth plunges a letter opener into Alexis's stomach. Jack storms the room with the SWAT team.]
Elizabeth Nash: Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch!
Jack Bauer: Hold your fire!
Agent: Hold your fire!
Jack Bauer: Get me some towels from the bathroom! Nina, call in a medevac. We're losing him! We cannot let him die! Dammit!
[Kim arrives at Rick's house.]
Kim Bauer: Just a minute.
Cab driver: Yeah, sure.
[Kim knocks on the door. Melanie opens the door.]
Kim Bauer: Um… I'm looking for Rick.
Melanie: Who are you?
Kim Bauer: A friend.
Melanie: Are you the one that keeps calling?
Kim Bauer: He said that I could come over.
Melanie: Not to me, he didn't.
Kim Bauer: Um… maybe you should ask him, then…
Rick: Hey. I was about to tell you. I just didn't think she'd get here so fast.
Melanie: What's going on, Rick?
Rick: I'll explain everything.
Melanie: I'm listening.
Rick: First let her come in. It's OK.
Melanie: What does she want?
Rick: Something got screwed up with Dan last night. Big surprise, right? That's why my arm was all messed up. These guys Dan works with, they shot me and then they…
Melanie: You said you cut your arm on a fence.
Kim Bauer: Um… these people Dan knows, I need to find them. And I was hoping that I could go in his room and find something to lead me to them. A phone number, an address…
Melanie: So what, you just wanna look through Dan's room?
Kim Bauer: Yeah.
[The cab driver horns.]
Kim Bauer: I was wondering if I could borrow some money for the cab.
[Rick pays the taxi.]
[Dr. Phil Parslow comes to the restaurant.]
Phil Parslow: Teri. Are you all right? You don't remember me?
Teri Bauer: Phil?
Phil Parslow: Yes.
Teri Bauer: Are you my doctor?
Phil Parslow: No, not exactly. Henry, thank you for calling. Have you given her anything to eat or drink?
Henry Martin: I offered, but she didn't want anything.
Phil Parslow: No, it's… Unless you want some water?
Teri Bauer: Sure.
Phil Parslow: OK. Some water. All right, listen. We're gonna figure out what this is all about. We're gonna get you well again. Do you understand? It's gonna be fine. Everything's gonna be fine.
[Mason yells at Jack on the phone for mishandling Elizabeth Nash.]
Jack Bauer: Look, I don’t know what you want me to say. We misjudged her emotional state.
George Mason: No, we didn't. You did.
Jack Bauer: Mason, it was an unexpected outcome for everyone.
George Mason: It's exactly what I said it was gonna be. It was a bad idea.
Jack Bauer: Fine. Maybe. Right now we need to figure out what our next move is.
George Mason: So what is that? What's the status on Alexis?
Jack Bauer: They’re giving him a fifty-fifty shot, but even if he comes through, they don't know how long it’s gonna be till he talks.
George Mason: Did you find anything in the room? Any phone numbers? Any Documents?
Jack Bauer: No, nothing yet.
George Mason: So what am I supposed to tell District, huh?
Jack Bauer: Tell them whatever you have to. Just keep them off my back. I’m gonna need time before I have to start filling out a bunch of field reports.
David Palmer: Let me in!
Jack Bauer: Hold on. Senator…
David Palmer: Where's Elizabeth? I heard something about a stabbing?
Jack Bauer: She's fine, sir.
David Palmer: Where is she?
Jack Bauer: She's across the hall. She's in custody.
David Palmer: What?! Why?
Jack Bauer: She stabbed Drazen.
David Palmer: She must have been defending herself.
Jack Bauer: No, sir, that's not the way it went down. She broke from the plan. She attacked him.
David Palmer: I should never have let her go through with it in the first place!
[Palmer goes to see Elizabeth.]
Jack Bauer: Sen… I gotta call you back.
George Mason: What's the hell’s going on over there, Jack?
[Jack hangs up.]
Jack Bauer: Senator!
David Palmer: Let me in.
Agent: Sir.
Elizabeth Nash: Senator…
David Palmer: Elizabeth, don’t tell them anything until you speak to a lawyer.
Elizabeth Nash: I'm sorry. I don't know what happened.
David Palmer: Look, it's all right. We're gonna work this out.
Jack Bauer: Senator, please step away and let us handle this.
[Alexis’ cell phone rings.]
David Palmer: I let you take care of it before, and look where we are!
Jack Bauer: Sir, you are not helping matters right now.
Nina Myers: Jack!
Jack Bauer: Excuse me for one second. What?
Nina Myers: It's Alexis's phone. What do we do?
Jack Bauer: We gotta take a chance.
[Jack answers Alexis’ phone.]
Jack Bauer: Yeah?
Morgan: Do you have the money?
Jack Bauer: Yeah.
Morgan: OK. We'll meet in 45 minutes.
Jack Bauer: Where?
Morgan: I already told you! At Connie's. Downtown.
Jack Bauer: How will I recognize you?
Morgan: I'll wear a red baseball cap.