Episode 1X19: 6:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.
Original Air Date: 04/09/2002
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Season 1, Episode 19 Transcript

Jack Bauer voice over: Right now, terrorists are plotting to assassinate a presidential candidate. My wife and daughter have been targeted. And people that I work with may be involved in both. I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life.
Previously on 24:
Keith Palmer: So I'll be framed for Ferragamo's murder?
David Palmer: What we've got is a tape of Carl Webb admitting that he set my son up for murder.
Sherry Palmer: I destroyed it.
David Palmer: That wasn't the real tape. I want you to set up a press conference.
Mike Novick: When?
David Palmer: Now.
Andre Drazen: Still no sign of the women?
Jovan Myovic: I'll find them and kill them.
Andre Drazen: Just tell me how you plan to find them.
Jovan Myovic: I'm going to the Bauer house.
Frank: I don't know you.
Kim Bauer: My name's Kim.
Frank: Hi Kim. How do you know Rick?
Rick: She's a friend of mine from San Diego. She's gotta get back home.
Frank: She's not going anywhere. Till Dan gets back with the money, nobody leaves.
George Mason: Jack, it’s me. Where are you?
Jack Bauer: We're on our way to a meet.
George Mason: What kind of meet?
Jack Bauer: Alexis was supposed to make a payoff. Hold up. I think I got him. Hey.
Morgan: Where's the money?
Jack Bauer: First let's go over it again.
Morgan: At 7:20 tonight I'm gonna shut down the power on grid 26 double G.
Jack Bauer: What else?
Morgan: What happened to your accent? You're not Alexis.
Jack Bauer: He's moving.
Teddy Hanlin: I can take him.
Jack Bauer: No! Get me a medic down here now!
Man: Call 911.
Teri Bauer: Who are you?
Phil Parslow: A very good friend who wanted to be a lot more.
Teri Bauer: I don't remember any of this.
Phil Parslow: I think you have a condition. It’s called Disassociative Amnesia. We need to get you checked out.
Teri Bauer: No. Please, Phil, just take me home.
The following takes place between 6:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. on the day of the California Presidential Primary.
[Jovan Myovic watches as Teri and Dr. Parslow enter the Bauer home.]
Phil Parslow: The first time you invited me back here, you left your keys in my car. It was pouring rain. We didn't wanna run back, so… we used your Hide-A-Key.
[Phil opens the door, activating the house's security alarm.]
Teri Bauer: What do I do? I don't know what to do. I don't know what the code is.
Phil Parslow: Just take your time. Maybe it'll come to you.
Teri Bauer: Just make this stop!
[The phone rings.]
Teri Bauer: Hello?
Woman: This is Superior Alarms.
Teri Bauer: Could you please turn this off?
Woman: I'll need your password.
Teri Bauer: What?
Woman: Ma'am, what is your password?
Teri Bauer: I don't know the password.
Woman: Are you having an emergency there?
Nina Myers: Alan Morgan, Saugus.
Cop: Yeah. Pacific Electric.
Nina Myers: Got it. All right. Thanks. Jack? His name was Alan Morgan. He worked for Pacific Electric in Saugus.
Jack Bauer: In Saugus? OK, he was paid off by Alexis to kill the power in a section of the grid. Did you get the coordinates? 26 Double G.
Nina Myers: Double G. Yeah.
Jack Bauer: That’s right. We need to know where that is now.
Nina Myers: OK. I'll get this to Tony. You need me to stick around?
Jack Bauer: No. Just get a hold of me as soon as you got anything, OK?
Nina Myers: OK. See you back at the office.
Jack Bauer: Thank you.
Nina Myers: Yeah.
[Nina heads back to CTU.]
[Phil tries to find a way to shut down the alarm.]
Phil Parslow: None of these are working.
[The guards from the company arrive.]
Teri Bauer: Phil! Phil!
Guard: Superior Alarms! Stay where you are!
Phil Parslow: Please. This woman, she lives here. She just forgot her code.
[The man shuts down the alarm.]
Teri Bauer: Thank you.
Guard: Teri Bauer?
Teri Bauer: Yes.
Guard: Do you have any ID?
Teri Bauer: Um… Sure. It's probably in my purse. I'll go check.
[Teri pretends to look for her purse to show the guards her ID. She notices photographs of Kim and Jack in the living room. The guards recognize Teri from the photos.]
Guard: Um… No ID necessary. You obviously live here.
Phil Parslow: She just couldn't remember her code.
Teri Bauer: I don't usually set it. My daughter must have.
Guard: It's all right. Just sign this.
[Teri signs the papers.]
Guard: OK. I'm gonna reset the alarm and check the contacts around the outside of the house. That should take about 15 minutes.
Teri Bauer: Thank you.
Phil Parslow: Thank you.
[George Mason arrives at California Plaza.]
George Mason: Nice, Jack. Have you noticed how there's always a body count everywhere you go?
Jack Bauer: I gave Hanlin clear orders not to shoot.
George Mason: Where'd he go?
[Jack’s cell phone rings.]
Jack Bauer: He's over there.
[Jack answers the phone.]
Jack Bauer: Bauer.
David Palmer: Jack, it's David Palmer.
Jack Bauer: Yes, Senator?
David Palmer: I just heard back from my source at the Pentagon. I had to twist a lot of arms to get hold of the missing Drazen file.
Jack Bauer: What was in it?
David Palmer: Dates and locations. It seems to relate to the last months of Victor Drazen's life.
Jack Bauer: Anything we can use?
David Palmer: Maybe. The last entry is an address unrelated to everything else.
Jack Bauer: What is it?
David Palmer: 21911 Kipling, in a city called Saugus. I don't know where that is.
Jack Bauer: I’m sorry, Senator, did you just say “Saugus”?
David Palmer: Does that mean anything?
Jack Bauer: Yes, I think it does. I’m gonna have to get back to you. Thank you, Senator. This is gonna help.
David Palmer: All right.
[Jack calls Tony.]
Tony Almeida: CTU. Almeida.
Jack Bauer: Tony, it's Jack. Take down this address for me.
Tony Almeida: Go ahead.
Jack Bauer: 21911 Kipling Avenue, in Saugus. I got a feeling it's gonna be in the grid coordinates that Nina just gave you.
Tony Almeida: All right. Hang on. Yeah, you're right. It's right in the middle of sector 26-GG.
Jack Bauer: OK. Find out what's there. Get back to me on my cell.
Tony Almeida: All right.
[Jack heads to his car to follow up the lead.]
George Mason: Hey. Where are you headed?
Jack Bauer: I’m going to Saugus. Alexis paid this guy off to knock the power out at a specific address out there. I wanna know why.
George Mason: Slow down, Jack. I'm on your side. Fill me in.
Jack Bauer: Two and a half hours ago Robert Ellis was killed in New Orleans because he almost found out about this location. We got the address from the Drazen file. The senator just gave it to me.
George Mason: OK. Let's go.
Jack Bauer: What do you mean, “Let’s”?
George Mason: You wanna go, I'm your chaperone. You want a ride?
Jack Bauer: Yeah.
George Mason: Hop in.
[Mason and Jack get in the car and drive to Saugus.]
[Frank is furious that Dan has not yet arrived with his money.]
Frank: Where's my brother?
Rick: I don’t know.
Frank: These guys are gonna be here in 20 minutes. If I don’t have that money…
[Frank calls Dan.]
Rick: I told you, Frank, we split up. He said he was gonna meet me back here with the payoff from Gaines. Look, if I was ripping you off, why would I come back here?
[When no one answers, Frank throws the phone in anger.]
Frank: Damn!
[Frank walks out of the room.]
Rick: Where are you going?
Frank: Don't worry about it.
[Kimberly tries to make her escape.]
Rick: What are you doing?
Kim Bauer: I'm not waiting around for that lunatic to get us killed.
Melanie: You're not going anywhere.
[Melanie stops Kim.]
Rick: Melanie!
Melanie: She'll go to the police. She’ll tell them about the deal.
Kim Bauer: I don't care about the deal! I came here because I wanted you to help find my mom. But obviously, that was a dumb idea.
Melanie: You came here for Rick.
Kim Bauer: I did not!
Rick: Kim, don't worry about her. You should just leave.
Melanie: What do you mean, “Don't worry about me”?
Kim Bauer: Come with me.
Rick: I can't.
Kim Bauer: Whatever's going on out there is gonna be a lot better than in here.
Melanie: You heard Frank. Nobody goes anywhere until Dan gets back.
Kim Bauer: Dan is not coming back!
[Frank overhears this.]
Frank: What do you mean?
[Frank threatens Kim with a gun.]
Kim Bauer: I don't know. I just… I don't… I don’t…
Frank: What do you mean?!
Kim Bauer: I just…
Rick: Leave her alone!
Frank: Where is he?
Rick: He's dead.
[Frank has his gun on Rick.]
Frank: What are you talking about?
Rick: Gaines killed him. He was gonna kill me too. I swear to God, Frank. This guy Gaines was out of control.
[Frank grabs a lamp and throws it against the wall in anger.]
Frank: So who's got the money now?
Rick: Nobody. Gaines never paid us.
Frank: These guys are gonna be here in half an hour. These are not the kind of guys you invite over to do a deal and then come up short.
Rick: Then call it off.
Frank: Too late to call it off!
[At the dinner table, Sherry gets angry with Keith for causing her family so much pain.]
Sherry Palmer: What are you gonna say down there today, David?
Keith Palmer: He's gonna tell the truth.
Sherry Palmer: Look, don’t you start with me, Keith. You've caused enough pain in this family.
David Palmer: Sherry!
Sherry Palmer: Well, I'm sorry, David, but somebody's got to say the words. This whole thing wouldn't have started if Keith hadn't decided to take matters into his own hands.
David Palmer: Listen to me. Nobody's defending what Keith did. He acted on the moment. It wasn't right. That doesn't make you right for covering it up. It doesn’t make me right for not being there. So we're all to blame. Let's just leave it at that.
Keith Palmer: That's right, Mom. I'm willing to pay the price for this, even if it means going to jail.
Sherry Palmer: You still think this is just about you, don't you? When are you gonna get it through your head that your father is running for president of the United States? A black man. You don't just decide to ease your conscience at the cost of what might be best for this country!
Keith Palmer: I didn't, Mom!
David Palmer: Both of you, calm down.
Keith Palmer: Look, I kept it inside. And I was gonna suck it up for as long as it took. But someone murdered Dr. Ferragamo this morning. You can't tell me hiding that is what’s best for this country!
Sherry Palmer: You know what? I never saw it until just this minute. You're your father's son. You cover up your weakness with a bunch of bleeding-heart sentimentality.
David Palmer: Sherry, that's enough!
Sherry Palmer: Am I wrong?! And when are you gonna be man enough to do what it takes to be president?!
David Palmer: I can’t believe I’m hearing this!
[Suddenly, Nicole hyperventilates and struggles for air.]
Keith Palmer: Nicole? Nicole, are you OK? What's wrong?
David Palmer: Honey?
Sherry Palmer: Nicole.
David Palmer: Keith, get me some water. Come on. Come on.
Sherry Palmer: We need a doctor in here!
Man: We need a doctor.
David Palmer: Easy. Easy. Easy. Relax. Come here. Give me your hand.
Nicole Palmer: I'm sorry, Daddy.
David Palmer: Why? About what? Honey, talk to me.
Nicole Palmer: This is all my fault.
David Palmer: Don't you ever say that. No, sweetheart. Don't you say that. Everything's gonna be fine.
Nicole Palmer: No.
David Palmer: Yes, it is.
Nicole Palmer: I’m sorry, Daddy.
David Palmer: No.
Nicole Palmer: I’m sorry, Daddy. Sorry, Daddy.
Nina Myers: Hey, I just got in. I've got some more info on that location in Saugus.
Jack Bauer: OK, hold on.
[Jack prepares to write it down.]
Jack Bauer: OK, go.
Nina Myers: It comes up as a wildlife preserve.
George Mason: Great. We're going to a Sierra Club meeting.
Nina Myers: Who's with you?
Jack Bauer: Mason. A wildlife preserve in Saugus? That doesn't make sense. Saugus is all industrial. What about the GPS maps?
Nina Myers: I've got three on the way.
Jack Bauer: OK. Good work. We'll get back to you as soon as we find out what's out there.
Nina Myers: Yeah, OK.
[Jack hangs up.]
George Mason: So correct me if I'm wrong, but what this day basically boils down to is a personal vendetta against you and Palmer by the family of Victor Drazen?
Jack Bauer: Yes. Palmer authorized the mission, I carried it out. Today is the second anniversary of Victor Drazen's death.
George Mason: Happy anniversary. So what is it we're expecting to find out here in Saugus?
Jack Bauer: I don't know yet.
George Mason: I gotta tell you, Jack, it never gets dull with you.
Jack Bauer: Yeah. Look, for what it's worth, I'm sorry about last night.
George Mason: What, shooting me in the leg with a trank? Don't give it a second thought.
Jack Bauer: Needless to say, I was pretty wound up. I feel a lot better now, though, knowing my family's safe.
[Mason becomes uncomfortable.]
Jack Bauer: What's the matter?
George Mason: No. I’m just… beat, you know? I could use a little sleep.
Jack Bauer: Tell me about it.
[Teri searches Kimberly's room for memories, but nothing comes back to her.]
Phil Parslow: How are you doing?
Teri Bauer: I don't know. Everything looks familiar but I don't understand any of it. I don't feel anything, and I should, shouldn't I?
Phil Parslow: No. Not yet. Sometimes music can help unlock memories.
Teri Bauer: Did you ever meet Kim?
Phil Parslow: No. You didn't want her to know you were seeing anyone. You said she was taking Jack's side in the separation. You didn't wanna give her any more reason to be angry with you.
Teri Bauer: And why did my husband… Jack. Why did Jack leave me?
Phil Parslow: You asked him to. You told me he was too removed. There was no connection between you two any more.
Teri Bauer: How about you and I?
Phil Parslow: I thought there was one.
Teri Bauer: But, what, I didn't?
Phil Parslow: Truth is, I think you did. But you were scared. You didn't wanna lose your family. And when Jack asked to move back in, you let him.
Teri Bauer: It's funny.
Phil Parslow: What?
Teri Bauer: I don't remember you at all. But being with you makes me feel good, and I… maybe I don't feel so scared. Thank you for doing this, Phil.
[Frank makes plans for his drug deal.]
Frank (over the phone): Did Chuck come through? I hope not. Just park in the back.
Rick: Just sit tight.
Kim Bauer: Rick, I can't stay here. I need to find my mom.
Rick: I don't know how to get you out of here.
Kim Bauer: I'll make a run for it.
Rick: I wouldn't. Frank's a psycho. You don't wanna cross him.
Frank (over the phone): Where the hell is he?
Kim Bauer: I'm gonna go.
Rick: No.
[Kim tries to escape, but Frank catches her. Frank's friends arrive with a duffel bag.]
Frank: Hey, hey, hey, hey! No, no, no, no, no. Get in the kitchen. Come on in, man. (To Kim) You, be careful. (To man) No, he's cool. Come on. It's all right. Let's see it.
[Frank opens up the duffel bag. It is full of guns.]
Frank: Yeah. That's what I'm talking about.
Rick: These the guys with the ecstasy?
Frank: No, these are just a couple of friends of mine.
Rick: Frank, what are you gonna do?
Frank: What does it look like? We can't pay the dealer if we don't have any money.
Rick: You're gonna rip him off?
Frank: Yeah.
[A doctor checks out Nicole.]
David Palmer: Thank you.
Doctor: Mm-hm.
David Palmer: Are you all right, honey?
Nicole Palmer: I'm absolutely fine, Daddy.
David Palmer: Good.
Nicole Palmer: Go ahead. They're waiting for you.
David Palmer: OK. I'm gonna head down now. This is a test for us. If we love each other, support each other… nothing else will matter. Sherry? I need you now more than ever.
Sherry Palmer: I've always liked this tie on you, David.
Woman: Senator? It's time.
[Teri rifles through her date book, hoping to jar her memory.]
Phil Parslow: Anything look familiar?
Teri Bauer: It's so weird. Looking at what I did for the last couple of months, it doesn't mean anything to me. “Yvonne's birthday. Kim in Cambria for the weekend. Dinner with Phil. Ivy at the Shore.” Was it nice?
Phil Parslow: Well, the wait was over an hour, so… we decided to walk down the pier and have some hot dogs. And you beat me at air hockey.
Teri Bauer: Air hockey, huh?
Phil Parslow: What's in there for today?
Teri Bauer: Nothing. Although yesterday I had a conference call with Kitty, whoever that is.
Phil Parslow: Kitty - she's a friend of yours. You work with her sometimes. You do commercial interior design. It's just freelance right now, but you wanna expand when Kim goes off to college.
Teri Bauer: How come I can sort of remember air hockey but I can't remember what I do for a living?
[The doorbell rings.]
Teri Bauer: Maybe that's Jack.
Phil Parslow: No. He wouldn't ring the bell. It's probably my friend Chris. Remember? I told you I wanted to have someone here, just to be on the safe side.
Teri Bauer: Yeah.
Phil Parslow: Stay here, just in case.
Chris: Hey, Phil.
Phil Parslow: Hey, Chris. Thanks for coming. Teri, this is Chris.
Chris: Hi.
[Teri is frightened when she sees that Chris has a gun.]
Teri Bauer: Why does he have a gun?
Phil Parslow: I told you, he's here to protect…
Teri Bauer: I don't care. I don’t want guns. Get him out of the house with that gun.
Phil Parslow: Chris, will you just give us a couple of minutes, OK?
Chris: Yeah. Sure.
Phil Parslow: Thanks. Teri, Chris is a friend of mine. I called him here…
Teri Bauer: That doesn't mean anything to me. I don't know who you are. I don't know who he is. I don't want any guns.
Phil Parslow: OK. I'll tell him to stay outside. Is that OK? But we need him here, just in case. Teri, your husband could have been the one who roughed you up. I want you safe. Teri, look at me. Look at me. I'm your friend. You trust me. You told me so yourself. So you're gonna have to trust my judgment.
Teri Bauer: OK.
[Outside, Myovic updates Andre.]
Andre Drazen: What's going on over there?
Jovan Myovic: The wife is here.
Andre Drazen: The daughter?
Jovan Myovic: No.
Andre Drazen: What are you waiting for?
Jovan Myovic: There's a little interference. But it'll pass soon. Did you find Alexis?
Andre Drazen: Not yet. Call me when it's done.
Jovan Myovic: Yes.
Woman: Ladies and gentlemen of the press, if you will please take your seats now. Senator Palmer is just about here. We will begin.
Man: Senator Palmer?
David Palmer: Last night I received a phone call regarding my son, Keith, and my daughter, Nicole. That call has unfortunately set off a chain of events that has culminated into a terrible tragedy. Whether or not what I have to say jeopardizes my campaign is for the voters to decide. I'm doing this for my family. A large portion of the financial support for my campaign comes from a group of businessmen right here in Los Angeles. Every presidential campaign relies on these…
[Meanwhile, Carl watches the press conference with two of the financiers, Tuttle and Jorgensen.]
Carl Webb: I'll take care of it.
Jorgensen: Too late, Carl.
David Palmer: I have apparently misjudged these local businessmen. More importantly, they have misjudged me.
David Palmer: How it was acquired, I am not at liberty to say. I have already handed this incriminating tape over to the Justice Department. Whether or not it's admissible in court, it will still implicate the men who have been supporting my campaign. I'll emphasize again that these men acted without my consent or my knowledge. As for my son, Keith, he is prepared to turn himself in and face whatever consequences a grand jury deems necessary. He is my son, and I love him. And I will stand by him. I am confident that when presented with the facts it will be clear that there was no criminal intent or wrongdoing. He will only be guilty of not reporting an accident. As for my daughter, Nicole, it is important for everyone to remember she was the victim of a horrible crime, a physical and psychological crime. She is not a source of information. This is about the cover-up of an accidental death. This is not about rape. So I'm asking you now, as a father, please find your humanity and spare Nicole the indignity of having to relive this nightmare.
Man: We accidentally lost track of both of them.
Nina Myers: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. How long have you known this? Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?
Tony Almeida: Nina.
Nina Myers: Does Jack know about this?
Tony Almeida: Nina!
Man: Not that I'm aware of.
Nina Myers: Did you know that the safe house was hit?
Tony Almeida: Relax, OK?
Nina Myers: Tony, answer me!
Tony Almeida: Yes, I knew.
Nina Myers: Well, why didn't you tell me?!
Tony Almeida: Look, Mason didn't want you to know ‘cause he didn't want you to tell Jack.
Nina Myers: His family is missing! Don’t you think he should know that?
Tony Almeida: Yeah, I’m with you on this. Look, Mason gave the order, all right? He's deployed resources. He's called locals to help find them.
Nina Myers: You should have told me. You work for me.
Tony Almeida: And you work for Mason.
Nina Myers: This is my fault. I should never have left Teri and Kim.
Tony Almeida: Nina, you're not a field agent, all right? What could you have done?
Nina Myers: Jack needs to know about this.
[Nina calls Mason. They just arrived in Saugus.]
George Mason: Mason.
Nina Myers: George, have you told Jack about his family yet?
George Mason: No, we're not there yet.
Nina Myers: You can't do this. You have to tell him.
George Mason: Uh-huh.
Nina Myers: Why not let him know so he can help us find them? George, they're out there. They’re exposed. If Drazen's people find them first then what…
George Mason: That's a good idea.
Nina Myers: Listen to me, George. If anything happens to them he's gonna hold you responsible. You better think about that.
George Mason: I will. OK, let me know if you have any progress.
Nina Myers: George!
George Mason: Nina…
[Mason hangs up on Nina.]
George Mason: Jack, my battery just died. Can I use your phone for a sec?
Jack Bauer: Yeah, sure.
[Jack hands Mason his phone.]
George Mason: Thanks.
[Mason shuts Jack’s phone off. He pretends he’s talking to Nina.]
George Mason: Yeah, it's me. Um, no, all I wanna say is just keep the backup units on stand-by, all right?
[Nina calls Jack.]
Message on phone: The cellular customer you are trying to reach is unavailable.
George Mason: OK.
Jack Bauer: I got a signal. What'd Nina have to say?
George Mason: She's just checking our location. What does GPS say?
Jack Bauer: It doesn't make sense. It's saying the address is right up ahead.
George Mason: I know the whole thing was hush-hush, but who exactly was Victor Drazen?
Jack Bauer: Victor Drazen was Milosevic's shadow. He was in charge of all of his covert operations. He was responsible for organizing all the ethnic cleansing campaigns in Kosovo, Sarajevo and Bosnia.
George Mason: Your unit took him out?
Jack Bauer: That's right.
George Mason: You rolled the whole deal up?
Jack Bauer: Yeah.
George Mason: So who do you think would have the kind of influence to be able to run an operation like this against you and Palmer?
Jack Bauer: My guess would be Serbian military exiles. Only they could pull this off. Somehow Alexis and Andre pulled together a cell without us knowing.
George Mason: It's a hell of a cell to be able to infiltrate the CTU, turn Jamey.
Jack Bauer: I agree. It's hard to believe that Jamey could move so freely to work against us without some kind of umbrella.
George Mason: Any ideas on why the Serbs would wanna spend this much money to turn the power off in the middle of the woods?
Jack Bauer: No. George, look. A power transformer. The lock on it’s new. Why would this be designated as a wildlife sanctuary? I mean, think about it. There's no water. No water, no wetlands. No wetlands, no birds, no animals…
George Mason: No nothing, as far as I can make out.
[The drug dealers arrive at the house.]
Frank: Here they are, man. Let's get ready.
[Frank opens the door.]
Frank: Right on time. I like that.
Krugman: Who the hell's this?
Frank: Just some friends of mine. Don’t worry about it. It's cool.
Krugman: How do you know Frankie?
Kim Bauer: I'm a friend of Rick's.
Krugman: Who's Rick?
Rick: I am.
Krugman: Ah. And what happened to you?
Frank: Are we gonna play twenty questions or are we gonna do business?
Krugman: No, I just wanna know who's in the room. You got a problem with that?
Frank: No, man. Knock yourself out. Get a medical history, take a urine sample for all I care. Let's just get on with it. Come on.
Krugman: Fine. Let's do this. You got the cash, Frankie?
Frank: I got what you need. Don’t worry about it. Let's see the E first.
Krugman: OK. Pure MDMA. No caffeine. Wanna check it?
Frank: No, man. I trust you.
Krugman: All right, homey. Where's the money?
Frank: Did you hear that? This guy called me “homey”. I got your money. It's right here.
[The dealers see Frank's gun and pull out their own. Suddenly, there is a standoff as Frank's guys appear with their weapons.]
Frank: Stand down! Come on, homey. Stand down or you're eating one.
Krugman: You pull that trigger, you're going down too.
Man: Let's just do them! Let's do them.
Krugman: All right. Everybody chill out, man. It's all cool. We're gonna put the guns down.
Frank: On the ground. Nice and easy.
Krugman: It's going down.
[The dealers drop their guns.]
Frank: Let's go. See what else they got on them, man.
Man: Get down.
Frank: All this ‘cause you couldn't keep my brother alive.
[Frank smashes Rick in his injured shoulder.]
Nina Myers: They might not have registered with their real names. No, just use the description that we sent you, OK?
Woman: Certainly. We’ll do our best.
Tony Almeida: You’re checking the hospitals?
Nina Myers: Yes. I don't understand how Teri and Kim just disappeared.
Tony Almeida: Well, it might be a good thing, you know? I mean, if Drazen's people had them, we probably would have heard about it by now. I mean, after all, Jack and Palmer are the primary targets.
Nina Myers: What about Jack's house?
Tony Almeida: Well, I sent Williams over, but I’ll call to check on him.
Nina Myers: And Kim's phone call?
Tony Almeida: We traced it to a phone booth. We're checking the whole area. Look, Nina, we're doing everything we can, all right?
Nina Myers: Are you?
Krugman: What you gonna do now, man? Kill us?
Frank: Yeah. I’ll kill you… if I ever see you again.
[Frank clocks Krugman in the nose with his gun.]
Frank: You should get that stitched, man. How's that for a nose job?
Man: Pretty good. I like it.
Krugman: Hey, Frankie?
Frank: What's that, homey? Speak up.
Krugman: You have the right to remain silent.
[Suddenly, a SWAT team bursts through the doors and arrests Frank and his cronies.]
SWAT team member: Everybody freeze!
Krugman: Arrest all of them.
Kim Bauer: Please, don't do this. We didn't do anything. We're not a part of this!
SWAT team member: Arms up!
Officer: Up against the wall.
Krugman: Let me have your Handie. This is Krugman. We got a code four. One suspect down, five being booked. I think I got a broken nose.
[Palmer continues his press conference.]
David Palmer: Look, I'll say it again. I bear full responsibility for not knowing about it. A senator's duty, a president's duty, an elected representative's duty, is not only to his country but also to his family. If he cannot manage the interactions of the people close to him, then he can't expect the electorate to believe in his abilities to lead a nation. I don't deny I made a mistake. A serious one. I only ask you to consider that I am not the first person in public office to make one. Thank you.
[Palmer leaves the podium and sees his son. Keith hugs his father.]
Keith Palmer: I love you, Dad.
David Palmer: I love you, son.
[Phil Parslow shows Teri pictures of his daughters.]
Phil Parslow: This is Emily. She's eleven. And this is Jennifer. She just turned nine.
Teri Bauer: And I didn't meet them?
Phil Parslow: No. We decided to leave everyone outside of it until you were sure what you wanted.
[The kettle whistles.]
Phil Parslow: I'll get it.
[Phil goes to the kitchen to make coffee. Teri notices a box with the word “Mom” written on it.]
Teri Bauer: She made this for me.
Phil Parslow: You want milk or sugar in it?
Teri Bauer: Yeah. Phil, I think I'm remembering something.
Phil Parslow: Really? I'll be right there.
[Chris enters the house to use the bathroom.]
Chris: Rest room?
Phil Parslow: Right down the hall.
[Teri is staring at the box when Myovic enters the house and shoots both Chris and Parslow.]
Phil Parslow: Teri!
Jovan Myovic: Where's the girl? Your daughter. Where is she?
Teri Bauer: I… I don't know! I don’t know…
Jovan Myovic: Tell me where she is and I'll make this painless for both of you, I promise.
Teri Bauer: I… I don't know.
Jovan Myovic: Fine.
[Myovic is about to kill Teri. Suddenly, shots rings out and Myovic falls to the ground.]
Teri Bauer: Oh, God!
Tony Almeida: Teri, step away. Move away, Teri.
Teri Bauer: Oh, my God.
Tony Almeida: Teri, step away, please!
Teri Bauer: Oh, my God. The car… Oh, my God, the car… I lost Kimberly!
Tony Almeida: Teri. Teri, it's OK. You're safe.
Teri Bauer: I lost Kimberly!
Tony Almeida: Teri.
[Krugman takes Kim, Rick, Melanie, Frank and his friend in a police squad.]
Krugman: Come on. Come on.
[Palmer hugs Nicole. Sherry passes him without saying a word.]
[Jack and Mason follow their handheld GPS to the address, and they are lead into a Saugus field.]
Jack Bauer: GPS says this is it.
George Mason: Yeah, right.
[A helicopter approaches them.]
George Mason: What's that? Reconnaissance?
Jack Bauer: Someone knows we're here.