Episode 4X04: 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.
Original Air Date: 01/10/2005
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Season 4, Episode 4 Transcript:

Previously on 24:

Omar: In three hours Heller will be tried for war crimes against humanity. If he is proven guilty, he will be executed in a curvet with our laws.
Heller: When the trial begins you may have an opportunity to escape. You have to take it even if itís dangerous.
Behrooz: When dad told me to take the briefcase to Omar, Debbie followed me.
Dina: Debbie saw the warehouse where weíre holding Heller?
Behrooz: Yes. But father found out she was with me and now he wants me to get her over here. You know what that means.
Dina: Debbie. Thank you for coming.
Debbie: Sure.
Curtis: I need you to build a firewall around station 4.
Chloe: Whoís that?
Curtis: Her nameís Marianne. I just wanna make sure she doesnít stray outside the area for her assignment.
Chloe: Fine.
Driscoll: Listen to me. The terrorists have just announced that they are going to try and execute Heller in less than three hours. Bring the man in now!
Jack: I donít think thatís the right call. I believe that if I follow them, theyíre gonna lead me to Secretary Heller and the men who kidnapped him.
Driscoll: Jack Bauer is no longer cooperating with this investigation. All departments need to be working on the location and capture of Jack Bauer and the hostile that heís tracking down.
Jack: Right now our first priority is to find these terrorists. Iím gonna need satellite surveillance to help me track him without being seen.
Chloe: You want me to steal satellite bandwidth from CTU without anyone knowing?
Jack: Yes.
Jack: Am I gonna have satellite coverage over the next minute or two?
Chloe: Iím sorry, Jack. Itís gonna take at least another five.
Jack: Iím gonna have to figure out a way to keep this guy here. Keep working on it.
Jack: Everybody put your hands up now! You, donít move!
The following takes place between 10:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M.
Jack: Slowly move back to the corner. Everybody just stay calm. Iíll be out of here before you know it. You, hop up on the counter, and black out that camera. Anybody else working in the back? Put your hands up. Move over there with the others, now!
Guy [on phone]: Do you have any IDís on the other two?
Driscoll: I donít know yet. If I did, Iíd tell you.
Guy: Iíll keep you updated.
Driscoll: Thank you. Yeah. Please do. Briefing in 5 minutes. County just reported that Andrew Paige was taken into their ER in critical condition.
Curtis: Paige? The programmer Jack went to pick up?
Driscoll: Thatís not all. The bodies of two unidentified Middle Eastern men were found at the site. Gunshot wounds.
Curtis: Bauer must have done that to save the kid. Where did they find all that?
Driscoll: Moorpark. Itís getting out of control. We had to lose an agent, and now one of our only witnesses has been disabled.
Curtis: What about the hostile and Bauer?
Driscoll: Still at large.
Curtis: Erin, we have less than three hours before Hellerís executed in front of the country. Maybe we shouldnít concentrate everything on Bauer, pursue other leads.
Driscoll: Except for Hellerís son we have no other leads. I want all tactical teams working on finding Bauer and the hostile.
Curtis: You got it.
Jack: Keep moving back towards the corner. Move! Everybody, get down on the ground. Lady, get down on the floor!
Guy: Take it easy.
Jack: Shut up! You wanna get through this, Lady? You listen to me, you understand? Get down on the floor now. I want your wallets and your cell phones. Make it quick. Whereís your cell phone?
Kalil: I donít have one.
Jack: Whereís your cell phone? Whatís this? Are you some kind of cop?
Kalil: No.
Jack: What do you need this for?
Kalil: Protection.
Jack: I get my money, no one gets hurt, do I make myself clear? You in the cap, whatís your name?
Guy: Doug.
Jack: Doug, give me your keys. Which one of these opens the front door? Which one?
Doug: The brash one.
Jack: Hi, Iím sorry. Weíve got an electrical problem with the store. Weíre closed right now.
Woman: I just need a pack of cigarettes.
Jack: Iím sorry. Youíre gonna have to go to the gas station across the street. Thank you.
[Jack calls Chloe.]
Chloe: OíBrien.
Jack: The satellite up yet?
Chloe: No, I have to reposition without Driscoll noticing. Where are you?
Jack: Iím on Mercury mart. I had to stage a robbery to keep the hostile in place.
Chloe: What?
Jack: It was the only way I could stop him from getting back on the road. How much longer?
Chloe: Itís gonna take ten minutes.
Jack: Son of a bitch. Chloe, please hurry.
Chloe: Iíll get back to you.
Curtis: Chloe. Driscoll summons a briefing.
Chloe: Iíll be there in a couple of minutes.
Curtis: Chloe, now.
Marianne: Where are you going?
Curtis: To a briefing.
Marianne: Should I be in there?
Curtis: No.
Marianne: Hi. Iím Marianne. Iím helping out today.
Chloe: OK.
Marianne: And you are?
Curtis: This is Chloe OíBrien, our senior sys-tech. She doesnít have the time to chat either, Marianne.
Marianne: Itís nice to meet you, Chloe.
Driscoll: As some of you know, about an hour ago a hostile abducted a witness in this case, Andrew Paige.
Sarah: Do we have any idea where this hostile is now?
Driscoll: No, but we have general direction of travel. County Emergency Services just called this in. His best route of escape is the freeway. Heíll likely dump his vehicle and try to hijack another one. This is Andrew Paige. He was apparently tortured and about to be killed, when it seems Jack Bauer intervened. Assuming this took place in the last half hour, and that the hostile was continuing east, heís somewhere in the north-eastern corridor of Ventura County.
Curtis: Weíll coordinate with Caltrans, CHP and Ventura Sheriff to set up the watch points. I want every available resource on this. Edgar, take the lead in satellite positioning.
Driscoll: Sarah, youíll coordinate with NSA. Thatís all. Thank you. Chloe. Iím sorry about Andrew. I know he was a friend of yours. They said thereís a good chance heíll come through.
Chloe: Thanks.
Driscoll: And Chloe? Thereís nothing you could have done.
[Driscoll goes over to Sarah.]
Driscoll: I want you to put a pipe onto Chloeís system.
Sarah: What for?
Driscoll: She knew about Andrew Paige.
Sarah: How do you know that?
Driscoll: Her reactions. Which means sheís been in touch with Jack Bauer.
Sarah: Well, Iíll need her access code.
Jack: Doug, get over here now! Open the safe. Thatís it?
Doug: Yeah. Why donít you take it and leave? I wonít say anything to the police.
Jack: When does the armor truck make its pickup?
Doug: At 12:30. What, you wanna rob the armor truck too?
Jack: Shut up. Get back in the corner. Move!
Kalil [whispers]: Heís gonna keep us here another two hours. We have to do something to stop him.
[Omar tries to reach Kalil on his cell phone.]
Omar: Dammit. Something is wrong. Kalil is not answering his phone.
Henchman: Maybe heís out of range.
Omar: No, not for this long. Check with our people in the area. Find out if anything has happened to him. Kalil may not be here in time. Weíll have to start booting up the routers without him. Take care of it.
Heller: Let my daughter go. You donít need her.
Omar: She has already been useful.
Heller: Please. Iíll do whatever you want.
Omar: I know you will. Thatís why we are keeping her.
Heller: I donít care if you kill me, but if you kill her even your own people will see you as a barbaric pig. This is what your religion teaches you?
Audrey: Dad, dad, calm down. Are you all right?
Heller: Iím fine.
Audrey: Whereís your medication? Your nitroglycerin, where is it?
Heller: I left it in the car.
Audrey: My father has a heart condition. He needs his medication.
Driscoll: Any indication Chloeís been in contact with Bauer?
Sarah: No.
Driscoll: Keep watching.
[Chloe calls Edgar.]
Edgar: This is Edgar Stiles.
Chloe: Edgar, itís Chloe.
Edgar: Why are you calling me?
Chloe: I need to talk to you in private. Meet me in archives.
Edgar: When?
Chloe: Now.
Edgar: Why do we meet like this? Iím busy.
Chloe: Edgar, I need you to help me.
Edgar: Help you with what?
Chloe: Sarah piped into my system.
Edgar: Why would she do that?
Chloe: Driscoll must have asked her to, otherwise she wouldnít have had access.
Edgar: Well, if Driscollís spying on you, Iím sure she got a good reason. Iím not getting involved.
Chloe: Iíve been in contact with Jack Bauer.
Edgar: What?
Chloe: Thatís right. Now youíre involved, so youíre either gonna help me, or youíre gonna turn me in.
Edgar: Iím turning you in.
Chloe: Jack can find Heller if heís allowed to follow the hostile, but Driscoll wonít let him.
Edgar: Thatís her call.
Chloe: She is wrong.
Edgar: Thatís your opinion. This decision is not ours to make.
Chloe: How about if you do it as a favor to me? How many times have I helped you since you started here? A lot. What about the first two weeks where I had to do all the work for you because you were too nervous? You owe me.
Edgar: Youíre asking me to do something that can get me fired.
Chloe: Not if I say I ordered you to do it. Remember, I outrank you. Iíll take the hit.
Edgar: What do I have to do?
Chloe: I need to reposition a satellite for Jack, and I need to do it now. Since Sarahís piped into my system, we have to use yours.
Edgar: OK.
Chloe: Send it to archives 3, and transfer my calls there.
Heller: I wanna know whoís in charge here. I wanna speak to the man who was just in here.
Guard: Youíll speak to him later.
Heller: No, now! I am the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America. You will listen to me.
Audrey: Dad, donít make it worse.
Heller: What do you mean, worse? What can be worse than waiting around here to be murdered by a bunch of lawless, godless thugs?
Audrey: Dad, calm down.
Heller: I donít wanna calm down. Donít tell me to calm down.
Audrey: Whatís the point? Weíre here, OK? The best thing we can do is keep our heads and hope that someone comes and rescue--
Heller: Hope? Hope that we get rescued? We have to do something! We have to take ah--
Audrey: What is it? Dad, what is it? Whatís happening? Dad, look, just try to breathe. Take deep breaths. Help meí please. I think heís having a heart attack. Dad, look, youíve gotta lie down. Lie down. Dad, are you listening to me? Itís OK, heís coming.
Guard: Step back.
Audrey: Hurry.
Guard: Step away from him.
Audrey: We need to lie him down. Hurry. Heís gottaÖ
Guard: Step away.
[Heller jumps the guard from behind.]
Heller: Come on, get out of here!
[Audrey is surprised, but manages to grab a hammer and slam the guard in the stomach. She grabs his gun. They run out of the cell, and Heller shoots two more guards.]
Heller: Are you still with me?
Audrey: Yeah.
[Heller and Audrey are captured by Omar.]
Heller: Go back, go back.
Omar: Put your weapon down, slowly. Both of you, hands on your head. If another one of my men dies, your daughter will be killed.
Jack: When the armor truck pulls up, how many man come inside?
Doug: Two. One stays by the door, and one picks up the money.
Jack: They park in the front or the back?
Doug: In the front, by the street.
Jack: Come on, letís go. Everybody up! Weíre moving to the back of the store. Now!
Doug: Itís right over there.
Guy: How long will you keep us here?
Jack: Shut up! Letís go!
[Kalil tries to spray Jack with a can of bug spray he picked up from one of the sheves, but Jack takes him down.]
Jack: You try that again, and I will kill you, you understand me? Get up. Now! Move to the back of the store.
[A police cruiser pulls into the parking lot.]
Jack: Dammit. Everybody in the freezer, now! [To Doug]Not you. Move! Anybody makes a sound, I kill all of you.
Officer Bill: Doug, youíre in there?
Jack: Make him go away.
Doug: Sorry, I didnít hear you. I was I the back room.
Officer Bill: How come youíre closed?
Doug: Iím taking inventory.
Officer Bill: In the middle of the day?
Doug: Yeah.
Officer Bill: OK then. Are you sure everythingís all right?
Doug: Yeah, fine.
Officer Bill: You donít look fine, Doug.
Doug: Iím just a little tired. Thanks, Bill.
Officer Bill: Do you mind if I use the head?
Doug: Itís broken.
Officer Bill: Somethingís wrong here. Now, are you gona tell me what it is or do you want me to come and see for myself?
[Jack comes out with his gun drawn. The officer reaches for his gun.]
Jack: Donít even think about it. Step inside, now. Move! Go at the counter. Doug, lock the door. Give me the keys. Go over there. Give me his gun and his radio. Move, come on. Take out his cuffs. Officer, put your hands behind your back. Cuff him. Go back to the freezer. Letís go.
News reporter on TV: At this time, we have no more information regarding the kidnapping of Secretary of Defense James Heller and his daughter Audrey other than the image you are now seeing.
Dina: My husband and I realized weíve been unfair to you. Weíve treated you a badly as we have been treated ourselves by certain ignorant people.
Debbie: Well, it was pretty obvious you didnít approve of us going out. [Whispers to Behrooz as Dina gets up and shuts the TV off.] Is that OK to say?
Behrooz: Yeah, thatís OK.
Dina: Well, we hope youíll accept our apology.
Debbie: That means a lot to me.
Dina: Thatís said, thereís something else I want to discuss with you.
Debbie: Whatís that?
Dina: This morning you followed Behrooz to his fatherís warehouse.
Debbie: OhÖ Umm, I thought Behrooz was seeing someone else. I got jealous.
Dina: Oh, I understand, but Mr. Araz moved his inventory there because heís been robbed a few times, and weíve been trying to keep that place secret so it doesnít happen again.
Debbie: I promise I wonít tell anyone where it is.
Dina: Good. And you havenít told anyone yet?
Debbie: No. I havenít talked to anyone but Behrooz today.
Dina: Well, then thatís settled.
Debbie: Thank you for inviting me here, Mrs, Araz.
Dina: Itís my pleasure. Has Behrooz ever shown you pictures from when he was a child?
Debbie: No.
Dina: Show her, Behrooz. Have a look at these. [Dina hands Debbie a photo album.] Iíll be right back.
Debbie: Oh, my God. Thatís not you.
Behrooz: It is.
Debbie: You were so cute.
[Dina goes to the kitchen to call Navi, whoís at a restaurant.]
Navi: Thank you, Hanna.
Hanna: Youíre welcome. Have you been following this, [referring to the news] Mr. Araz?
Navi: Yes. Itís horrible.
Hanna: Itís so difficult for the rest of us when people from home do these unspeakable things.
Navi: I agree.
[Naviís cell phone rings. He answers it.]
Navi: Yes?
Dina: The girl didnít tell anyone.
Navi: Are you sure?
Dina: Yes.
Navi: Good. When will you be taking care of that?
Dina: Soon.
Navi: Have Behrooz do it. He created this problem. He should be responsible for solving it himself.
Dina: I agree. Iíll call you when itís done.
Navi: Thank you.
Dispatch: 2-Charles-9, this is station 4. Thereís a 2-11 at 2221 Mill Road. Two males seen leaving bank with shotguns. Respond code 3. 2-Charles-9, do you copy?
Jack: Stand back from the door. Stand back. [To officer Bill] You. Are you Unit 9?
Dispatch: 2-Charles-9, do you copy? 2-Charles-9, respond.
Officer Bill: Yeah.
Jack: You tell them youíre on your way. One wrong word, and I will kill you. Now!
Officer Bill: 2-Charles-9Ö
Doug: Help! Weíre being robbed!
Dispatch: 2-Charles-9, we have help on the way.
Jack: Get up, now!
Kalil: You have time to let us go before the cops get here.
Jack: Shut up. [To officer Bill] These people are your responsibility. You better start talking to them.
Driscoll: Sarah, has Chloe had any contact with Bauer yet?
Sarah: No.
Driscoll: What about the work sheís doing? Could it be on his behalf?
Sarah: No, Iíve been watching her system.
Driscoll: Chloe is not stupid. Assume sheís taking measures to protect herself. Maybe sheís co-apt with help from someone else inside.
Sarah: Iím not quite sure how much of my time you want me to devote to this, Ms. Driscoll.
Driscoll: I expect you to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, Sarah. Chloeís loyal to Bauer. Thereís a good chance sheís helping him. Find out how.
Sarah: What are you doing? It looks like the satellite screen.
Edgar: It was. I mean, it is.
Sarah: Satellite for what?
Edgar: Iím trying to find Bauer, remember?
Sarah: Divisionís already doing that.
Edgar: Iím just going over what theyíre doing. Sometimes they miss data.
Sarah: Do they know that youíre doing that?
Edgar: Yeah, they know what Iím doing. Here, call them if you donít believe me.
Sarah: Relax, Edgar. I donít have to call anybody. Do what you have to do.
Edgar: I will.
Sarah: Do me a favor. Thereís a chance that Jack might try to contact Chloe. If you see or hear anything, call me, OK?
Edgar: Why would Jack try to contact Chloe?
Sarah: He just might. Let me know.
Edgar: Sure.
[Chloe calls Edgar.]
Edgar: Edgar Stiles.
Chloe: Edgar, what did she want?
Edgar: She wants to nail you to the wall and take a piece out of me too. Remember our deal: If you get caught, you donít take me with you. And if I get caught, you say you ordered me to do this.
Chloe: You donít have to repeat the deal. Iím the one who came up with it. Did you reposition the satellite yet?
Edgar: Iím working on it. Leave me alone.
Driscoll: No, let them stay in the field. Weíll use our op unit for that.
[Phone rings.]
Driscoll: Hang on, Ed. Yes, what is it?
Woman: Ms. Driscoll, your daughterís on line 2.
Driscoll: Iím busy. Tell her Iíll call her back.
Woman: She says itís important.
Driscoll: Fine. Ed, Iím gonna have to get back to you.
Ed: All right.
Driscoll: OK. Bye. Maya?
Maya: I need you to come home.
Driscoll: Whatís wrong?
Maya: Iím having a bad day.
Driscoll: Sweetheart, have you been taking your medication?
Maya: No.
Driscoll: If you donít take it, youíre going to feel bad. Now, you know that.
Maya: It numbs me. I donít like it.
Driscoll: Do you like feeling like this better?
Maya: Come home.
Driscoll: I canít, Maya.
Maya: Why not?
Driscoll: Listen to me. I want you to take the pills, and Iíll call you back as soon as I can.
Maya: You promise?
Driscoll: Of course I promise. What are you gonna do?
Maya: Iíll take my pills.
Driscoll: Good.
Maya: Do you love me?
Driscoll: You know I do.
Maya: Then why donít you say it?
Driscoll: I love you, Maya, OK? I do.
Maya: OK.
Driscoll: All right. Bye.
Dina: Behrooz, can I see you for a moment?
Behrooz: Yes. Iíll be right back.
Dina: I talked to your father. We both agree you have to be the one who will take care of this.
[Dina opens a drawer to reveal a gun.]
Behrooz: But she didnít tell anyone.
Dina: And unfortunate thatís the case, but he still saw the warehouse, and she will tell the authorities about it if sheís ever brought in for questioning.
[Dina hands him the gun.]
Behrooz: This I riskier than letting her live. If she disappears, her mother will call the police.
Dina: By the time this day is over, the police will be too busy to look for a runaway girl. Now, take it. Donít make me bring your father into this. Just take her to the basement and do it. Donít think about it. Get it over with.
Debbie: Behrooz.
Behrooz: Hey.
Debbie: Everything OK?
Behrooz: Yeah.
Debbie: I wanna make a copy of this one. Can I take it home and scan it?
Behrooz: Sure. We need to get out of here.
Debbie: What?
Behrooz: Youíre in danger.
Debbie: Are you kidding? From whom?
Behrooz: Donít ask questions, just come with me.
Debbie: What?
Behrooz: Trust me.
Debbie: BehroozÖ
Behrooz: Trust me, Debbie. Weíre OK, come on.
Debbie: I canít.
Behrooz: Why not? Whatís wrong?
Debbie: I donít know.
Behrooz: Whatís wrong? Answer me, Debbie, whatís wrong?
[Debbie collapses, gasping for air.]
Behrooz: Come on, Debbie. Whatís wrong? Get up, Debbie, we need to go. Come on.
Debbie: Please help me.
Behrooz: Come on, Debbie. Whatís wrong? Debbie, come on. Come on. Debbie, whatís wrong?
[Behrooz looks to his mother with tears in his eyes.]
Behrooz: What did you do to her?
Dina: I didnít expect you to be able to do it.
Behrooz: DebbieÖ DebbieÖ Come on, DebbieÖ Debbie!
Dina: Give me the gun. Give me the gun. Hey! I am so disappointed than you.
[Police cars arrive at the convenience store.]
[The phone at the store rings.]
Jack: Yeah?
Sergeant McGrath: This is Sergeant Dennis McGrath. You know youíre surrounded.
Jack: You should know that Iíve got hostages, and I will kill them if you try to use tear gas and send your men in.
Sergeant McGrath: Letís not kill any of them, OK? Who do you have in there?
Jack: The owner, two men and a woman.
Sergeant McGrath: What about Officer Dawson?
Jack: Yeah, I got him too.
Sergeant McGrath: You only need one hostage to protect yourself. Keep Officer Dawson and let the others go.
Jack: I need to think about that.
[Chloe calls Jack.]
Jack: Yeah?
Chloe: Iíve got satellite coverage.
Jack: OK, good. The suspect will be free in about five minutes. Heíll be traveling on foot, on route 11.
Chloe: Iíll find him.
Jack: One of you is coming with me. [Points to Kalil] You. Come here. Put your hands up against the rack. Now! Everybody else to the back of the cooler. Move! [to Kalil] Open the door. Lock the door with the chain. Now, I will let you go as soon as we are clear, but if you try to be a hero again, I will kill you, do you understand me?
Kalil: I understand.
Jack: Good. Letís go. Which car is yours?
Kalil: The blue Lexus.
Jack: Unlock the door. Move. Tell those officers to put their weapons down and take five steps back!
Officer: OK, calm down. Weíre gonna try to help you through this.
Jack: Tell them to do it now!
Officer: OK. Drop your weapons and move back.
Jack: Step back!
Officer: Do what he says. Step back. Step back.
Jack: Move to the car. Open the door. Open the driverís door. If you try to follow me, I will hoot him. On my count, get in. One, two, three. Move. Go, go!
Officer: Call in a roadblock. Suspect driving east on route 11. One hostage.
Jack: Move the rearview mirror to the right, so I can see out the back. There.
Kalil: When do you let me go?
Jack: When I feel like it.
Kalil: Who are you?
Jack: What do you mean?
Kalil: You donít seem like the kind of guy that needs to rob a Mercury mart.
Jack: That Mercury mart was a money drop. There was supposed to be 18 grand in that safe.
Kalil: How do you know that?
Jack: Weíre done sharing. Iím not gonna forget your face and Iíve got your driverís license. You talk to the police, itís not gonna be hard to find you, do you understand me?
Kalil: I wonít tell them a thing.
Jack: OK. Pull over. Now! Get out of the car. Move! Start running. Now!
[Jack calls Chloe.]
Chloe: OíBrien.
Jack: You got him?
Chloe: Yeah.
Jack: Good work. Now download his position to my PDA, and stay reachable.
Chloe: I will.
Sarah: That right. Can you repeat that? Hold on a second. Ms. Driscoll?
Driscoll: Yes, Sarah, what is it?
Sarah: You have a phone call from a man who says heís your neighbor. A George Kliakove? He says itís about your daughter.
Driscoll: What line?
Sarah: 6.
Driscoll: George, itís Erin.
George: Erin, thereís been another incident with Maya.
Driscoll: Whatís happened?
George: She came into the backyard where Evan was playing, and she started screaming at him again.
Driscoll: Is Evan OK?
George: Yes. Fortunately, I was home. This is the end, Erin. Iíve gotta protect my boy.
Driscoll: Did you call the police, George?
George: Yes, I did. Theyíre on their way.
Driscoll: Whereís Maya now?
George: She went back to your house.
Driscoll: Iím very sorry, George. This will not happen again
George: It canít, Erin.
Sarah: Ms. Driscoll, is everything all right?
Driscoll: No, itís not.
Sarah: Is there anything I can do to help?
Driscoll: Yes. I need you to call LAPD and find out who they dispatched to pick up my daughter. She has a medical condition. She suffers from schizophrenia. There was an incident with one of my neighbors.
Sarah: What would you like me to do once I find out who they dispatched?
Driscoll: Tell the officers to cancel the call. Iíll take care of it personally.
Sarah: Yeah, I donít think thatís possible. Once a callís in progress, donít they have to follow through?
Driscoll: CTU has preemptive privilege over local.
Sarah: Yes, but thatís only in a national security situation.
Driscoll: Sarah, Iím asking you to do something. Should I ask someone else?
Sarah: No. Iíll do it.
Driscoll: Send a unit over to my house. One medic, one field agent. Bring Maya back to our clinic.
Sarah: Yes, Maíam.
Driscoll: Thank you.
Curtis: Yeah, I got it. Thanks. I found Jack Bauer.
Driscoll: Where is he?
Curtis: In Sols. Heís still tracking the hostile, only now heís using satellite.
Driscoll: How do you know that?
Curtis: DOD just called to complain that someone over here was stealing bandwidth. I took a look at the imagery and found him.
Driscoll: All right. Bring them both in. Who logged onto that satellite?
Curtis: Chloe.
Driscoll: Chloe, why are you logged onto an active DOD satellite? All right, youíre done here.
Chloe: Whatever. I was gonna quit anyway.
Driscoll: Youíre not being fired; youíre being arrested. Call security. Edgar. Lock up her systems, and take control over all her file.
Edgar: Yes, Maíam.
Driscoll: I want you to call Jack Bauer, now.
[Chloe calls Jack.]
Jack: Yeah?
Chloe: Driscoll wants to talk to you.
Jack: What are you talking about?
Driscoll: Hello, Jack.
Jack: Erin. Look, Iíve got some information for you. The hostileís name is Kalil Hassan.
Driscoll: Stand down, Jack. Itís over.
Jack: Erin, right now Hassan is free. Heís looking for a car and a phone. Once he has those things heís gonna lead us straight to Secretary Heller, I promise.
Driscoll: You canít know that for sure.
Jack: What have you got to lose? Youíve got him on satellite. Just bombard the area with the receptor beckon.
Driscoll: Send a team to pick up the hostile.
Jack: Dammit, Erin, if you do that, everything Iíve done over the last two hours will mean nothing!
Driscoll: Iím glad you finally figured that out.
Jack: Erin!
Driscoll: Take Ms. OíBrien into holding.
Agent: Maíam.
Driscoll: Edgar, you have it up on satellite?
Edgar: Yeah. The hostileís flagging down a car.
Driver: You need some help?
Kalil: Yeah, I just uhÖ
[Kalil beats up the man, takes his wallet and cell phone and gets in the truck.]
Driscoll: Give me the feed down here. Sarah, whatís the load on the cell tower on that area?
Sarah: About 40 to 50 calls.
Driscoll: Have personnel on every call. Record every call. Letís see if he contacts someone.
[Kalil call Omar.]
Omar: Yes?
Kalil: Omar, itís me.
Omar: Where have you been? Weíve been worried.
Kalil: Everythingís fine. Iíll explain later.
Omar: Where are you?
Kalil: Iíll be there within the hour. Is the broadcast on schedule?
Omar: Yes. Weíre about to prepare Heller. Hurry.
Marianne: Edgar.
Edgar: Not now.
Marianne: Yes. Now. How do you feel about whatís happening to Chloe?
Edgar: What do you mean?
Marianne: Sheís not just gonna lose her job, she may go to prison.
Edgar: What do you care about others?
Marianne: Iíve heard the conversation you had earlier. I know you were working with her behind Driscollís back.
Edgar: What do you want?
Marianne: I wanna make sure I have your attention whenever I need it.
Sarah: Thank, Robin. Ms. Driscoll, we got the call.
Driscoll: Put it on speaker. Cue it from the top of the call.
Kalil: Omar, itís me.
Omar: Where have you been? Weíve been worried.
Kalil: Everythingís fine. Iíll explain later.
Omar: Where are you?
Kalil: Iíll be there within the hour. Is the broadcast on schedule?
Omar: Yes. Weíre about to prepare Heller. Hurry.
Curtis: Looks like Jack was right.
Driscoll: Tell the team to stand down. Weíll keep tracking Hassan by satellite.
[As Jack drives away, he is stopped by a blockade of police cars.]
Jack: Son of a bitch. Dammit.
Officers: Get out of the car! Get out of the car and put your hands in the air! Step out of the vehicle now! Get out of the car now! Put your hand up and step out of the vehicle!
[Jack exits with his hands raised.]
Officers: Step away from the car! Take two steps forward! On your knees! Put your palms down! Put your chest right on the ground! Keep your hands down! All the way down!
[Jack lays face down on the ground as the cops approach to apprehend him.]