Episode 4X05: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.
Original Air Date: 01/17/2005
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Season 4, Episode 5 Transcript:

Previously on 24:

Heller: I am the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America. You will listen to me.
Omar: Put down your weapon. If another one of my men dies, your daughter will be killed.
Behrooz: We need to get out of here.
Debbie: What?
Behrooz: Youíre in danger.
Debbie: From whom?
Behrooz: Donít ask questions, just come with me.
Debbie: Please help me.
Behrooz: Debbie. Whatís wrong? Debbie. Debbie, whatís wrong? Debbie. What did you do to her?
Chloe: OíBrian.
Jack: The satellite up yet?
Chloe: No, I have to reposition without Driscoll noticing. Where are you?
Jack: Iím on Mercury mart. I had to stage a robbery to keep the hostile in place. Tell those officers to put their guns down and stand back!
Chloe: Edgar, I need you to help me.
Edgar: Help you with what?
Chloe: Iíve been in contact with Jack Bauer.
Edgar: What?
Chloe: Thatís right. Now youíre involved, so youíre either gonna help me, or youíre gonna turn me in.
Edgar: Youíre asking me to do something that can get me fired.
Marianne: I know you were working with her behind Driscollís back.
Edgar: What do you want?
Marianne: I wanna make sure I have your attention whenever I need it.
Driscoll: Chloe, why are you logged onto an active DOD satellite? All right, youíre done here.
Chloe: I was gonna quit anyway.
Driscoll: I want you to call Jack Bauer, now.
Chloe: Driscoll wants to talk to you.
Driscoll: Stand down, Jack. Itís over.
Jack: Erin, right now Hassan is free. Heís looking for a car and a phone. Once he has those things heís gonna lead us straight to Secretary Heller, I promise.
[As Jack drives away, he is stopped by a blockade of police cars.]
Jack: Son of a bitch.
Officers: Get out of the car! Get your hands up and step out of the vehicle! Step forward! On your knees!
The following takes place between 11:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M.
Driscoll: Do we still have a sat visual on Kalil Hassan?
Edgar: West of the 14 on Route 11. Average speed: 62 miles per hour.
Driscoll: All right. I want traffic workups, block road schedules. We canít let anything to delay or prevent him from reaching his destination. We need the tactical teams to launch now. Give them Jackís location.
Curtis: Iím coordinating with Division. You want me to bring him back?
Driscoll: Yes. Weíll run point.
Curtis: All right.
Marianne: Curtis, I can pull up those tactical teams for you if you want.
Curtis: No, you canít. That requires a level 3 channel. You donít have that kinda clearance.
Sarah: Ms. Driscoll, I have a Sergeant Paulson from the Sheriffís Department on line 1. He says itís important.
Driscoll: Sergeant Paulson, this is Erin Driscoll at CTU.
Sergeant Paulson: Yeah, I have a man named Jack Bauer in custody. He claims he works with you. Is that true?
Driscoll: Yes, it is.
Sergeant Paulson: He just robbed a convenience store near Route 11. He claims it was part of some undercover operation to delay a suspect until satellite coverage could be established.
Driscoll: Thatís also true, Sergeant.
Sergeant Paulson: Well, it might be nice if you communicate with us a little better.
Driscoll: Well, there were some national security issues involved, and Iím so sorry for any inconvenience. May I please speak to Mr. Bauer?
Sergeant Paulson: All right. Uncuff him.
Jack: Thank you. Tell me that you didnít arrest Hassan.
Driscoll: No. Heís stolen a vehicle and weíre still tracking him by satellite. He intercepted a phone call that indicated heís headed for the site where Secretary Hellerís being held.
Jack: Youíre gonna need someone coordinating things on the ground. That should be me. Erin, listen to me. We can get Heller and Audrey out of there but we need to work together, and we need to start that now. We have to find Heller before this trial starts.
Curtis: Thatís the right move, Erin. Heís our only option.
Driscoll: All right, youíre in, but you coordinate through me. And Jack, make this work.
Jack: I will. Please advise Sergeant Paulson of the new chain of command.
Driscoll: Fine.
Sergeant Paulson: Yeah?
Driscoll: In my capacity as Director of CTU, Iím vesting Jack Bauer with the authority to command and control this part of the ground operation. Consider him in charge.
Sergeant Paulson: Yes, Maíam.
Driscoll: Thank you.
Sergeant Paulson: Sounds like youíre the new boss. Tell me what you need.
Jack: The vehicle the hostile is driving was stolen. I need you to make sure thereís no APB on it. If there is one, I need you to get CHP to cancel it.
Sergeant Paulson: Get on it.
Officer: Yes, sir.
Jack: I also left my CTU vehicle over at the convenience mart.
Sergeant Paulson: Iíll have it brought right over.
Jack: Thank you.
Officer: Cancel APBÖ
Edgar: Hassanís making another phone call.
Driscoll: Bring it up. Patch it through to Jack.
[Jackís phone rings. He answers it.]
Jack: Bauer.
Edgar: Jack, itís Edgar Stiles. Hassanís making another phone call. Iím patching it to you.
Jack: OK.
Omar: Yes?
Kalil: Itís Kalil. Iím on my way.
Omar: How much longer?
Kalil: About a half an hour.
Omar: The broadcast must begin on time. Any problems?
Kalil: Nothing I couldnít handle. How are you coming with the servers?
Omar: Douman and Faress are managing, but Iím sure they could use your help.
Kalil: Iíll be there soon.
Omar: All right.
Kalil: Did Heller sign the confession?
Omar: Yes. He didnít want to, but we used his daughter.
Kalil: Did you kill her?
Omar: Not yet.
Jack: Sergeant Paulson, whatís the ETA on my vehicle?
Sergeant Paulson: Any second, Agent Bauer.
Kalil: Iíll see you soon.
Curtis: Play it back.
[Jackís vehicle arrives.]
Jack: Tell your men to stay on channel 3.
Sergeant Paulson: Got it.
[Audrey and Heller are chained back to back.]
Audrey: Dad. You did what anyone else would have done in your position.
Heller: I embarrass my country.
Audrey: You signed a piece of paper. All lies. Everyone will know that you that signed it under duress.
Heller: Itís more than a piece of paper. This trial is gonna be a spectacle broadcast all over the world designed to humiliate and degrade this country.
Audrey: Dad, thereís still time.
Heller: Thereís no sense in deluding ourselves. Thereís less than an hour. Weíre gonna do anything we have to do, and now.
Audrey: We have done everything that we can.
Heller: Not quite.
Audrey: What do you mean?
Heller: What if Iím not alive? They canít put me on trial. If Iím dead, their goals go right out the window, and theyíll be viewed as nothing more that communist asses.
Audrey: DadÖ
Heller: Listen to me. Even if I say what they want me to say, are they gonna let me go? Theyíre gonna put me in front of a camera, humiliate me, and then theyíre gonna kill me with the whole world watching.
Audrey: There are people on the outside looking for us. You cannot give up.
Heller: I have to do something while I still can. And I need you to help me.
Audrey: Help you?
Heller: The chain between your handcuffs. See if you can get it up and around my neck.
Audrey: No. No. No.
Heller: I canít do it myself. I donít have any leverage, but you can pull from back there.
Audrey: No, dad.
Heller: Iím counting on you, pull it out! Give it a try!
Audrey: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! I wonít do that. Thereís a gas pipe. If we could break itÖ
Heller: No. Break that, you die too.
Audrey: Do you think that they are gonna let me out of here alive? Do you? Theyíre gonna kill me too. DadÖ together we can do this. We can do it, OK? Please.
Heller: Letís try it.
Audrey: There. Thatís good. Youíre ready?
Heller: Yeah.
[They manage to knock the faucet off so that gas leaks into their cell.]
Audrey: I love you.
Heller: I love you too, honey.
Curtis: I want a full analysis on both these forces.
Sarah: OK. Iíll have it done in ten minutes.
Curtis: OK, good.
Marianne: Edgar.
Edgar: What, Marianne?
Marianne: Whatís a level 3 channel?
Edgar: Itís a logon that gets into older systems: Tactical, District and Division.
Marianne: I want it.
Edgar: What do you mean?
Marianne: I want clearance for a level 3 channel.
Edgar: I canít give it to you, only Driscoll can authorize that.
Marianne: I donít care who authorizes it. I want it.
Edgar: Look, just because you overheard that conversation between Chloe and me, doesnít mean Iím your bitch.
[Marianne calls Driscoll.]
Edgar: Iím done being scared of you.
Marianne: Ms. Driscoll, itís Marianne.
Driscoll: Yes, Marianne, what is it?
Marianne: I have some further information for you regarding Chloe circumventing her authority.
Driscoll: Iím listening.
Marianne: I donít think she was acting alone.
Driscoll: Who was she working with?
[Edgar nodes his head ďnoĒ so Marianne doesnít tell Driscoll anything.]
Marianne: Iím not sure, but I found an electronic eco on her call log, and every time she spoke to Jack there was someone else on the line too.
Driscoll: Thatís an automated behavior on our system. It doesnít mean anyone else was on the line. Is that the extent of your suspicions?
Marianne: Yes. Iím sorry to have bothered you.
Edgar: Youíre sick.
Marianne: Youíre gonna go to Driscoll, and youíre gonna tell her that youíre overloaded and you need some help. And then youíre gonna ask her to issue me a level 3 channel clearance.
Jack: Unit 3, this is Bauer, do you copy?
Officer: Copy.
Jack: Back off another 200 yards. We canít afford to be spotted here.
Guy: Roger that.
[Jackís phone rings.]
Driscoll: Jack, youíre there?
Jack: Yeah.
Driscoll: The Marines have assembled and are leaving base.
Jack: OK. Have Chloe collate the satellite images. Make sure they stay in sync.
Driscoll: Chloe is in a holding room, Jack. Sheís being suspended.
Jack: We could use her help here.
Driscoll: Things are under control. Iíll have Curtis collate the images.
Jack: Erin, Chloe was just doing what I asked her to.
Driscoll: The point is she was supposed to be working for me.
Jack: I understand that, but--
Driscoll: Jack. Itís one thing for you to disobey me in the field, but for someone who works for me here at CTU to betray meÖ I canít reactivate her. Itís a nostrum. Anything else?
Jack: No, nothing else.
Driscoll: We have a situation here.
Chloe: I realize that. I can do the math as well as anyone.
Driscoll: The math?
Chloe: Protocols were violated. Someone has to take the bullet. Jackís indispensable right now and Iím not.
Driscoll: It took a lot of guts for you to do what you did.
Chloe: I trusted Jack.
Driscoll: A lot of people around here trust Jack. It doesnít mean theyíre gonna risk their careers for him. I have a suggestion. Iím gonna leave this room, call at Min. Theyíll fax over some resignation papers and youíll sign them.
Chloe: And then what?
Driscoll: And then nothing.
Chloe: I walk out?
Driscoll: You walk out.
Chloe: No jail, no sanctions?
Driscoll: Thatís right. Though if you need a letter of recommendation for your next job, you probably should get it from Jack, not me.
Chloe: Right.
Driscoll: It sounds like a plan?
Chloe: Yes.
Dina: For Godís sake, pull yourself together.
Behrooz: She didnít know anything. You didnít have to kill her.
Dina: Yes, I did, because you didnít have the courage to kill her yourself.
Behrooz: Courage? To poison a girl who did no harm to you at all?
Dina: Your fatherís home.
[Dina takes the gun.]
Behrooz: What are you doing? Sheís already dead.
Dina: If your father doesnít see a bullet wound, heíll ask questions. Do you want him to know that you tried to help your girlfriend escape? Do you want him to know that you failed him again? Move away.
[Dina shoots Debbieís dead body.]
Dina: Take it. [Refers to the gun.] Take it. Behrooz, take it! Take it!
[Dina hands Behrooz the gun.]
Dina: This has to stop, Behrooz. You are my son and I love you, but I cannot let you destroy everything, everything weíve worked so hard to achieve.
[Navi enters the house. He sees Debbieís body on the floor.]
Navi: I know this was difficult for you, but it was necessary.
Dina: Youíll dispose of the body tonight after dark. Meanwhile, move her car. Park it somewhere where it wonít be seen, then come straight back here. Navi.
[Debbieís cell phone rings with a loud song. Behrooz sees that Debbieís mother is calling but does not answer.]
Marianne: What?
Edgar: You got your level 3 channel clearance?
Marianne: Yes, I did.
Edgar: So weíre done, right? I mean, I donít think I should have to keep doing things for you. Whatís this about anyway? Why do you need a level 3 clearance?
Marianne: Look, you may be happy tapping on the keyboard for the rest of your life, but Iím not. If I get an opportunity to get ahead, I intend to use it.
Chloe: Thatís mine. Iíll be right back. Iím more insulted that you thought I wouldnít notice and by the fact that you were spying on me.
Sarah: Driscoll ordered me to do it.
Chloe: Next time, do it right, using Newman filter so the subject doesnít see red lights flashing everywhere. Amateur. Bye, Edgar.
Edgar: Could you cover for me for just a second? Chloe! Can you guys give me a moment please? Iím really sorry this happened.
Chloe: Donít worry, Edgar. I didnít use names. Driscoll doesnít know you were helping me.
Edgar: She doesnít?
Chloe: Iím the one who got you into this. Iím not gonna sell you out.
Edgar: Thank you.
Chloe: Youíre a geek, Edgar. But youíre a good guy. Stay that way.
Edgar: I donít really have a choice.
Chloe: I guess not. Good luck today. Youíre gonna need it.
Driscoll: Sarah, assuming he continues driving west, what are our potential target areas?
Sarah: Well, within the time frame he mentioned, Hassan will reach one of four residential communities and two industrial areas.
Driscoll: Data mime those areas. See if you can find any suspicious activity in the last six months. Citizen complains, known associates, everything.
Sarah: You got it.
Edgar: Jack, the hostile stopped in an intersection.
Jack: OK, I got him.
[Kalil gets stopped by three men who make racial comments to him in reference to the capture of Heller.]
Guy #1: Yo, Muhammad. Thatís your name, right? You did what they call all your people?
Kalil: Iím just trying to get home.
Guy #2: It would be nice if all of you went home.
Jack: Erin, three men have approached Hassanís vehicle.
Driscoll: Edgar, can you enhance this?
Edgar: Hang on.
Kalil: I donít want any trouble.
Guy #1: Too late, Muhammad.
[A police car pulls up.]
Guy #3: Say nothing, you got it?
Officer: You three, stay right there.
Jack: Dammit, the police gotta stay clear of this. I ordered the cancellation on the APB of the truck. Make sure that that happened.
Driscoll: It did. It may not have gotten out yet to all the local CHP branches.
Jack: If they detain Hassan, this thing is over. Heíll never lead u back to Heller. Put me through to CHP.
Driscoll: Sarah.
Dispatch: Highway patrol.
Sarah: This is CTU. I have a priority call for local dispatch.
Officer: Wanna move this vehicle please?
Guy: Yes, sir.
Officer: Step out of the truck please, sir. Whatís going on here?
Guy #1: Just working some things up between him and I, thatís all.
Officer: Is that right?
Guy #1: Yes, sir.
Officer: You three, stand by your car and wait.
Jack: Come on. Weíre gonna lose him. Get me CHP now!
Officer: You wanna tell me whatís going on here?
Kalil: Thereís really no problem, officer. Theyíre just upset about what happened this morning.
Officer: Iím sorry about that, sir.
Kalil: May I go now?
Officer: Just bare with me one minute. Why donít you go ahead and call this in?
Officer #2: Copy that.
Sarah: Jack, I have local CHP dispatch.
Jack: Patch them through.
Officer: CHP, this is Officer Calvin.
Jack: Officer, I canceled an APB on a yellow pickup truck, license plate number 4-Los Angeles-Independent-945 (4LAI945). Did you get that?
Officer: Yeah, I see that the system didnít get word of the cancellation here, though.
Jack: One of your officers is questioning the driver of that vehicle. It is impaired of that that driver wonít be detained any longer.
Officer: Weíll get you on your way as soon as possible. This is just routine. Donít let those guys get to you, theyíre just punks.
Kalil: Yeah, I understand.
Officer: I think everybodyís been a bit jumpy today with everything thatís going on. Thanks for your patience. Weíll be another minute.
Dispatch: 62-14, come in.
Officer #2: LA-62-14 copy.
Dispatch: 62-14, thatís a 10-22 on the 2-15.
Officer #2: Roger that.
Dispatch: 10-4.
Officer #2: Weíre all clear.
Officer: Have a nice day, sir.
Kalil: Thank you, sir.
[Kalil notices he is freed immediately.]
Jack: Heís moving.
Edgar: Heís making another call.
Driscoll: Pipe it through to Jack.
Edgar: Jack, Kalilís making another call.
[Omarís phone rings.]
Omar: This is set up? Then letís do a test. [Answers the phone.] Yes?
Kalil: We may have a problem.
Omar: Iím listening.
Kalil: The police just ran the plates of the vehicle Iím driving.
Omar: And?
Kalil: They let me go.
Driscoll: Jack, are you getting this?
Jack: Yeah.
Omar: So, what is the problem?
Kalil: This is a stolen car.
Omar: Maybe the owner hasnít reported it yet.
Kalil: Or maybe Iím getting help from people who wanna make sure I get where Iím going.
Omar: Do not jump to conclusions.
Kalil: A police officer was approaching me, his hand on his gun, then he got a call, suddenly thereís no problem. We canít take any chances.
Jack: Iím moving in. Heís not gonna lead us to the site. The best we can do right now is try and take him alive and break him. All units, move in. I repeat, move in. OK, Iíve got a visual. Set up a roadblock at mile marker 15.
Kalil: It has been an honor working with you, Omar.
Omar: The honor has been mine, Kalil.
Jack: Come on.
Kalil [in Arabic]: Allah who acbar.
Omar [in Arabic]: Allah acbar.
[Jack speeds to catch up with Kalil, but Kalil purposefully drives head-on into an oncoming truck.]
Jack: No!
Edgar: Oh, God, he just drove head-on into another vehicle.
Curtis: He was our only lead.
[The car explodes into a ball of flames.]
Curtis: Edgar, were you able to trace the call?
[Edgar nodes for ďnoĒ.]
Curtis: OK. Weíre gonna switch gears since weíve lost our only lead. Kalil Hassan committed suicide en route to Hellerís location.
Sarah: Have we uncovered anything on him that might help identify where Heller is?
Curtis: Thatís too soon to tell. Theyíre still putting out the fire from the crash.
Driscoll: How much time do we have before this trial begins to broadcast?
Sarah: Sometime in the next 10, 15 minutes.
[The Phone at Sarahís workstation rings.]
Sarah: Sarah Gavin.
Jack: Itís me.
Sarah: Itís Jack.
Driscoll: Put him on speaker.
Sarah: Go ahead, Jack, youíre on speaker.
Jack: Iím sifting through the records now, but thereís not much intact. Hassan said he was 30 minutes from his destination 20 minutes before he stopped. Do we have a maximum perimeter?
Driscoll: Edgar?
Edgar: Weíre looking at a radius of 60 miles.
Curtis: Weíre dispatching choppers and fixing crafts to survey the area.
Jack: No, thatís gonna take too long. Use the satellite. Get back to thermal scan.
Edgar: That wonít work.
Driscoll: Why?
Edgar: That area has a high concentration of electric power transmitters. The satellite wonít be able to distinguish between them and the servers.
Jack: Those transmitters have been in place for years. If we take a scan, we can lay it against the previous grid pattern. That way we can identify any new thermal activity.
Curtis: We can start the scan immediately.
Driscoll: Do it. Jack, weíre using the satellite to check the thermals. Keep the line open.
Jack: Hurry.
Agent: Ms. Driscoll, the clinic wanted me to tell you that your daughter has arrived.
Driscoll: Thank you.
Curtis: All right. Everyone reset your systems. Letís get back on track.
Driscoll: I have to take care of something for a few minutes. Check in with Division. Theyíre expecting an update.
Curtis: Yeah. Everything all right?
Driscoll: Yeah, just a little problem with my daughter Maya. I had to bring her down to the clinic.
Curtis: Is she OK?
Driscoll: Sheís fine. Call Division.
[Driscoll heads towards the clinic.]
Curtis: What are you working on?
Marianne: Personnel allocation tables and tactical generals for the assault teams.
Curtis: I notice every time I look over youíre talking to Edgar. Whatís that all about?
Marianne: Just trying to learn the ropes, Curtis.
Curtis: Today is not the day to make career moves on people, Marianne. The only thing you should be thinking about is how to help us stop Heller from being publicly executed.
Marianne: Come on, Curtis, give me some credit.
Curtis: Save it. I know how you think. Just leave everybody alone and help us get through today.
Driscoll: Mark, thank you so much for helping me out. They said Mayaís arrived.
Mark: Sheís in the exam area. Weíre about to do a workup.
Driscoll: Sheís been on Thorazine. She stopped taking it.
Mark: How long ago?
Driscoll: Based on what happened this morning, at least a few days.
Mark: What happened?
Driscoll: She was fixating one of my neighborís kids.
Mark: What did she do?
Driscoll: She walks into their yard, gets verbally abusive.
Mark: Weíll take good care of her.
Driscoll: Thank you.
Mark: Sure.
Driscoll: Maya.
Maya: Mom, Iím so happy to see you. I was going crazy at home.
Driscoll: What happened with Evan? Why did you go over there?
Maya: I know you said not to, but he was throwing things against the fence.
Driscoll: Maya, he plays with the ball. Heís 7 years old, sweetheart.
Maya: I donít care how old he is. He should know better. Are you gonna talk to his dad about this?
Driscoll: Come here. Look at me. Youíre not thinking clearly, honey. You gotta put it out of your mind. Dr. Kale is gonna help, and youíre gonna feel better very soon.
Maya: Why donít we go home right now?
Driscoll: We canít, honey.
Maya: Why not?
Driscoll: Thereís a little trouble here in LA, and I have to take care of it.
Maya: Are you gonna be OK?
Driscoll: Yes, Iím gonna be OK, and youíre gonna be OK.
Maya: I love you so much.
Driscoll: I love you too, honey.
Maya: I love you.
Driscoll: Itís gonna be OK. Itís OK. Itís OK.
Navi: Yes?
Omar: Kalil is dead.
Navi: Dead? How?
Omar: He was being followed here. He martyred himself.
Navi: What about the servers? Have they been re-conformed for the broadcast?
Omar: Douman is doing his best. I think weíll be all right.
Navi: If you need help, I can come.
Omar: No, no, no, no. It is too risky.
Navi: If the servers donít work correctly, weíre in trouble. This trial is only the beginning.
Omar: I know that a well as you, my friend. But thereís no need to worry. Everything will go as planned. Youíve checked out the briefcase?
Gelfand: Itís fine.
Omar: I was afraid it might be damaged in the train crash.
Gelfand: The case is very strong. Thereís no problem.
Omar: Good. Then you can get started. Gas. I smell gas. Heller.
[Omar finds Heller and Audrey passed out in the cell.]
Omar: Take them out now! Come on! Hurry! Letís go. Take them out! Come on! Put them down. Put them down now. Hurry! Open the door! Now! Come on! Do whatever it takes to revive him. Keep trying.
[The guards revive Audrey and Heller.]
Audrey: I know you.
Gelfand: She recognized me. She has to be killed.
Omar: She will. In good time. Go do your job. Go.
Driscoll: Jack, itís Erin.
Jack: Yeah?
Driscoll: They got the results for the thermal scan. One site matches the criteria.
Jack: Where?
Driscoll: An old industrial park around 3 miles from you.
Jack: Give me the exact address.
Edgar: Philfaservator, south of Rock.
Jack: OK, Iíll set up the staging area. Where is the Marine strike force?
Driscoll: 20 minutes away. This trial starts any minute, Jack.
Jack: I know. Iíll get back to you as soon as Iím on site. Meanwhile, have someone download the schematics of the building. Send them over to my screen.
Driscoll: Edgarís on it.
Keeler: Take the rest of these up later.
Woman: Yes, Mr. President.
Keeler: What is it, Robert?
Robert: CTU thinks itís identified the location where the terrorists are holding Secretary Heller and his daughter.
Keeler: Where?
Robert: A compound in the Santa Clarita valley. But there is a problem. The teams dispatched to the site may not get there in time to prevent the broadcast, and even if they do, there is a good chance the Secretary will be killed in any rescue attempt.
Keeler: Well, we have no choice but to hope and pray that youíre wrong.
Robert: We do have a choice. The Secretaryís death would be tragic, but his execution on American soil broadcast to the world would be far worse. It would be a complete and utter humiliation for the country, perhaps the worst in our history.
Keeler: Iím well aware of that, Robert. But unless you have some solution, Iím missing the point of this conversation.
Robert: The solution is we make a preemptive strike. Assuming we locate the site in time, we destroy it.
Keeler: We kill our own Secretary of Defense.
Robert: To prevent our enemies from making a public spectacle of his death. Heís going to be killed anyway.
Keeler: Jim Heller is a good friend. A loyal public servant. You expect me to kill him to save face?
Robert: Not yours, sir, the countryís. If we look impotent in this situation, weíll only encourage more attacks. And if I may say so, sir, having known Jim Heller many years myself, if he were here heíd be the first to endorse this plan.
Keeler: The public will never accept it.
Robert: All the public will know is the Secretary died during a course of a rescue attempt, which is certainly more palatable than letting him be executed with the whole world watching.
[Navi and Behrooz start wrapping up Debbieís body. Navi hears a car door closes outside and looks out the window.]
Navi: Itís a woman. I donít know her.
Behrooz: Oh, my God.
Navi: Who is she?
Behrooz: Itís Debbieís mom.
Navi: Go back. Stay there until she leaves.
Behrooz: What are you gonna do?
Navi: Go.
[The doorbell rings. Navi signals Dina to open the door.]
Navi: Itís the girlís mother.
Dina: What?
[Dina opens the door.]
Karen: Mrs. Araz?
Dina: Yes?
Karen: Iím Karen Pendleton, Debbieís mother.
Dina: Good to meet you. Call me Dina.
Karen: Itís good to meet you. My husband and I are very fond of Behrooz. Heís one of the few boys who seem to know the meaning of ďpleaseĒ and ďthank youĒ. Iím looking for Debbie.
Dina: This is my husband, Navi. This is Debbieís mother.
Navi: Oh, sheís a very lovely girl.
Karen: Thank you. We just got a call from our dermatologistís office. She missed her appointment this morning. Is she here?
Dina: We havenít seen her since yesterday.
Karen: She left a message saying she was on her way to see Behrooz.
Dina: There must be a misunderstanding.
Navi: Perhaps she stopped off--
Karen: No, she wouldnít have stopped off anywhere. She knew she had this appointment. Itíll take weeks to reschedule andÖ is Behrooz here?
Dina: Heís studying.
Karen: Well, maybe he knows where she is?
Dina: I doubt it. He hasnít left his room all morning. School is very important to him.
[Debbieís cell phone rings.]
Karen: Thatís her phone. I know the ring.
Navi: Many, many phones sound alike, Mrs. Pendleton.
Karen: No, she downloaded that ring specially. Itís one of her favorite songs. No, thatís definitely her phone.
Behrooz: Mrs. Pendleton, it was my phone. Debbie and I downloaded the same ring when we started going out.
Karen: Oh. Do you know where she is?
Behrooz: She said she had a doctorís appointment to go to this morning, and weíre supposed to go to the movies later.
Karen: Iím sorry about this. Iím just worried. Well, if you do see her, if she calls, will you have her call me?
Dina: Yes, of course.
Navi: Of course.
[Karen leaves.]
Navi: I told you not to interfere.
Behrooz: It was her phone. I shut it off.
Dina: He took care of it, Navi. She went away because she believed him.
Navi: Letís hope so. Get in the car. Follow her. Make sure she doesnít go to the police.
Dina: All right.
Jack: Iím less than two minutes out. Have you worked up the rescue approach?
Curtis: Weíre running up scenarios now, based on the schematics.
Jack: What are the probabilities of finding the Secretary and his daughter in the compound?
Curtis: Our analysts looked at everything. The dataís fuzzy but our best guess is that theyíre in the west end of the building.
Jack: Together or separate?
Curtis: We donít know that, Jack.
Jack: OK, weíre gonna have to activate a team split; one for the Secretary, one for his daughter.
Curtis: We discussed that, Jack. But it was rejected.
Jack: What are you talking about?
Curtis: It comes directly from the President. Once we go in strong, thereíll be very little time to secure the hostages. Our only priority is to get Heller.
Jack: Curtis, that doesnít make sense.
Curtis: I donít like it any more than you do, Jack, but those are the orders. Jack, theyíre about to begin the broadcast.
Jack: Iím almost there.
Omar: We are about to embark on a process of justice that will forever change the world. Our people will finally be liberated from the tangle of corruption that has been chocking them for centuries. No longer will justice be the propagandas tool of the power elite. It will once again become the instrument of the people, delivered to true believers, whose courage to use the sward has made this day not only possible, but inevitable.
Robert: Mr. President, we have taken the liberty of having a laser-guided missile programmed and prepped. All that remains for you is to give the order.
Keeler: How long between my order and impact?
Robert: The fighters are in the air; need to get in range, no more than 10 minutes.
Keeler: Do it. Let Driscoll know.
Guy: Itís already been authorized, Maíam.
Driscoll: Yes, I understand.
Jack: Yeah?
Edgar: Jack, I have Ms. Driscoll for you.
Driscoll: Whatís your position?
Jack: Erin, Iím on site.
Driscoll: Jack, stand down.
Jack: What are you talking about?
Driscoll: The Marines wonít get there on time. The President wants to take out the building with a missile strike.
Jack: With the Secretary and his daughter inside?
Driscoll: Yes.
Jack: Let me speak to the President.
Driscoll: Jack, Iíve been trying to get through to him myself. Iím sorry. Youíre gonna have to clear the area. Jack, donít go in the alone. Jack, talk to me. The air strikeís already been ordered. Get out of there.
[Jack ignores Driscoll and makes his way to the warehouse.]