Episode 4X08: 2:00 P.M. Ė 3:00 P.M.
Original Air Date: 02/07/2005
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Season 4, Episode 8 Transcript:

Previously on 24:

Dina: You killed Tariq?
Behrooz: You canít let father know. He wants me dead because I messed up with Debbie.
Dina: You ordered Tariq to kill him. To kill our own son.
Navi: Nothing will stand in the way of what needs to be done. Not him, not you.
Dina: Your fatherís following us.
Behrooz: What?
Dina: It was the only way I could save you.
[Shots fire and Dina is hit in the arm.]
Behrooz: Mom!
Edgar: I think I got it. This is really it. I can turn off the override and stop the remaining plants from melting down. I did the best I could, sir. I hope it works.
Heller: So do I.
Driscoll: Edgar, whatís going on? Why are some of the reactors still not shutting down?
Edgar: Six of the reactors are immune to the kill sequence.
Heller: Contact Bauer. Either he finds the people responsible for planning the override, or weíre looking at a nuclear holocaust.
Marianne: Bauer and Audrey Raines left here about five minutes ago.
Powell: Whereíd they go?
Marianne: ďFelsted SecurityĒ.
Powell: Youíre going to need to set things up on your end. When Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines are killed, CTU is going to know that someone inside leaked their location. Divert suspicion.
Marianne: Fine.
Jack: The override device maintains heat levels within the reactors. They can melt down every one of those power plants. The man you saw when you were being held captive Ė right now heís our only lead.
Audrey: Stop there. I think thatís him.
Jack: Theyíre trying to seal us off.
Audrey: Shouldnít we call CTU?
Jack: No. CTUís gotta be compromised, thatís the only way theyíd know we were here.
Audrey: Then who are you calling?
Jack: The only person I can trust right now. Iím empty. Tony!
The following takes place between 2:00 P.M. and 3:00 P.M.
Driscoll: Is there any chance this is a mistake? That the remaining six nuclear reactors are just taking longer to shut down?
Curtis: No. Edgar rechecked it. Those plants are firming the grip of the override which had been sealed off. We canít get in.
Heller: Did you send the list of the six affected cities to the President?
Curtis: Yes, sir.
Heller: What about evacuation procedures?
Curtis: Weíve already alerted the National Guard. Weíre just waiting to see how the President wants us to proceed.
Edgar: Ms. Driscoll, the Presidentís ready.
Driscoll: OK, put him on. Mr. President.
Keeler: I understand weíve been able to shut down 98 nuclear power plants.
Heller: Yes, sir. But as of now, it appears that our shutdown order will not be affective with the six remaining reactors.
Keeler: ďNot going to be affectiveĒ? What exactly does that mean?
Heller: Iím afraid it means that we could have six nuclear disasters on our hands.
Keeler: What are the casualty projections if all six plants melt down?
Curtis: 50 thousand deaths in the first 24 hours. The longer indictments in the long - millions, and thatís not taking into account the resulting cancers and birth defects.
Keeler: Why were we able to shut down the other power plants but not these six?
Driscoll: Because they are still being controlled by the terrorists, sir.
Keeler: You mean, because of the override device they stole today.
Driscoll: Exactly. We have to find the override device itself. Itís a prototype. The terrorists have the only one in the world.
Keeler: All right. Letís find it. Iím going to order the evacuation of those six cities. Jim, keep me posted.
Heller: Yes, Mr. President.
[Hellerís cell phone rings.]
Driscoll: All right. Letís get back to work.
[Heller takes the call.]
Heller: Yeah?
Jack: Mr. Secretary, itís Jack. Donít let anyone know youíre talking to me. We got a problem.
Heller: I understand, Marcy. Let me see what I can do. I have to take this call.
Driscoll: Yes, sir.
[Heller leaves the conference room.]
Heller: Whatís going on?
Jack: First off, sir, I want you to know that Audrey and I are safe, but there was an attempt made on our life at ďFelsted SecurityĒ.
Heller: What?
Jack: A group of assassins well-armed, well-trained took out our entire security detail. Youíre gonna need to send a forensic unit over there to identify the bodies, but I donít want anyone at CTU to know.
Heller: Why not?
Jack: Because I think someone over at CTU has complicit the attack.
Heller: How do you know that?
Jack: Sir, CTU is the only agency that knew where we were. No one else had that information.
Heller: Is one of Erinís people working with the terrorists?
Jack: Yes, I think so. I just donít know who. But itís clear that they didnít want Audrey to make the ID of the man she saw when you guys were both being held.
Heller: Iím sending a Secret Service detail to pick you two up.
Jack: Sir, please donít do that. Thatís not the right thing to do here.
Heller: Why not?
Jack: I donít want anyone to know where we are. That way I know we will be safe.
Heller: How do you want me to handle this?
Jack: Remember the sequence we developed for the Melbourne situation?
Heller: Yes.
Jack: Try that. I think itíll work.
Heller: OK.
Jack: sir, Iíve gotta go. Iíll get back to you as soon as I know weíre safe.
Heller: Jack, take care of Audrey.
Jack: Yes, sir, I will.
[Audrey is visibly upset about the second attempt on her life.]
Jack: Are you OK?
Audrey: Iím almost getting used to this.
Jack: Yeah. Tony, is it possible that we could have been followed?
Tony: No, weíre clear.
Audrey: Where are we going?
Jack: We need to lay low for a while.
Tony: What kind of communication do you need?
Jack: A wi-fi and a hard line.
Tony: All right. Weíll go back to my place.
Jack: OK. Thank you, Tony.
Tony: Wait until you see it before you thank me.
Jack: No, I mean, for picking us up, for saving our lives. Iím sure youíre wondering whatís going on.
Tony: Not really, no.
Jack: Something wrong?
Tony: What could be wrong? Iím not in the Federal prison any more, thanks to you and President Palmer. Michelle left me, IÖ you know what? Never mind. Why donít you tell me what this is all about?
Jack: You heard about Audrey and her father this morning?
Tony: Yeah.
Jack: We were at ďFelsted SecurityĒ so Audrey can make an ID of a man she saw during the kidnapping.
Tony: I donít get it. Why?
Jack: The Secretaryís kidnapping was just a cover. The terroristsí main objective is to gain control of American power plants from coast to coast. The man that Audrey saw Ė thatís our only lead.
Tony: I thought you werenít in the field any more, Jack.
Jack: Iím not. The Secretary is my responsibility. I got caught up in it.
Tony: Yeah, well, listen to me very carefully: I donít wanna get caught up in it. So you do whatever you need to do at my place. Iím staying out of it, all right?
Jack: Understood.
[President Keeler addresses the nation.]
Keeler: Today continues to be a challenge to the strength of the American spirit. We have a condition in six cities across the United States, in which nuclear power facilities may become unstable. While we work to regain control over these facilities, Iím also asking our National Guard to assist local authorities to affect an immediate evacuation of those six cities. This evacuation is only being issued for all persons living or working within a specific radiusÖ
Curtis: The President didnít mention the fact that there isnít enough time left for complete evacuation. If those reactors melt down, thereíll be at least 50 thousand dead per city.
Driscoll: We still have time to try and find a way to prevent that.
Curtis: I can tell you now, Erin, the chances of doing that from here are very low. We have to find the people who have the override device.
[Navi is talking on the phone with one of his men.]
Navi: What about the hospitals north of there? All right. Keep checking.
Man: I called Dinaís sister. Thereís no answer.
Navi: All right. Iíll take care of it. You and Raphy, go check the station again.
Man: OK.
Marwan: The Americans have been able to shut down most of the reactors.
Navi: How many are under our control?
Marwan: Six. More than enough to break their will. But Iím gonna have to manage the override personally. Make sure those six melt down on schedule.
Navi: Is there anything I can do?
Marwan: Yes. Take care of your mess.
Navi: Donít worry, Marwan. I give you my word: my wife and son will be dead by the end of this day.
[Behrooz drives nervously.]
Behrooz: We have to get you to a hospital.
Dina: No. Your father knows Iíve been shot. Heíll be looking for us in all the hospitals.
Behrooz: Well, weíre going to have to take a chance. Mom, youíre hurt.
Dina: Iíll be OK.
Behrooz: You wonít. You need to get to a doctor. Iím not afraid of father.
Dina: You should be.
Behrooz: He tried to kill me, and then he did this to you. Heís not my father anymore. Mom, please.
Dina: All right. Drop me off at an emergency room, but then youíll have to drive away.
Behrooz: No. Whatever happens, weíre staying together.
Marianne: Jackie, Iím running a filter for Driscoll. Could you babysit it for a sec? Iíll be right back.
Jackie: Sure.
Marianne: Thanks.
[Marianne sneaks into the restroom and phones Powell.]
Powell: Yes, Marianne?
Marianne: I couldnít take your call. I was in a meeting.
Powell: Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines are still alive.
Marianne: My information was accurate.
Powell: Yes. Their location was correct, but they survived the attack. Theyíre headed back to CTU?
Marianne: I havenít heard anything.
Powell: Bauer didnít call in?
Marianne: Not that Iím aware of.
Powell: That doesnít make sense.
Marianne: Actually, it makes perfect sense. Bauer knows thereís been a security breach, and you can bet heís told someone here. I gotta get out.
Powell: No, you have to stay in till we take care of Bauer and the woman.
Marianne: What about me? I am not gonna spend the rest of my life in jail.
Powell: Youíll be taken care of. You know that. Donít go.
[Sarah enters the restroom.]
Sarah: There you are.
Marianne: What do you need?
Sarah: Divisionís waiting for those projections.
Marianne: Well, theyíre ready to be sent.
Sarah: Then send them.
[Hellerís assistant, Scott Borman, arrives at CTU.]
Heller: Yeah?
Curtis: Sir, your assistant, Scott Borman, just arrived. Shall I send him in?
Heller: Yes.
Scott: Mr. Secretary, itís good to see you safe and sound, sir.
Heller: Thanks, Scott. Sit down.
Scott: Is there a problem, sir?
Heller: Thereís a big problem. Someone inside CTU is leaking information to someone on the outside.
Scott: What do you need me to do?
Heller: I need you to go to Erin Driscoll. Tell her that Jack Bauer is no longer at ďFelsted SecurityĒ, and that heís watching surveillance videos at the old CTU substation in Torrance.
Scott: Anything about when Jack will call in?
Heller: When they identify the man that Audrey saw.
Scott: I take it Jack and Audrey are nowhere near the CTU substation.
Heller: Right. Weíre trying to flush out the mole.
Scott: Then youíll need me to put a DOD com sat up all around this place.
Heller: If anyone sends out a communication containing the information you planted, thatís the spy.
Scott: Yes, sir.
Heller: Letís go.
[Tony brings Jack and Audrey to his house.]
Tony: Watch your step. The dog next door likes our yard.
[They get inside the house.]
Tony: Here we are. Home sweet home.
Jack (to Audrey): Just stay here.
[Jack checks the house. Tonyís ďfriendĒ Jen gets out of a room and Jack pulls his gun out on her.]
Jen: Oh, God! Who the hell are you?
Tony: Hey, Jack, itís OK. This is my friend Jen.
Jen: Tell him to play with his guns outside.
Jack: Iím sorry. Excuse me. Iím sorry.
Tony: What are you doing here anyway? I thought that you were working.
Jen: Iím going in late.
Tony: This is Jack and his friend Audrey. This is Jen.
Jack: Hi.
Jen: I saw you on TV today. Youíre the daughter of the Secretary of Defense. You and your old man were kidnapped this morning.
Audrey: Yeah.
Jen: Whatís going on?
Tony: Iím helping them out with something.
Jen: Could you be a little more specific?
Jack: We need to use Tonyís computer.
Jen: What, they donít have computers where you work?
Tony: Listen, we have a situation here, all right? They need to lay low for a little bit. We canít let anybody know theyíre here, all right?
Jen: Whatever. Iím leaving anyway.
Jack: Tony.
Tony: Jen, you canít go anywhere.
Jen: Why not?
Tony: We canít leave until Jack and Audrey take off. We canít take a chance.
Jen: What kind of chance? I work at a bar.
Jack: Iím sorry, Jen. Weíre not gonna be long.
Jen: Look, stay as long as you want. I have a job. He doesnít.
Audrey: Jen, can I talk to you for a second? Please.
Tony: Iím sorry.
Jack: No, she seems real sweet.
Audrey: Look, we were fighting for our lives a few minutes ago, and if it hadnít been for Tony, we would have been dead. Now, Iíve been through a lot today, and Iím sure when this is all over, your boss will understand.
Jen: And if he doesnít?
Audrey: I can have him killed.
Jen: Knock yourself out.
Audrey: Thank you. How are you guys making out?
Jack: Good. I just have to convert this so I can read it. Hopefully, you can make an ID from the surveillance video.
Tony: I have some software for that. Iím gonna dig it out.
Jack: Thanks.
Audrey: You told me about Tony, but I didnít know that Michelle left him.
Jack: Yeah, a few months after he got out of prison.
Audrey: I thought he went to prison because of her. He saved her life and she paid him back by leaving him?
Jack: Thatís how Tony sees it too. It didnít happen exactly like that. When Tony got out of prison, he was angry. He couldnít get a job. Personally, I donít think he wanted one. He started drinking. He pushed her away.
Audrey: What is she doing now?
Jack: A Deputy Director over at Division.
Audrey: I hope he can help us.
Jack: If he can, he will.
Tony: All right, here we go.
Jack: You got it, Tony?
Tony: Yeah, right here.
[Tony hands Jack a CD.]
Jack: Thanks.
[Jack inserts the CD inside the drive.]
Jack: Weíre in.
Heller: Start the ball rolling with Driscoll?
Scott: Yeah. Iím headed into her briefing now.
Heller: Sheís not gonna be happy when she finds out weíre using her to flush out the mole.
Scott: Iím surprised you felt we need to keep her in the dark about this one.
Heller: As long as thereís a leak at CTU, we keep everyone in the dark.
Driscoll: Make sure that youíre on-line and that your databases are unlocked. As soon as Jack sends in the image, I need you to be able to move as quickly as possible to make this ID, OK?
Sarah: I donít understand why Jackís doing this at the old substation.
Driscoll: Apparently, he has technical reasons. I didnít speak with him directly.
Sarah: Who did?
Scott: I did. He also asked that his whereabouts be kept strictly internal until he contacts us.
Driscoll: All right. Letís go.
[After hearing this, Marianne goes back to her desk. She pulls out a digital voice recorder out of her purse.]
Marianne (into a digital voice recorder): Old CTU substation in Torrance.
[Marianne plugs the device into her system and types some commands on the keyboard.]
Audrey: I remember this lady. We saw him around here. There he is.
Jack: Are you sure thatís him?
Audrey: Yeah.
Jack: Iím gonna route this to the DC office.
[Jack picks up the phone to call his office at the Department of Defense in Washington.]
Jen: Oh, my God, I was there last FridayÖ
Jack: Tony, sheís on the phone. Get her for making calls.
[Tony goes inside Jenís room.]
Jen: What, I canít go to work, now I canít talk on the phone?
Tony: Just give me the phone.
Jen: Go to hell!
Tony: Give me the damn phone!
Jen: Fine!
[Tony comes out with the phone and hands it over to Jack.]
Tony: Go ahead.
Jack: Thanks.
[Jack calls his office at the Department of Defense in Washington.]
Marcy: This is Marcy.
Jack: Marcy, itís Jack. Iím sending you the image we need IDíd.
Marcy: Weíre ready to receive.
Jack: OK.
Heller: Youíre positive this came from her system?
Scott: Yeah. The voice has been digitalized and scrambled, but we were able to clean it up enough to make echo word ďCTU substationĒ.
Heller: Whereís security?
Scott: On their way.
Heller: Thanks, Scott.
[Heller comes up to Driscollís office.]
Driscoll: Yes, Mr. Secretary?
Heller: Erin, Iím sorry to report thereís been a breach in CTU.
Driscoll: What?
Heller: The information Scott gave you about Jack is false.
Driscoll: What do you mean, false?
Heller: Jack and Audrey were ambushed at ďFelsted SecurityĒ. They survived the attack. But itís clear that someone in this office gave them up.
Driscoll: With all due respect, sir, you knew about this and you didnít tell me?
Heller: Being left out of the loop is not something you should be concerned about.
Driscoll: I assume youíre telling me now because your sting operation yielded a result.
Heller: Yes, it did. Read that.
Driscoll: Where is she?
Heller: Sheís about to be taken into custody. Join me.
[Driscoll and Heller go downstairs to arrest the spy in front of everyone at CTU.]
Sarah: Ms. Driscoll, whatís going on?
Driscoll: Go with these men.
Sarah: What for?
Heller: Youíre under arrest, Gavin.
Driscoll: Youíve been passing classified information.
Sarah: What? What are you talking about?
Driscoll: Take her to holding.
Guard: This way.
Sarah: Holding? Ms. Driscoll. What are you doing? Ms. Driscoll, I havenít done anything. Ms. Driscoll, this is a mistake. What is happening? Can you tell me whatís going on? I didnít do anything. Please!
Driscoll: Get back to work.
[Borman orders Edgar and Marianne to send him all of Sarahís files.]
Scott: I donít care how you divide up her files. I just want everything off her system, and then sent to me. And enter new pass codes.
Edgar: We canít just do this under your authority.
Curtis: Edgar. Itís OK.
Edgar: But he works with DoD, not CTU.
Curtis: Yeah, well, heís the one who found the mole. And Heller wants to have him joined over. Finish up here and get back to station 2. The program resetter for the reactors has almost finished compiling.
Edgar: Can I see this?
Marianne: Sure.
Edgar: What makes you so sure Sarahís the mole?
Scott: She was sending out encoded information about Jack Bauer.
Edgar: I donít think she would compromise Bauer or the investigation.
Marianne: Thatís how she was able to fool everybody, Edgar. Sheís the last person youíd expect to do it.
Scott: All right. Just give me those files.
Edgar: Itís right here. 2:22 P.M. message sent. ďOld CTU substation in Torrance.Ē Did doesnít seem weird to you that she would leave it on her system like this?
Marianne: She didnít just leave it, it was encrypted.
Edgar: Yeah, with a Bainbridge algorithm. Come on, itís so old school itís like saying, ďplease decode me.Ē
Marianne: Letís face it, Sarah wasnít the sharpest.
[In the holding room, Driscoll tries to interrogate Sarah, but she insists that she was set up.]
Sarah: Please, Ms. Driscoll. I promise you thereís been some kind of mistake.
Driscoll: How could there be a mistake? Your system was isolated. The massage was sent from it, while you were there.
Sarah: Somebody set me up. Itís the only explanation I can think of.
Driscoll: Tell me how thatís possible.
Sarah: Someone backed into my system through a subnet, planted something.
Driscoll: Thatís the first thing we checked. None of them were compromised. Letís stop playing games. Thousands of peopleís lives are at stake. Where are the people who control the override?
Sarah: I donít know. Thatís what I was working on.
Driscoll: Who did you send the message about Jack to?
Sarah: I didnít. Ms. Driscoll, I would never betray our country or endanger peopleís lives. You know that.
Driscoll: Is it the same contact who coordinated the attempt on Jack and Audreyís life at ďFelsted SecurityĒ?
Sarah: I donít know. Itís wasnít me.
Driscoll: I learned my lesson today with Sherak, and I am no longer gonna air on the side of caution in these interrogations, do you get my meaning?
Sarah: I donít know what to say.
[Torture specialist Eric Richards comes in with his tools.]
Sarah: Eric, no. Please, donít do this. Eric. Ms. Driscoll.
[Eric tasers Sarah.]
Sarah: Please stop.
Driscoll: If you want it to stop, you tell me where the Dobson override is, and who has it.
Sarah: I swear I donít know anything.
[Driscoll signals Eric to taser Sarah again.]
Sarah: Wait. Thereís gotta be an explanation for this. You gotta give me some time to think.
[Eric tasers Sarah again.]
Driscoll: Talk to me, Sarah. Talk to me.
Sarah: Ms. Driscoll, Iím not a spy. Iím not. Please, believe me.
[Driscoll walks out of the interrogation room, leaving Sarah with Eric, who keeps torturing her.]
Sarah: Ms. Driscoll, please.
Driscoll: Iím concerned.
Heller: You think you can break her in time?
Driscoll: I can break her in time, if sheís guilty.
Heller: According to Scott, there is no way that this could be a mistake.
Driscoll: I agree, itís hard evidence. But Iíve known Sarah for eight months, and she doesnít fit the profile.
Heller: How do you wanna handle it?
Driscoll: Iíll watch for a few more minutes, then Iíll go back in.
Heller: Iíll brief Jack.
Sarah: Eric, please. Please. Eric. No!
Audrey: What are you doing?
Jack: Just checking the surveillance from later that night to see who he was talking to.
Audrey: Did you find anything?
Jack: No, not yet.
Tony: Anybody want a beer?
Audrey: I could use one.
[Jackís cell phone rings.]
Jack: This is Bauer.
Heller: We found our mole.
Jack: Who is it?
Heller: Sarah Gavin. Works in com.
Jack: Was she working alone?
Heller: As far as we know.
Jack: OK, Iíll call Marcy, tell her the CTU channels are open. Weíll tart sharing data.
Heller: Howís Audrey doing?
Jack: Sheís good. Sheís resting.
[Tony watches TV. He pours himself some beer.]
Jack: Sir, I think now would be a good time to send someone to have her picked up. Weíre at 21408 Kipling, north Hollywood.
Heller: Whatís there?
Jack: A friend.
Heller: Iíll send the Secret Service.
Jack: Thank you, sir.
[Jack hangs up.]
Jack: Your fatherís sending someone to pick you up, take you back to CTU.
Audrey: OK.
[Jack shuts the TV off.]
Tony: Donít you think youíve made me miss enough TV today, Jack?
Jack: Why did you never call me?
Tony: For what?
Jack: Iíve been there. I can help.
Tony: Iím considered a traitor to this country. My wife left me. So how are you gonna help me, huh, Jack?
Jack: Yeah.
Tony: Look, I owed you for getting me out of prison. But today I repaid that debt. To tell you the truth, all you do is remind me of a past Iím trying to forget. So why donít you do me a favor? Do what you need to do here, and letís leave it at that. All right?
Jack: Yeah.
[Jack turns the TV back on for Tony.]
[Dina is treated at a hospital.]
Doctor Martinez: So how did this happen?
Dina: I was working in the yard, and backed into a nail that sticks out of our gate.
Doctor Martinez: This looks like a gunshot wound.
Dina: Iím afraid it was nothing that exciting, doctor.
Behrooz: It was my fault. I was supposed to fix that gate last week.
Doctor Martinez: All right. Youíre gonna need a tetanus shot.
Dina: Thank you, doctor.
Doctor Martinez: Yeah. Iíll be right back.
[The doctor leaves the room.]
Dina: Go watch him.
[Behrooz sees the doctor say something to a nurse.]
Dina: Whatís going on?
Behrooz: He said something to the nurse.
Dina: Did he make a phone call?
Behrooz: Not that I could see.
Dina: Did she?
Behrooz: No.
Dina: Good.
Behrooz: Maybe it wouldnít be so bad if they call the police. At least the police can protect us from father.
Dina: It would be bad, to go to jail for the rest of our lives. Thatís what will happen.
Behrooz: So where are we going to go after we leave here?
Dina: We can get out of the city and stay somewhere for a couple of days. I can arrange for us to get out of the country.
[Behrooz hugs his mother.]
[Jackís cell phone rings.]
Jack: Yeah?
Marcy: Jack, itís Marcy. We got a match.
Jack: Who is it?
Marcy: His name is Henry Powell. I posted everything on the secure site.
Jack: Hold on a second.
[Jack enters the secure site using Tonyís computer.]
Jack: OK, I got it.
Marcy: Heís a computer consultant. He used to work for ďMcLennen ForsterĒ.
Jack: Wait a second, ďMcLennen ForsterĒ? Theyíre the Defense contractors that designed the override device controlling the power plants.
Marcy: Yeah, well, heís not there anymore, but he freelances for them, and heís definitely still in LA.
Jack: How do you know that?
Marcy: Because heís trying to leave the city. We just found out heís scheduled a chopper to meet him in Van Nuys in 15 minutes.
Jack: I thought all air traffic had been grounded.
Marcy: It is. He must have some well-connected friend. He got a special clearance.
Jack: Son of a bitch. Where in Van Nuys?
Marcy: A helipad at the match mart building.
Jack: OK, Iím gonna want you to ground his flight, but not until I get there. I donít want him to see me coming.
[Tony looks out the window and sees Secret Service arrive to pick Audrey up.]
Tony: Jack, theyíre here.
Marcy: Can you make it in time?
Jack: Iím gonna try.
[Jack hangs up.]
Jack (to Audrey): Get your things. We gotta go.
[Jack goes outside.]
Davis: Agent Davis, Secret Service.
Jack: Jack Bauer. Youíre gonna take the Secretaryís daughter straight back to CTU.
Davis: Those are our orders.
Jack: OK. You got a car for me?
Davis: Itís right over there.
[Davis hands Jack the keys to the car.]
Jack: Thank you. Audrey. Theyíre ready.
[Audrey comes out.]
Jack: This is Agent Davis. Heís gonna take care of you.
Audrey: OK.
[Audrey kisses Jack.]
Audrey: Be careful.
Jack: I will. You too.
[Audrey gets inside the car. Jack calls CTU.]
Agent: CTU, Peters.
Jack: This is Jack. Let me speak to Erin Driscoll.
Agent: Right away.
[Jack gets back inside Tonyís house.]
Driscoll: Jack, I just got the file on Henry Powell. Iím going through it now.
Jack: Heís trying to leave the city. Iíve gotta get over to Van Nuys.
Driscoll: you want air backup?
Jack: No, I wanna keep a low profile. I donít wanna spook him.
Driscoll: As soon as I can get you a ground package is 30 minutes.
Jack: Thatís gonna be too long.
Driscoll: When is this flight due to take off?
Jack: Less than 15 minutes.
Driscoll: What do you wanna do, Jack?
Jack: Heís most likely on his own. Iím gonna have to try and handle this myself.
Driscoll: All right. Iíll send a team anyway.
Jack: Iíll be in touch.
[Jack hangs up.]
Tony: What are you gonna try and handle by yourself?
Jack: Donít worry about it, itís covered.
Tony: Jack, itíd be pretty stupid of me to let you die right after I risked my life trying to save you. Could you use my help?
Jack: Yeah.
Tony: All right. Letís go.
[Jack and Tony leave. Jen sees this.]
[Edgar asks Curtis about Sarah.]
Edgar: Curtis.
Curtis: Yeah, Edgar?
Edgar: Has Sarah confessed to anything yet?
Curtis: No.
Edgar: What are they doing to her?
Curtis: Donít worry about it, just get back to work, all right?
[Edgar goes back to his desk, eyeing Marianne warily. Marianne goes over to Curtis.]
Marianne: Curtis, what did Edgar want?
Curtis: What do you care?
Marianne: You should let him know we need his full attention.
Curtis: Get back to your station.
[Marianne goes back to her station.]
[The doctor tends to Dinaís wound. He has a syringe ready to be injected.]
Dina: What is that?
Doctor Martinez: Just something to numb the arm so that I can close the wound.
Dina: OK.
[The doctor injects the contents of the syringe into Dinaís arm.]
Doctor Martinez: I really wish youíd let me admit you. This wound is serious. Thereís a chance of an infection in it.
[Behrooz notices a hospital security guard talking to a nurse.]
Dina: No, doctor, please. Do whatever you can and weíll leave.
[Behrooz goes over towards the door.]
Dina: Behrooz, where are you going?
Behrooz: Iíll be right back, mom.
[Behrooz looks outside and sees a police car.]
Behrooz: Mom, the police are here.
Dina: Did you call the police?
Doctor Martinez: This is a gunshot wound.
Dina: I told you it wasnít.
Doctor Martinez: Then why are you acting so strangely?
[Behrooz pushes the doctor aside, and helps his mother out of the ward. He grabs medical supplies on his way out.]
Behrooz: Letís go.
Doctor Martinez: You shouldnít leave! You need treatment. Susan! Susan! Yes, get security.
Behrooz: Wait.
[Behrooz covers up Dinaís wound with her jacket.]
Behrooz: Letís go. Come on. Come on.
[Behrooz and Dina quickly get in their car and speed away. The police are too late to stop them.]
[Edgar tells Marianne that he finally has bumped up her security clearance.]
Edgar: Marianne?
Marianne: What is it, Edgar?
Edgar: About an hour ago you asked me to bump up your security clearance. I was a little busy with the override, but I finally got it for you.
Marianne: Great. Thanks. What?
Edgar: Youíll need to pick a password. I set up the screen on server 5.
[Edgar gives Marianne a screen for her to enter her new password.]
Edgar: There you go. You need to use the same password as the one that unlocks your system files.
Marianne: OK.
[As Marianne types, the password appears on Edgarís system and he is able to access her files. Marianne becomes suspicious when Edgar keeps looking over at her. Edgar sees the message Marianne recorded about Jackís whereabouts. She confronts him.]
Marianne: Edgar. Why do you keep looking at me?
Edgar: I donít keep looking at you.
Marianne: Letís go outside. I wanna talk to you in private.
Edgar: I donít wanna talk to you in private. I have a lot of work to do.
Marianne: It is getting incredibly tedious, Edgar, to have to remind you repeatedly that I could step into Driscollís office any moment and have you fired.
[Curtis walks by. Edgar goes over to him.]
Edgar: Curtis. I need to talk to you.
Curtis: What is it?
Edgar: I need you to walk with me to Driscollís office.
Curtis: Walk with you?
Edgar: Please, Curtis.
Curtis: Letís go.
[Marianne watches nervously as Edgar accompanies Curtis to Driscollís office. Driscollís talking to Scott.]
Driscoll: If Sarahís guiltyÖ
Curtis: Iím sorry to interrupt.
Driscoll: What is it?
Edgar: You got the wrong person. Sarahís not guilty of anything.
Driscoll: How do you know?
Edgar: Because Iíve just sneaked into Marianneís system. She used Sarahís to communicate outside of CTU. Made it look like Sarah was the one.
Scott: Thatís not possible. Sarahís workstation was isolated from the subnet.
Edgar: She didnít use the subnet.
Scott: Howíd she get through?
Edgar: She used a plain ac power line.
Scott: What?
Edgar: Thatís the last place anybody would ever look. Plus, it has plenty of bandwidth to carry the signal.
Curtis: Where is she?
[Curtis goes outside of Driscollís office to look for Marianne.]
Curtis: Sheís gonna leave the building. Lock down the exit!
[Curtis chases after Marianne as she leaves the building. In the parking lot, he places her under arrest.]
Curtis: Youíre under arrest.
[Curtis throws Marianneís purse to another agent.]
Curtis: Examine her contents.
[Curtis throws Marianneís car keys to another agent.]
Curtis: Impound her car. Strip and search it. I got her.
[As the agent puts the key in the door, Marianneís car explodes in a fireball. Marianne is knocked unconscious on the ground.]
[Powell reaches his helicopter.]
Pilot: Mr. Powell?
Powell: Yeah. Letís go.
Pilot: Iím sorry, sir. We canít.
Powell: What?
Pilot: The flightís been grounded.
Powell: No, ďMcLennen ForsterĒ has special ordinates. The paper work was sent.
Pilot: I know, but the order was superseded.
Powell: By whom?
Pilot: The Department of Defense.
[Powell pulls out a gun and forces the pilot to take him up.]
Powell: Youíre going to fly me out of here.
Pilot: Please, sir.
Powell: Now! Get in.
[The pilot and Powell get inside the helicopter.]
Pilot: All right. Where are we going?
Powell: Just get us in the air and fly east.
[Jack and Tony arrive at the helipad as the rotors fire up.]
Jack: There it is.
[Jack and Tony surround the chopper with their guns raised.]
Tony: Do not take off! Do not take off!
Powell: Get us in the air!
Pilot: Hey. Hey.
Powell: Letís go! Letís go!
Pilot: Hey. Come on.
Tony: Shut it down!
Powell: I said now!
Tony: Put your hands up and donít shoot.
Powell: Come on. Move! Hurry up!
[Jack opens the helicopterís door, and comes up behind Powell.]
Jack: Drop the weapon now! Now!
[Powell drops his weapon.]
Tony: Step out. Shut down the engine. Get out. Now.
Jack: Get out of the helicopter. Move! Move!
[Jack throws Powell on the ground.]
Jack: Let me see your hands. Now! Get up! Move!
Powell: Where are you taking me? I havenít done anything.
Jack: Put your hands on the roof of the truck.
Powell: The people I know, theyíll pay you.
[Jack searches Powell for weapons.]
Jack: Shut up!
[Jack takes Powellís cell phone of out his pocket.]
Jack: I got his cell phone. Bring me the bag. Put your hands behind your back.
[Audrey gets to CTU. She hugs her father.]
[Sarah is taken out of the interrogation room.]
[Tony brings Jack Powellís bag. Jack searches it.]
Powell: Who are you guys? The police? FBI?
Tony: Actually, Iím currently unemployed.
Powell: Iíll make it worth your while.
Jack: Put him in the back.
Tony: Come on.
[Suddenly, a shot rings out and Powell is hit in the chest by a sniper hiding on a nearby rooftop. Tony checks Powellís pulse.]
Tony: Heís dead, Jack.
Jack: Dammit!