Episode 4X11: 5:00 P.M. Ė 6:00 P.M.
Original Air Date: 02/28/2005
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Season 4, Episode 11 Transcript:
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Previously on 24:

Navi: Youíre not my son.
Behrooz: Why? Because I donít wanna kill innocent people?
Navi: Because youíre weak, and you stand for nothing!
Marwan: Is there a problem, Navi?
Navi: Government agents have arrested Dina and surrounded the building that Iím in. How much more time do you need till you melt down the remaining nuclear power plants?
Marwan: One hour, maybe two.
Jack: I donít wanna have to kill you, but I will. I have the suspect in custody. I need assistance.
Jack: I need you to take Dina Araz and her son back to CTU and head up the interrogation.
Tony: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second, Jack. Theyíd never let me set my foot in CTU even if I wanted to.
Jack: If I press hard enough, I can get you reinstated but I need to know now: is that what you want?
Tony: Ms. Driscoll, Iím sure youíre aware of my history here.
Driscoll: Not an issue. Jack Bauer and Secretary Heller both vouched for you. Thatís enough for me.
Curtis: Did Powell work directly for the terrorists?
Marianne: I told you, I donít know.
Curtis: I need names. People who can get us to the override. This place may not be as empty as it seems.
Marianne: What, you think this is some kinda trap?
Curtis: Yes, I do.
Marianne: I didnít give them anything. IÖ
Forbes: What does CTU know about the override?
Jack: Audrey, itís me.
Audrey: Hey. Did you find anything at the address?
Jack: Yeah. The company that owns the building Ė itís called ďGalaxy Financial ServicesĒ. Have you ever heard of them?
Audrey: No. Should I have?
Jack: Your husbandís a chief financial officer.
Paul: What are you doing here? Whatís really going on? What are you, are you spying on me?
Audrey: Are you doing something worth spying on?
Paul: What is that supposed to mean?
Jack: Get your hands off of her!
Paul: You set me up!
Jack: Put your hands on your head now!
Paul: What do you want?
Jack: I want some answers.
The following takes place between 5:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M.
Jack: I think it would be better if you left the room while I question your husband. You can wait just outside with the backup team.
Audrey: What are you gonna do to him?
Jack: Whatever I have to.
Audrey: Iím staying.
Jack: Fine.
[Jack goes to wake the unconscious Paul up.]
Jack: Look at me, Paul. Look at me.
Paul: Iíve got nothing to say to you.
Jack: Hereís what you need to know, Paul: there are five nuclear power plants ready to melt down. All I care about right now is making sure that that doesnít happen. Your name is on a lease in a building in Chatsworth that was used by the terrorists to plan todayís attack. That makes you a prime suspect. Iím gonna treat you like one, do you understand that?
Paul: My name is on at least 50 different leases. I own ten different corporations. I donít know anything about some building in Chatsworth.
Jack: I donít believe you. The lease of that building was notarized. Thereís documentation of your ID. CTU verified your signature. Paul, you need to start talking to me now.
Paul: Iíve got nothing to say to you.
[Jack isnít sure of the truth, and he cuts the electrical cord from a lamp to shock Paul. Audrey is horrified.]
Audrey: Jack. I donít think that Paul would be a traitor to this country.
Jack: Right now Paul is a prime suspect, and heís not cooperating with me and I donít have time to do this any other way. I need to know for sure.
[Jack goes over to Paul.]
Jack: Paul. This is the last chance youíve got to talk to me before I have to hurt you. Tell me about 24878 Alvord Street in Chatsworth. Whyís your name on the lease?
Audrey: Jack, pleaseÖ
Jack: Audrey, donít interfere! If you need to step outside of this room, do it. Why is your name on the lease?
Paul: Youíre bluffing.
[Jack shock Paul with the electrical cord.]
Jack: I need that information, Paul. I need it now. Come on, Paul, just tell me whatís your connection to the terrorists.
Audrey: Jack, please donít.
[Jack shock Paul with the electrical cord again.]
Paul: I donítÖ I donít know the specific building youíre talking about. IÖ I can find out.
Jack: How?
Paul: The corporate records are still in my laptop. IfÖ If that address is under my name, thenÖ then itíll come up. Maybe thereís someone else involved I donít know about.
Jack: Whatís your user ID and login number?
Paul: ItÖ Itíll be much quicker if I just do it. Please.
Jack: You want me to believe that youíre not involved in this, Paul? You better show me who is.
[Jack frees Paul.]
[Marwan arrives at the Rockland Building where Powellís office is located.]
Ali: Iím sorry I had to call you here, Marwan, but I had no choice. CTU is trying to disable the override using a dreen-filled mode tool. Theyíve already shut down over 90 reactors.
Marwan: I always knew theyíd stop some of them. The important thing is that one of the reactors has melted down. As long as the override has control of the other five, I can do the rest from here.
Ali: Everything is ready for you upstairs.
Marwan: Will anyone in that office be suspicious?
Ali: I reported a system failure. If anyone asks, tell them youíre from IT, restoring my hard drive. My desk is in the last row, three from the end, C-8-6. The override is well-disguised inside the desk. Here is the key.
Marwan: Good.
Ali: How much time will you need?
Marwan: 45 minutes to melt down the remaining reactors.
Ali: I am here if you need anything.
Marwan: Whereís the CTU agent?
Ali: Forbes is questioning him now.
[In an abandoned floor of the building, Curtis is unconscious after being tortured.]
Forbes: Heís out. Heís not gonna tell us anything. What does Marwan want us to do with him?
Ali: Finish him off, then get rid of the body.
Forbes: Take care of it.
Henchman #1: He came with a woman and two other agents. Where are their bodies?
Henchman #2: Theyíre in the van.
[The men unchain Curtisís limp body and carry him. Curtis was only faking, and kills them with his bare hands. He takes their guns and walks out into the building. The doors are all locked by security codes.]
[Paul uncovers his computer files on ďGalaxy Financial ServicesĒ.]
Paul: Yeah, here it is. ďGalaxy Financial ServicesĒ.
Jack: What kind of a company is it?
Paul: Itís umÖ a failing service. It was about to dissolve, and then someone came in with an offer to buy 51 percent of the shares. Some 800,000 grand, something like that. Yeah, ďHarris Barnes, DirectorĒ.
Jack: Who is Harris Barnes?
Paul: I, uhÖ donít remember.
Jack: What do you mean, you donít remember?
Paul: Iím involved with over 30 companies. I donít deal directly with most of them.
Jack: Explain to me, Paul, how your name got on the lease.
Paul: I donít know.
Jack: You expect me to believe that you entered into a business deal worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with someone that youíve never met?
Paul: My attorney handles most of theÖ
Jack: Paul, I donít believe you!
Audrey: Jack, itís possible. Paul has put together a lot of deals through his attorneys.
[Jack calls CTU.]
Sarah: This is Sarah.
Jack: Hey, itís me. I need you to run a name for me.
Sarah: Go ahead.
Jack: Harris Barnes. Heís the Director of a Californian corporation ďGalaxy Financial ServicesĒ.
Sarah: What am I looking for?
Jack: Where he lives, his business, anything we could possibly connect with any terrorist activity.
Sarah: All right, give me a minute.
Jack: Iíll be here.
[Jack hangs up.]
Jack: Sheís calling me right back. Excuse me.
[Jack leaves the room.]
Paul: Your boyfriend is just a thug with a badge.
Audrey: Paul, why is your name on that lease?
Paul: Unbelievable. An hour ago I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself that you didnít want me back. And nowÖ you think Iím a terrorist. You think I had something to do with you and your fatherís kidnapping?
Audrey: I donít know what to believe anymore.
[Jack comes back inside the room. His cell phone rings.]
Jack: Yeah?
Sarah: OK, I ran down the name Harris Barnes and a lot of data came up, but it was inconsistent, so I went into the IRS records and found out that Harris Barnes did end up here on their logs until two years ago.
Jack: So itís an alias?
Sarah: As far as I can tell, itís a watched ID. It devours a social security number and credit card history. Interpol back-traced the name and provided a list of four nationals whoíve used it in the past.
Jack: Who used it most recently?
Sarah: A man named Habib Marwan.
Jack: We need to find him.
Sarah: I think we already have.
Jack: What do you mean?
Sarah: Marwan used the name Harris Barnes to lease more office space here in LA. It turns out the same address was given to us an hour ago by Marianne Taylor. She and Curtis are there now.
Jack: Whatís the address?
Sarah: Itís the 29th floor at the Rockland building downtown.
Jack: OK. Iím on my way. As soon as Curtis calls, you patch him through to me.
Sarah: You got it. You think Marwanís there?
Jack: Right now itís our only lead. If he is, thatís where the override is. Iíll get back to you.
[Driscoll and Sarah watch Tony interrogate Dina.]
Tony: I want you to tell me whoís still out there. I want the name of anyone who could help us find that override to stop the plans from melting down.
Dina: My husband kept all of this from me. I only helped.
Tony: Thatís a bunch of crap! Now, we know you were just as involved as your husband. Listen, weíre quite aware that the only reason youíre helping us is because of your son. But believe me, itís not too late for us to change our minds about how we treat him.
Dina: There are a few men whose names I heard Navi mention. They might know what you want. But I donít know how to find them.
Tony: All right. Why donít you start by writing their names down?
[Tony gives Dina a pen and a piece of paper. Still watching from the observation room, Sarah briefs Driscoll on the situation.]
Sarah: As far as we can tell, this Habib Marwanís been controlling the override.
Driscoll: Jackís on his way there now?
Sarah: Yes.
Driscoll: Curtis and his team are already at that building.
Sarah: I know, but we havenít been able to reach him or his team members. Heís not answering his cell.
Driscoll: How far is Jack?
Sarah: About 15 minutes out.
Driscoll: Keep trying Curtis. Tell him Jackís on the way. We have to coordinate the two and find that override.
Sarah: OK.
[Sarah leaves the observation room. Through an earpiece, Driscoll instructs Tony.]
Driscoll: Tony, ask her about a man named Habib Marwan.
Tony: Whoís Habib Marwan?
Dina: I heard Navi speak of him a few times. Heís an engineer. Beyond that, I donít know.
[At the observation room the intercom rings.]
Nurse: Ms. Driscoll?
Driscoll: Yes?
Nurse: This is Nurse Carlson in the clinic. Thereís a problem with your daughter, Maya. I think you should get down here as soon as you can.
Driscoll: Iíll be right there.
Nurse: Thank you.
[Sarah tries to reach Curtis on his cell phone again. At the office building, Ali sees Curtisí cell phone ring but doesnít answer it.]
Forbes: The CTU agentís phone. What should we do?
Ali: Nothing. Let them wonder where he is. By the time they realize whatís happened itíll be too late. Find out if Adam and Jason have disposed of the body. They should have been back by now.
Forbes: All right.
[Forbes leaves to check up on his henchmen. Ali watches a news report on TV.]
News Reporter on TV: Weíre speaking of radiation. Can you tell us a bit more about that?
Guy on TV: Well, thatís right, thatís right. The government spokesman confirmedÖ
[Forbes finds his gunmen dead, and he calls Ali.]
News Reporter on TV: How well is the evacuation moving?
[Aliís phone rings.]
Ali: Yeah?
Forbes: Ali, Adam and Jason are dead.
Ali: Did the agent escape?
Forbes: No. I checked the door. Itís still armed. Heís still on this floor.
Ali: Find him.
Forbes: Yeah.
[Ali calls to notify Marwan.]
Marwan: Yes?
Ali: The CTU agent is loose on this floor.
Marwan: How did he escape?
Ali: He killed two of our men.
Marwan: Does he know the override is in the building?
Ali: I donít think so, and he canít get to it. We have the exits covered.
Marwan: Disconnect all the hard lines. He canít be allowed to contact CTU.
Ali: I will.
[Curtis watches as Ali pulls the phone lines from the wall.]
[At the clinic, Maya is fighting with the doctor.]
Doctor: Maya.
Maya: No, no! You canít keep me here!
Doctor: Maya. Maya.
Maya: No.
Doctor: Please, we just wanna help you feel better.
Maya: You better get out of my face!
[Driscoll arrives at the clinic.]
Driscoll: Maya!
Maya: What took you so long?
Driscoll: I thought she was given a sedative.
Doctor: We did. Sheís fighting it.
Driscoll: Give me a few minutes with her.
Doctor: Sure. Ruth.
[The doctor and the nurse leave.]
Driscoll: Come on. Honey. I brought you here so that you could be near me, isnít that what you wanted?
Maya: I want for us to go home.
Driscoll: Maya, we will, honey, but we canít just yet. Honey.
[Maya starts tearing up medical reports.]
Maya: I donít like these people here.
Driscoll: Maya. Maya. Thatís not gonna make you feel better.
Maya: I do feel better.
Driscoll: Sweetheart, I need you toÖ
Maya: No! Get out! Youíre such an important person. Why donít you take care of your important business?
Driscoll: MayaÖ
Maya: Doctor. Doctor. Doctor!
Doctor: Yes, Maya?
[Maya hugs the doctor as he approaches her.]
Maya: Iím sorry. Iím sorry. I was misbehaving. But I promise to be good if youíll just get that (point to Driscoll) out of here.
Driscoll: Iím going. Iím going.
Maya: Bye.
Driscoll: Iíll be in my office if you need me.
[Driscoll leaves the clinic.]
Doctor: Come on, Maya.
[On his way to the Rockland building, Sarah informs Jack over the phone about Curtis. Paul and Audrey are also in the car.]
Jack: Curtisí phone is ringing and heís not answering it?
Sarah: Right. It rang several times before I got his message. If he had turned it off, it would have gone to voicemail immediately.
Jack: Heís in trouble. Where are the field teams?
Sarah: Castle and his men will be there in two minutes. I can have them set up a staging area along the perimeter and stand-by for your command.
Jack: Whatís the probability that Marwanís even in the facility?
Sarah: We donít know yet.
Jack: Where are they staging?
Sarah: Theyíll be waiting for you in a parking lot at the northwest corner of Wilshire and Grand, one block away.
Jack: OK.
[Jack hangs up.]
Paul: Your people found Marwan yet?
Jack: No.
Paul: Audrey, youÖ you have to know that I would never be involved in anything that could bring you harm.
Audrey: Of all the people this Marwan could have approached to do business and he chose you, itís a hell of a coincidence, Paul.
Jack: It might not just be a coincidence. They might have wanted Paul for more than just the corporate shell.
Audrey: He chose Paul because he was my husband?
Jack: That would put them on degree of separation from your father.
Paul: So this Marwan used me to get to Audreyís father.
Jack: Itís a possibility.
Paul: Well, I had no idea where Audrey or her father would be today. The information they used to stage the kidnapping couldnít have come from me.
Jack: They would have used your relationship with her father for something else, maybe to plan something for the future, a contingency plan.
Paul: Iíve been careless. Iím sorry.
[Paul apologizes to Audrey, devastated by what he may have done. Audrey touches Paulís shoulder tenderly. Jack notices the moment between them.]
[Tony briefs Driscoll on his findings.]
Tony: All right. So far every name Dina has given us has checked out as a mid-level cell member.
Driscoll: But whatís interesting is that Marwan, who she claims to have never met, is connected to everyone on this list. It looks like all roads lead to him.
Tony: This must be his operation, which means she definitely knows more than sheís telling us.
Driscoll: What do you wanna do to make her talk?
Tony: I just need you to give me a little bit of rope.
Driscoll: Do it.
[Tony enters the interrogation room.]
Tony: Why donít you tell me about Habib Marwan?
Dina: I already told you.
Tony: No. You told me you never met him.
Dina: I havenít.
Tony: Danny, could you come in here, please?
[Danny comes in the interrogation room.]
Tony: Iím gonna need all video and audio monitoring this room disconnected. Thank you.
Dina: Iím not a stupid woman. What are you trying to prove with this?
Tony: Iím not trying to prove anything. I just donít want what about to say to be recorded.
[Danny disconnects the video and audio in the interrogation room.]
Dina: I donít believe you.
[Tony grabs Dina.]
Tony: Open the door!
[Tony physically pushes Dina into the observation room.]
Tony: Everybody out. Get out, now! Everyone, Erin.
[Dina witnesses all the techies and Erin Driscoll as they leave the room. Tony takes Dina back to the interrogation room and pusher her against the wall.]
Tony: Unless you tell me the whole truth right now, that deal you made to save your son is over and he goes to prison for murder and treason!
Dina: You canít do that. The President signed an agreement.
Tony: If that deal gets in the way of protecting this country, you think the Presidentís gonna stand behind it? Heís gonna tear it up, and your son goes to prison for the rest of his life. And Iíll tell you a little something about prison and based on the conditions of his confinement Iíll tell you right now Ė I give Behrooz about three months before he commits suicide. And by the way, Iím gonna make it my personal mission to make sure youíll never hear word-one about what happens to him. Ever.
[Tony lets go of Dina and starts to leave.]
Dina: Wait. Habib Marwan is the man our cell reported to in the Unites States.
Tony: You aid your cell. How many other cells reported to him?
Dina: I donít know.
Tony: But there are others.
Dina: Yes.
Tony: How many?
Dina: I told you, I donít know. The cells are not in contact with one another. Marwan thought it was safer that way.
Tony: What about the override? Is it in his possession right now?
Dina: Definitely.
Tony: Definitely? Why definitely?
Dina: Your programmers are trying to interfere with the meltdown sequence. Marwan is the only one capable of stopping them.
Tony: And heís trying to do this by controlling it directly?
Dina: Exactly.
Tony: Where? Where?!
Dina: Somewhere in downtown.
Tony: The Rockland building?
Dina: Yes.
[Tony calls to notify Jack.]
Sarah: Sarah Gavin.
Tony: Sarah, get me Jack Bauer on the phone.
Sarah: You got it.
[Tony leaves the interrogation room.]
Tony: Place her back in holding. Erin, Dina just confirmed Marwanís got the override. Heís at the Rockland building.
Driscoll: Everyone, listen up! The address where Curtis is and where Jack Bauer is heading is the location of the override. I want every station to focus on this location. I want field teams ready. Rework your assault tactics on the building factoring in this new information.
[Sarah has Jack on the phone.]
Jack: Let me speak to Tony.
Sarah: Hold on a second. Tony, Iíve got Jack.
Tony: Jack?
Jack: Yeah.
Tony: We have confirmation Habib Marwanís controlling the override. Heís at the address youíre headed to.
Jack: What about Curtis?
Tony: No, we havenít been able to reach him yet.
Jack: Have you changed the assault profiles?
Tony: Weíre working on it. Look, Marwanís gird of this. He canít know weíre coming, or heíll take off with the override. Also, weíre running out of time. We have about 20 minutes before these plants start to melt down.
Jack: OK. Tell Castle to prep for a low-profile assault. Tell him Iím on my way.
Tony: Copy that. Get me Castle.
[Marwan comes down to the floor where Ali is because he is worried about Curtisís disappearance.]
Marwan: Ali.
Ali: Go.
Marwan: Have you found him yet?
Ali: Marwan, it was not necessary for you to come down.
Marwan: Not necessary?
Ali: We will find him.
Marwan: If Iím captured, itíll end everything weíve been working for.
Ali: We control the floor. He canít get far.
Marwan: Donít tell me what he canít do. Heís already killed two of our men.
[Aliís cell phone rings.]
Ali: What is it, Forbes?
[Marwan takes the phone from Ali.]
Marwan: Tell me youíve got him.
Forbes: No, Iím sorry, Marwan. He may have gotten away.
Marwan: How is that possible? Ali says the floor is locked off.
Forbes: I know. Weíre still searching. But weíve gotta deal with ventilation, air ducks, ceiling space.
Marwan: I donít care how you get him as long as heís contained. I need 30 minutes. Can you make that happen?
Forbes: I can make it happen.
[Marwan hangs up.]
Marwan: 30 minutes.
[Curtis comes upon Forbes from behind. Curtis takes Forbesí gun and phone.]
Curtis: Whoís Marwan? Who is he? Does he have the override?
[Curtis throws Forbes against the wall.]
Curtis: Does he have the override?
Forbes: Yes.
Curtis: Where is he? Where is he?
Forbes: One flight up. I donít have access to the floor.
[Curtis knocks Forbes unconscious. He then calls Sarah with the phone.]
Sarah: CTU, Sarah Gain.
Curtis: Sarah, itís Curtis. Whereís Driscoll?
Sarah: Curtis, where have you been? Weíve been trying to reach you.
Curtis: Iím still in the Rockland building. Sarah, listen. Marianneís dead. Iím sure our backup teams are dead too. The override is here.
Sarah: Jackís on his way to you now.
[Jack arrives at the Rockland Building.]
Castle: Jack.
Jack: I need you to put together a security detail for Paul and Audrey Raines now.
Castle: Iíll take care of it.
Jack: I want you to stay here with these men until I get back.
Audrey: Are you going in?
Jack: Yeah.
[Jackís cell phone rings.]
Jack: Wait a second. This is Bauer.
Curtis: Jack, itís Manning.
Jack: Where are you?
Curtis: Still in the building, 29th floor. Where are you?
Jack: Iím at a staging area about a block away. Have you secured the override device?
Curtis: No, but itís here on an upper floor. A man named Marwan is in control.
Jack: I know. CTU worked up a partial profile. Whatís your mobility?
Curtis: Iím demitted. Theyíre still looking for me. But I took an access card off one of the hostiles.
Jack: How do we meet?
Curtis: Take the main elevator. Thereís only one guard posted there. Iíll take care of him.
Jack: Iím on my way.
[Jack hangs up.]
Jack: Weíve got Marwan boxed in. I want you to send in your team, reinforce the perimeter. I want men on the first floor in case this thing goes hot.
Castle: Got it.
[Jack prepares to go in.]
Jack (to Audrey): Iíll be right back.
[Jack gets inside the car.]
Jack (to driver): Go, go.
[Driscoll briefs Heller on the raid.]
Driscoll: That was our field agent from the Rockland building. Your daughterís with him now. Sheís safe.
Heller: I donít want her anywhere near harmís way.
Driscoll: She wonít be, sir.
[Via videophone, Heller and Driscoll apprise the President of the situation.]
Keeler: I understand weíre closing in on the override.
Heller: We hope so, sir. We believe we found where the terrorists have it.
Keeler: Which is where?
Heller: In an office building in LA.
Driscoll: We believe the terrorists are either associated with one of the tenants or theyíve created a corporation and hiding behind it.
Keeler: How is CTU proceeding?
Driscoll: We have teams converging. Once we find the override, we have to use it to reprogram the reactors manually.
Keeler: Will there be enough time to reprogram?
Driscoll: Our people will be ready, sir, once we find it.
Keeler: All right. I donít have to remind both of you of the consequences if we fail.
Heller: Everyone here understands whatís at stake, sir.
[Keeler shuts of the video feed. The intercom rings.]
Woman: Excuse me, Ms. Driscoll. Doctor Sanfordís on line 2.
Driscoll: Excuse me, sir.
Heller: Iíll meet you on the floor.
[Heller leaves the conference room. Erin takes the call from the doctor.]
Driscoll: Yes, Doctor?
Doctor Sanford: Iím sorry to bother you, but Mayaís acting out again.
Driscoll: What is she doing?
Doctor Sanford: Sheís being abusive to my staff. Sheís broken a few things. She doesnít settle down. Iím gonna have to move her to a private hospital. Weíre just not equipped to handle a patient like Maya.
Driscoll: All right. Donít do anything. Iíll be right there.
[Driscoll heads toward the clinic.]
Driscoll: Sarah.
Sarah: Excuse me.
Driscoll: Is Edgar still online with NRC?
Sarah: Yes.
Driscoll: Find any alternate ways to stop the meltdowns?
Sarah: Not without the override, no.
Driscoll: Whatís happening at the Rockland building?
Sarah: Castle just called in. His teams are spread out on the perimeter.
Driscoll: What about Curtis?
Sarah: Heís about to meet up with Jack inside the building.
Driscoll: Where are you monitoring?
Sarah: Station 3.
Driscoll: All right. Iíll be there in a few minutes. Make sure everythingís ready in comm if Jack and Curtis get their hands on the override.
Sarah: OK.
[At the clinic, Maya is out of control.]
Maya: Youíre a cruel person, do you know that?
Nurse: Maya. Maya, please. This is a restricted area. You have to stay in your bed.
Maya: Stay in my bed? What am I, a baby?
[Driscoll arrives at the clinic.]
Driscoll: Maya!
Maya: What do you want, mother?
Driscoll: Donít! Please, donít treat these people disrespectfully.
Maya: Please, donít tell me what to do!
Driscoll: Iíll stop telling you what to do when you stop behaving like a child.
Maya: What?
Driscoll: You heard me. There are other people in this world besides you, and they have problems too. Now, are you gonna get a grip on yourself or am I gonna have to call security and have them restrain you?
Maya: Youíre pathetic, you know that?
Driscoll: I will not allow you to talk to me like this! I will not!
Maya: What are you gonna do about it?
[Maya starts to cry.]
Maya: IÖ I just wanna get out of here, Mommy.
Driscoll: And I will take you home, but I have something I have to finish first.
Maya: NoÖ
Driscoll: OK? Are we clear?
Maya: Yeah.
Driscoll: Good. Thatís my girl.
[Driscoll leaves the clinic.]
[Jack and a team of agents ride the elevator up and meet Curtis.]
Jack: Weíve got a man down. Take the wall.
[Jack sees Curtis.]
Jack: Are you OK?
Curtis: Yeah. I overheard a phone conversation between Marwan and one of his men. We have less than 15 minutes.
Castle: How many are still alive?
Curtis: Iím not sure, but at least four.
Jack: Have your men secure the floor. Curtis and I are going after the override. Which way?
Curtis: This way.
Castle: What about backup?
Jack: No backup. We canít let Marwan know weíre coming. Whatís upstairs?
Curtis: IDS status systems. My guess is Marwanís cell inserted a sleeper into the company.
Jack: He must have used their servers to download the virus into the nuclear power plants.
Curtis: By putting it back on IDS hardware.
Jack: Yeah. Take the door.
Curtis: All right. Clear.
[Jack and Curtis go up the stairs to IDS. A woman gets out of the office. They warn her.]
Jack: Step away from the door, Maíam.
Curtis: I need you to exit the building. Itís an emergency.
Jack: Youíre ready?
Curtis: Yeah.
Jack: Letís go.
[Jack and Curtis enter the office to find a sea of cubicles and workers. They have no idea which one is Marwan.]
Curtis: Did we get a description on him?
Jack: No.
Curtis: He could be anyone.
[Jack and Curtis attempt to blend in on the busy floor as they search for Marwan. Jack sees a likely suspect and motions to Curtis. They move in. The phone in the manís workstation rings. The guy is merely playing solitaire on his computer.]
Man: Whatís up? Whatís going on?
[Jack sees this and signals Curtis not to move in on him. Outside, a CTU agent spots Ali.]
Agent: Hold it!
[Ali sees the CTU agents on his floor and he rushes out. He quickly calls Marwan.]
Marwan: Yes?
Ali: Marwan, itís Ali. Weíve been discovered.
[The agents run after Ali and fire. Marwan hears the gunshots over the phone.]
Marwan: Ali?
Solarz: Make sure all the exits are covered on the work floors.
Castle: Roger that. Last man down.
[Marwan grabs his gun, and looks around suspiciously. Jack notices this, and he approaches Marwanís desk.]
Jack: Curtis.
[Marwan sees this and fires his gun in the air. The office workers scream and flee. Marwan runs out.]
Jack: Stay down!
Curtis: Stay down! Stay down! Get out of the way! Stay where you are!
Jack: Stay down!
Curtis: I got the suspect!
Jack: You got him?
Curtis: No!
[Curtis notices the override.]
Curtis: Jack, I have the override!
Jack: Secure it! Call CTU now! Now!
[Jack notices Marwan running off.]
Jack: I got him!
[Jack takes off after Marwan. Curtis calls CTU.]
Driscoll: Driscoll.
Curtis: Erin, itís Curtis. I have the override. Put Edgar on.
Driscoll: Edgar! Line 1, itís Curtis. He has the override.
Edgar: This is Edgar Stiles. Is the override logged in?
Curtis: Yes.
Edgar: Send it to channel 11.
Curtis: I canít.
Edgar: What do you mean, ďYou canítĒ?
Curtis: All the fields are right-protected.
Edgar: Thatís not supposed to be. If you are directly plugged into the override, you should be able to do anything you want.
Curtis: Iím telling you, itís locked up. What do you want me to do?
Agent: Ms. Driscoll, the clinic just called.
Driscoll: Tell them theyíre gonna have to wait.
Agent: They said it wasÖ
Driscoll: Tell them! Edgar, weíre out of time. If youíre gonna do something, do it now.
Edgar: Marwan was an engineer on the project. He must have modified the override to do this.
Sarah: The NRC screen is showing the meltdown stages already beginning.
Driscoll: Edgar, do something.
Edgar: Curtis, there must be a hot key.
Curtis: Yeah, thereís a lot of keys, Edgar. I canít just try around the combinations. Itíll take too long.
Edgar: Press the function keys one at a time. The status line on the bottom will light up when you get to an active one.
Curtis: F5.
Edgar: Good. Hold it down and press Escape.
Curtis: Nothing.
Edgar: Try F5, Shift, Escape.
Curtis: OK, responding.
Edgar: Good. Set it to channel 11. Hurry up.
Sarah: Edgar, now they have three plants in meltdown initiation.
[Edgar does what he can on his end.]
Driscoll: Did you get it?
Edgar: I hope so.
[The reactors finally respond and begin to retreat on meltdowns.]
Curtis: Itís starting to respond.
Edgar: Yes! Yes!
Sarah: The temperature is dropping in all remaining power plants.
Curtis: Good work.
Heller: Congratulations, Edgar.
[Heller and the CTU staff cheer for Edgar.]
Heller: Great work, Erin.
Driscoll: Thank you, sir. Excuse me.
[Driscoll hurries to the clinic.]
Driscoll: Maya? Where is she? Maya?
[Driscoll finds Maya dead on the ground. Blood seeps from Mayaís wrists and a broken piece of mirror is in her hands.]
Driscoll: Oh, babyÖ OhÖ
[Driscoll cries in grief and sorrow.]
[Heller notifies the President that CTU stopped the meltdown.]
Heller: Itís over, sir. Weíve stopped the meltdown.
Man: Congratulations, Mr. President.
[Jack pursues Marwan throughout the hallways, and he radios the agents.]
Jack: This is Bauer. We got a man down. Marwan is in the northwest stairwell headed to ground level. Does anybody read me?
Castle: Jack, itís Castle. Iíll get a man up there.
[Jack finds a CTU agentís body on the ground. The manís uniform has been removed.]
Jack: Son of a bitch.
[Jack radios to the team.]
Jack: All CTU agents, Marwan is impersonating a CTU officer. I repeat: the suspect is impersonating a CTU officer.
[Solarz turns to the agent behind him, but it is Marwan wearing the helmet and vest. Marwan shoots Solarz.]
Jack: Solarz, do you read me? Solarz, do you read me?