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About the Webpage Maker                                                                                                           

Thank you in advance for reading, my name, Low Chin Oon and I am a free-lance web page maker.

Started from scratch, only with the basic knowledge of 'surfing' the Net and sending and receiving of emails. As my interest grew, I wondered how this WebPages were made. So, I went to read up more on this subject. Through time, I have learnt many things and still learning, at the same time, attended basic web page making program course. 

Making Web Pages requires many different skills, just to name a few - concept, layout, text, color, font matching, graphics, browser settings, common display size, file size and most of all - Client's needs.

So far, using Web editor programs I am able to make most web pages to Client's requirements, some would like to showcase their products, while some would like to have their products showcased and sold through the Internet. (e.g. shopping cart capabilities).