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I am preparing some PowerPoint slide presentations about some of the concepts presented here at this web site. The presentations are intended as a community educational enrichment outreach. They might be used by community colleges, libraries, churches, senior centers, and so forth. Facilities required include on-site digital projection equipment capable of  PowerPoint 97 slide presentations. I am currently the only available presenter and do not charge for this service.

Presentations are listed below


"The Quest for the Stardrive"

Available:     August 2003
Location:      Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area
Duration:      about 1.5 hours (may change)
Presenter:     Brian Fraser
Audience:      intended for people with a highschool or college physics/astronomy background

"The Quest for the Stardrive" is a PowerPoint presentation that was inspired by the existence of the NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics program (but has no connection with or endorsement by NASA). It is intended as a community educational enrichment outreach and is suited for an audience with a highschool or college physics/astronomy background. The talk is about break-through concepts in physics that may be required for propellantless propulsion ("antigravity") at speeds greater than light. There are also a few slides about emerging technology. The presentation is by Brian Fraser, who studied Chemical Engineering at Arizona State University and has spent the last 20 years doing software engineering mostly for the semiconductor industry. Duration is about 1.5 hours.

Special Note August 2004: I am not currently giving this presentation. The U. S. government's "visionary" space exploration policy is totally uninspiring and has dampened enthusiasm for this topic. Using rockets to explore space is like using tin-can telephones for long distance communications, or using steam engines to power aircraft. Additionally, engineering is probably not a good career choice for Americans now, and it seems wrong for me to encourage our young people in that direction for the next ten years or so. .


Date: (there are no public presentations currently scheduled at this facility)
Time: 6 pm

Paiute Neighborhood Center
6535 E. Osborn Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Auditorium (Building #9, near the southwest corner of the campus)



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