URLs of Other Sites That Link Scriptural Physics

Some links to other sites that link Scriptural Physics are listed below. These have been found through public search engines like Google, or from emails sent to me requesting a listing here. The only criteria used is whether these sites have a link back to Scriptural Physics.

The intent is to help visitors find other sites that might be doing research or hosting discusions about the science of space/time ratios, or about the fundamental properties of the Universe in general.   My time and resources are very limited and I fully realize that most of the work I would like to see done on space/time ratios will have to be done by others. This is my way of helping the process a little bit.

If for some reason you do NOT want a link to your site listed here, please send me an email to that effect at my address shown on my home page.



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Excite UK - Directory www.excite.co.uk/directory/Science/Physics/Alternative
Northwest Creation Network http://www.nwcreation.net/cosmology.html
The Notebook of Philosophy & Physics http://www.bottomlayer.com/bottom/physlink.html#sci-rel
Philosophy of Science Resources  -directory of Philosophy of Science related websites. http://www.the-science-lab.com/Philosophy-of-Science/Physics.html
PolitInfo.com: Web Directory: Science: Alternative web.politinfo.com/ index.cgi?base=%2FScience%2FPhysics%2FAlternative%2F
Science/Physics/Alternative www.science-and-research.com/ Science/Physics/Alternative/
Science/Physics/Alternative www.bn23.com/portal/Science/Physics/ Alternative/more8.html


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