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We Recovered Our Ships From the Ur-Quan's Hiding Place, and Set Off to Repay the Mycon.
This Is All That's Left of Our Former Homeworld of SYRA
Got Juffo Wup?
After Defeating Us, the Ur-Quan Found Us A New Homeworld.
We Had a Very "Pleasant," and Enlightening Visit from Captain Zelnick and His Crew.
The Mycon 'Seeded' Syra With Their Deep Children.
Welcome to GAIA
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  Captain Zelnick
     brought us the
information about the  
Mycon Deep Children.
Our New Homeworld of
           after the
Mycon Deep Children
Mycon Deep Child Casing
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The Ur-Quan Came to Enslave Us.
We Tricked Them, and Nearly Destroyed the Mycon Fleet Before They Could Even React..
Our beautiful Home, Before the Mycon Destroyed It.
Our Original Home: SYRA
The Ur-Quan Attacked
The Battle Of Organon
We retrieved our ships
       and headed for
Organon, to lay a trap
    for the treacherous
A Brief Pictorial, and Written History of
                     Recent Events
  The Syreen People evolved on a paradise world in the Arianni Constellation where they built a great artistic civilization in harmony with their environment.  No citizen of Syra suffered want or ignorance.  Then, in 2035, a Cataclysm of Tectonic Upheavals tore lava filled chasms across the planet's surface and irrevocably poisoned their atmosphere.  The disaster killed off almost all the Syreen population - only those in the Syreen Space Patrol were untouched.  The male population, who were rare in the Patrol, were virtually eliminated.
   The Syreen Space Patrol collected what few survivors could be found on the surface and transformed their many orbital Space Platforms into Huge Spaceships.  In the following decades, before the War, the Syreen became wandering Space-Gypsies, navigating their fleet of
Habitats through the starways, searching for a new planet of such surpassing beauty that it would forever wash away the pain of losing Syra, their Eden.
Syreen became unofficial members of the Alliance in 2120, after suffering repeated Ur-Quan attacks on their fleets of slow-moving Habitats.  Adapting their remaining Patrol Vessels for combat, the Syreen became a potent force in the fight against the Ur-Quan.  The single greatest weakness of the Syreen Star fleet, its severe shortage of trained crew-members, was alleviated by Syreen scientists who developed a Psionic Amplifier which could compel even the most hostile alien to serve a Syreen Ship Captain with perfect faithfulness.  Crews on board Syreen ships became a surreal pastiche of alien races, with Ilwrath, VUX, Spathi, and others working dutifully side by side with Human volunteers under the command of beautiful Syreen Officers.
   After the Defeat of the Alliance, the Syreen chose to be Slave Shielded on a planet that the Ur-Quan had found for them.  They were content to remain there, until the Human Captain,
Zelnick, arrived with evidence of Mycon Deep Children on Syra.  The Syreen found a new purpose in Life, and were filled with a lust for Revenge on those that had destroyed their former Eden-like Home of Syra.  Captain Zelnick transported Syreen pilots to the bunker where the Ur-Quan had cached their Penetrator Starships, and proceeded to set a trap for the Mycon.  Captain Zelnick told the Mycon of another perfect Water World, Organon, where they might implant their Deep-Children.  When the Mycon arrived, the Syreen tore into them mercilessly, exacting a terrible revenge for their lost Homeworld.  The Mycon Fleet was almost entirely destroyed, before it even had a chance to react. 
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