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Len Amsterdam Radio Staff are now reveiwing Up and Comers in the local Indie Scene----Len Amsterdam Radio 100,000 Downloads Daily on 1400 Internet Mirrors---- Parkdale Hookers-can best be described as AntiGlam. Take all the attributes you are supposed to associate with Rock 'n Roll: glamour, excitement, being cool, being hip, being "in" - and get rid of it. What's left is us. a trio of accountants who figured out a way to make Marshall stacks tax deductable and went with it.-------- Andre Nobels-The musical journey started early for André Nobels. He remembers listening to his father requite 60’s folk tunes on his old Gibson acoustic, creating magic out of thin air. André picked up the guitar early but was unable to attain the depth he felt in his father at this young age. This was not the end of his musical journey but rather the beginning of a deep discovery which fuels the passion behind his creative force today.----------- Michael Sadler- The long-standing mouthpiece for Canadian prog legends Saga steps into the limelight with his first official solo album. Michael Sadler's rich baritone voice is reminiscent of a modern-day Scott Walker or a toned-down Michael Crawford; and now, after 20 years of handling vocal duties across the world stage, Sadler is singing his own song. ------------- Allan Estabillo- is a native to Toronto Canada. From a young age Allan was always enchanted by music. His first record player was given to him at the age of six – a Fischer Price orange and white record player that was virtually indestructible . It was here that Allan fell in love with ‘oldies’ from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Allan attributes much of his current musical taste and influence largely to the music that surrounded him as a child – mostly 80s hits from The Cure, The Smiths, U2 and many other rock and roll hits. Additionally, Allan is an avid visual artist working in both traditional media and new media. --- Digital Leprechaun is highly old skool influenced, featuring off time beats, super basslines, funky grooves, dark sides, rich keys, variety and clearly just damn good drum and bass. New to the Drum and Bass scene, influenced by such great DnB/Jungle DJ/Producers as; Kenny Ken, ShyFX, Capital J, Andy C, Micky Finn and DJ Saigon. On another note, I'd like to hear any feedback from other Drum 'N Bass listeners out there. The more reviews the sooner i can release crazier tracks. -------------- Peter Bowen- The music is best described as contemporary folk rock music that has been compared to Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Donovan and Leonard Cohen. He also works in spoken word and visual expressions both moving and stills. ------------ >Cretins Radio- Pop Rock- and Talk- Moonlyn- The Plath- Andre Nobels- Bit Rock Alumnae- Bachelor of Nothing- Crystal Pontes- Marla Zinger- Cavern- Louden- Chris Field- Adam and Annette- The Charge- Reckon with One- Eternal Instinct- Emily Fennell- Heart and Stone- Emotions Deserted- Rudely Awakened- Christine Donovan- In Silent Code- Cuff the Duke- The Prosthetic Band- Ripped- The Divine- Money Money- Dharma Road- Cat Sass- Pat Johnson- Strub- Boobie Browne- Dendt- Ronn James- Dee Jay Scootz- The Populars- The Frontier Index- Immaculate Machine- The Hustlers- Girl Nobody- The Exchanges- Logan Seed- Scarlet Sins- Osmosis- The Thurstons- Dropping Poppies- Linda Grenier- Ian North- Royal Wood- Osmosis- Pete Kyrie Band- The Rails- Laid Out- Diamond Back- Snoovy- Ripped- Julie Ann Bertran- Tanisha Taitt- The John Henry's- Bakersfield- Skin- All that was Left- Southern Drifters- Lucas Stagg- Manic- The Flashback Band- Breadfan- Driving Lester- Emma Cook - Eternal Bliss- Jerry Can - Jonny Atomic- Luke Andrews - Matt Hryhorsky- Simple- SOWATT- Suni Clay- Terror Lake-Kick Ass Music - The Entrophy - This - TWYG- Vegalite - Fembots - d-sisive - Space Elevator - Steve Strongman - Hidden Agenda - Mad Dogs and Englishman - Blush - Fluid - Jack Dekeyzer - David Rotundo - Grant Lyle - JP Cormier - Form One - Weber Brothers - Anti Hero - Peter 0'Lasch- The Rizdales - Freedom Train - Absolute Whores - Priya Thomas - Poised for the Worm - August - Annattie - Soul Stir - Breathe - Lilia -little Sunday - Convertible Robots - The Silver Hearts - Boy Ballz - The Cretins - Wall Paper - Jon Raven - Len - Utopia Complex- The Weekend- Shannon Weir- Wheels on the Bus- Wintary- Bob Wiseman- The Young Ideas- Jason Bajada- The Barcelona Pavilion Barmitzvah Brothers- Beef Terminal- The Bicycles- Lost by an Echo - Heather Dale - Faith Down- Bryan Sorensen- Tim Isherwood- Julie Crochetiere- PGQ- Linda M- Sarah Kamin- Distant Minds - Walkers Line - Eternal Instinct - Surface Rising - 5th Projekt - Ensuing Silence - Pimpinella - Alex Pangman - In Silent Code - Hill - Stink Ditch - All Stream - Birchview Park Symphonic- The Blameshifter- Boy Ballz- Brian Borcherdt aka Hot Carl aka Holy Fuck- Bit_Rock Alumnae- Obsidian - Stereo Lights - Lorraine Davies - High Holy Days - Paul Brown - 3 Dog Funhouse - The Chosen - Suburbanhermits - zombie fuck - Flat Planet - Ken Brown - Linda Feijo - facade - if nothing - Exact Match - The Exchanges- Fat Cats- Lindy- Paul Barnes - Natasha Kinne - Nelly Shin - The Chrome Yellow Co. - MC Lenny - Radiation K - Candle Light Opera - Eleven Moves - 54 Stance - Shroom Jaw - Tara Oram - Mark Inside - HeAdCaSe - Manic - Scarlet Sins - Brian Macmillan - Cosmic Juice - Never Odd or Even - Steve St. Pierre - Lucid - The Whythouse - Schmange - Cankerworm - Death Pod - Lauren Elfman - Strap-On Tools - Grindig - Trish Bentley - Unit 404 - GM Patterson - Evan Paul- Danny Noronha - Sheldon Baker & Western Star - Adlai Waxman- Moulann- Tier 3- Mind of a Squid- The Kinetics- Angerkain- Frazmosis- Sharon Musgrave- John McConnach- Blazin G- Em and Val- Kathleen McLeod- Zugha- Torn Down Units- Gash- Dylan Wickens- The 78's- Cody Allen- Peter X Anthony- Kazak- Pat Savage- 40 til 5- Lenore- Dave Munkhoff- By Divine Right- Forgery- Artificial Humanity- The Burne- Kat Burns- Chaos for Comfort- Class Riot- Dada Pogrom- Down Right Wrong- Eternal Instinct- Explicity Human- Five Star Trailer Park- Forseen Dilemma- The Fortunates- Half Cab Hailee- Korrie Hall- INITY- Ronn James- Lost Souls Division- No Real Message- Par 3 Quartet- Pirri- Sherry- Nelly Shin- Ace Face- The Adopted- Afflatus- Annekes Star- Aphasia- Ariel's Worm- Mike Audet- The Backstabbers- Aidan Baker- Bare Rump- Marko Partanen- Barzin- Beautiful 2000- Howie Beck- Hennie Bekker- Mike Blackmore Project- CORPUSSE- Cougar Party- Simple Roots- The Spades- The Spares- TSB Band- Underfire- Universal Habit- The Vendettaz- Convertible Robots- The Crawling Kingsnakes-

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Susan Aceron- Doug Guthrie- Naomi Vondell- Dylan Ramsey- Eleonora Barna- Therasa Tova- Hunter Phoenix- Josh Holliday- Julie Laine- Toby Malone-

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Barrie Jazz and Blues Festival- Beaches Jazz Festival- Canadian Music Week- Distellery Jazz Festival- Toronto Jazz- Festival of Friends- Ottawa Folk Festival- Limestone City Blues- Markam Jazz Festival- New Market Folk and Blues- North By Northeast- Open Eye Festival- Orangeville Blues and Jazz- Thunder Bay Blues Festival- Toronto Urban Music Festival- Eagle Wood Folk Festival-

Live Music Clubs Toronto
C'est What- Rivoli- Cadillac Lounge - Healey's -Rock Bar/Club 178 Bathurst St. Toronto, ON M5V2R4 Phone: (416) 703-5882 - Guvernment Entertainment Complex 132 Queens Quay E. Toronto, ON M5A3Y5 Phone: (416) 869-0045 - The Docks Entertainment Complex 11 Polson St. Toronto, ON M5A1A4 Phone: (416) 469-5655 - Free Times Cafe 320 College St. Toronto, ON M5T1S3 Phone: (416) 967-1078 - Lee's Palace 529 Bloor W Toronto, ON M5S1Y5 Phone: (416) 532-1598 - The 360 Club 326 Queen St. W. Toronto, ON M5V2A2 Phone: (416) 593-0840 - Horseshoe Tavern 368 Queen St. W. Toronto, ON M5V2A2 Phone: (416) 598-4226 - Hard Rock-Club 279-

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JMR Productions- Arcolepsy Records- Link Horn Records- Arcolepsy Records- Consumption Records- DependentMusic- Die!Venom- Escape Goat Records - FameFame- Here's My Card - Rotate This- Sonic Unyon Records- Subsession Records- Suction Records- Teenage Usa- Three Gut Records- Underground Operations Records- Mime Radio- Justus League Records- Danie Cortese- White Eagle Records- Alex Mine- Plazma Sound- Stella Dee Records-Toronto's Number One Indie Label-

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Non-Commercial Radio Stations Canada

ARC: L'Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada: The Alliance of Community Radio Stations of Canada, a network of more than 40 French community radio stations throughout Canada.

CBC - The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


  • CKUA, broadcasting province-wide at 580 AM. On the FM Band: Athabasca - 98.3 FM; Banff - 104.3 FM; Calgary - 93.7 FM; Drumheller/Hanna - 91.3 FM; Edmonton - 94.9 FM; Edson - 103.7 FM; Fort McMurray - 96.7 FM; Grande Prairie - 100.9 FM; Hinton - 102.5 FM; Lethbridge - 99.3 FM; Lloydminster - 97.5 FM; Medicine Hat - 97.3 FM; Peace River - 96.9 FM; Red Deer - 101.3 FM; Spirit River - 99.5 FM; Whitecourt - 107.1 FM. CKUA AM-FM is capable of reaching 85% of Albertans through satellite delivery with 17 transmitters located throughout the province. Satellite communications further extend CKUA's "footprint" across North America, and it can be heard globally over the Internet in RealAudio. CKUA broadcasts a wide spectrum of high quality music programs, spanning classical, jazz, blues, folk, mixed and specialty music.

  • Calgary, CJSW, 90.9 FM. 106.9 FM cable. University of Calgary. Community radio.
  • Calgary, CMRC, 107.5 FM.
  • Edmonton, CJSR, 88.5 FM. University of Alberta.
  • Falher, CKRP, 95.7 FM.
  • Lethbridge, CKUL, 99.7 FM. University of Lethbridge.

British Columbia

  • Burnaby, CJSF, 93.9 Cable FM. Simon Fraser University.
  • Burnaby, CFML, 104.5 FM. British Columbia Institute of Technology.
  • Chetwynd, CHET, 94.5 FM. Dawson Creek, 104.1 FM.
  • Kamloops, CFBX, 92.5 FM. The University College of the Cariboo.
  • Nanaimo, CHLY, 101.7 FM. Malaspina College.
  • Nelson, CJLY, 93.5 FM. Kootenay Co-op Radio.
  • Terrace, CFNR, 92.1 FM
  • Vancouver, CFRO, 102.7 FM. Vancouver Co-op Radio.
  • Vancouver, CFRO, 102.7 FM. Co-op community radio.
  • Vancouver, CITR, 101.9 FM. University of British Columbia. A campus community radio station which programmes a diverse format of music and spoken word.
  • Victoria, CFUV, 101.9 FM. University of Victoria. Diverse music and campus/community programming.


  • Saint-Boniface, CKXL, 91.1 FM. Radio Communautaire au Manitoba.
  • Winnipeg, CJUM, 101.5 FM. University of Manitoba. UMFM, Winnipeg's Hit-Free Radio.
  • Winnipeg, CKUW, 95.9 FM. University of Winnipeg.
  • Winnipeg, CMOR, Closed-circuit campus radio. Red River College. "Red River's Power Station." (While it is an entirely student-run campus radio station, they do accept and sell ads, so caveat listener.)

New Brunswick

  • Balmoral, CIMS, 103.9 FM. Coopérative Radio Restigouche.
  • Edmundston, CFAI,101.1 FM. Radio Coopérative des Montagnes.
  • Fredericton, CHSR, 97.9 FM. University of New Brunswick. Community/alternative radio for the Fredericton/Oromocto area.
  • Fredericton, CJPN, 90.5 FM.
  • Kedgwick, CFJU, 90.1 FM, Radio des Hauts-Plateaux.
  • Moncton, CKUM, 93.5 FM. University of Moncton.
  • Pokemouche, CKRO, 97.1 FM. Radio Péninsule.
  • Sackville, CHMA, 107.1 FM. Electric Wireless Radio from Mount Allison University.
  • Saint John, CFMH, 92.5 FM. University of New Brunswick, Saint John.
  • Shédiac, CJSE, 89.5 FM. Radio Beauséjour.
  • Woodstock, KXL, Closed-circuit campus radio, New Brunswick Community College.


  • Labrador City, CJRM, 97.3 FM.
  • St. Johns, CHMR, 93.5 FM. Newfoundland Memorial University.

Northwest Territories

  • Yellowknife, CKLB, 101.9 FM. Radio Yellowknife, Association franco-culturelle de Yellowknife.

Nova Scotia

  • Antigonish, CFXU, 690 AM.
  • Chéticamp, CKJM, 106.1 FM. Radio communautaire francophone qui oeuvre à la promotion des artistes acadiens et au développement socio-économique de la région.
  • Halifax, CKDU, 97.5 FM. Dalhousie University. Halifax's only FM campus/community radio station. Streaming web radio. Programming runs from the conventional to the experimental, freeform/indie/alterntive, from danceable pop to hip hop, from rare syndicated news features to in-depth locally produced spoken word. Halifax's only 24-hour request line, (902) 494-2487.
  • Saulnierville, CIFA, 104.1 FM. Radio Clare. Serving the Francophone community of southwest Nova Scotia.
  • Sydney, CAPR, FM. University College of Cape Breton. Closed-circuit campus radio (FM license pending), plus Internet MP3 stream. Live DJs five days a week, 9am to 4pm. (If you tune in after hours, we put independent Canadian compilation CDs on rotation until we open again.) CAPR Radio prides itself in promoting Canadian independent music, with a strong emphasis on local talent. We also do our best to promote all types of music from all over the world, particularly, music that would not be heard on commercial radio.


  • Iqaluit, CFRT, 107.3 FM. Radio Iqaluit -- Association francophone d'Iqaluit.


  • Belleville, CJLX, 92.3 FM. Loyalist College.
  • Cornwall, CHOD, 92.1 FM. Radio communautaire Cornwall-Alexandria.
  • Cornwall, CKON, 97.3 FM. Akwesasne Mohawk Nation Radio.
  • Guelph, CFRU, 93.3 FM. University of Guelph.
  • Hamilton, CFMU, 93.3 FM. McMaster University.
  • Hamilton, CIOI, 101.5 FM. Mohawk College.
  • Hearst, CINN, 91.1 FM. Radio de l'Épinette Noire. Calstock, Lac St-Thérèse, Jogues, Hallébourg, Val Côté, Mattice, Coppel et Ryland aussi.
  • Kapuskasing, CKGN, 89.7 FM. Radio communautaire KapNord.
  • Killaloe, CHCR, 102.9 FM
  • Kingston, CFRC, 101.9 FM. Queen's University.
  • Kingston, CKVI, 91.9 FM. Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute.
  • London, CHRW-FM, 94.7. University of Western Ontario.
  • Nepean, CKDJ, 96.9 FM.
  • North York, CHRY, 101.5 FM. York University.
  • Ohsweken, CKRZ, 100.3 FM.
  • Ottawa, CKCU, 93.1 FM.
  • Ottawa, CHUO , 89.1 FM. University of Ottawa.
  • Penetanguishene, CFRH, 96.5 FM. Radio Huronie FM communautaire.
  • Peterborough, CFFF, 92.7 FM, Trent University. 250 watts broadcast, 95.3 via cable radio and MP3 stream.
  • St. Catharines, CFBU, 103.7 FM. Brock University.
  • Sudbury CKLU, 96.7 FM. Laurentian University.
  • Toronto, CHRY, 105.5 FM. York University. Punk, rap, reggae, etc.
  • Toronto, CIUT, 89.5 FM. 15,000 watts. University of Toronto Community Radio. Alternative, jazz and spoken word. Webcasting via Real Audio.
  • Toronto, CJRT, 91.1 FM. Classical, jazz, folk, blues, big band, swing, opera, children's programming, BBC news, arts and entertainment coverage and Open College distance education. Webcasting in RealAudio.
  • Toronto, CKLN, 88.1 FM. Ryerson University. Rap to thrash, dance to country, blues to bhangra, reggae to rock and more...
  • Toronto, CKRG, 820 AM, 96.3 FM cable. Glendon College. Bilingual.
  • Vaughan, RAV, 90.7 FM. Radio at Vaughan, the first high school in Ontario with a broadcast license. Student-run, non-profit. Internet broadcast with Windows Media.
  • Tyendenaga, KWE, 105.9 FM. Mohawk Nation Radio. RealAudio stream.
  • Waterloo, CKMS, 100.3 FM. University of Waterloo.
  • Welland, CRNC, Closed-circuit. Niagara College.
  • Windsor, CJAM, 91.5 FM. Univeristy of Windsor. Unbelievably eclectic multicultural and spoken-word programming.


  • Betsiamites, CIMB, 95.1 FM.
  • Carleton, CIEU, 94.9 FM.
  • Havre-Saint-Pierre, CILE, 95.1 FM.
  • Lac Etchemin, CFIN, 100.5 FM.
  • Lennoxville, CJMQ, 88.9 FM. Bishop's University.
  • Limoilou, CKRL, 89.1 FM. Programmation variée, musique francophone, du classique au jazz en passant par le rock et la chanson française. «Choix musical original»
  • Maniwaki, CHGA, 97.3 FM.
  • Montréal, CJLO, 650 AM, 88.9 FM cable. Concordia University.
  • Montréal, CISM, 89.3 FM. University of Montréal.
  • Montréal, CIBL, 101.5 FM. La Radio libre de Montréal.
  • Montréal, CINQ, 102.3 FM. Radio Centre-Ville, radio communitaire et multilingue: Françcais, English, Krêyol, Español, Português, Greek, Mandarin, Cantonese.
  • Montréal, CKUT, 90.3 FM. McGill University.
  • Natashquan, CKNA, 104.1 FM.
  • Sherbrooke, CFAK, 88.5 FM. University of Sherbrooke.
  • Sherbrooke, CFLX, 95.5 FM. Radio communautaire de l'Estrie
  • Sainte-Foy, CHYZ, 94.3 FM. Université Laval.
  • Saint-Hilarion, CIHO, 96.3 FM. 92.1 FM, Baie-Saint-Paul; 105.9 La Malbaie.
  • Sept-Iles, CKAU, 90.1 FM. 104.5 FM, Mani-Utenam; 90.1 FM Uashat. La radio communautaire "Kushapetsheken", serving the Montagnais Nation.
  • St. Anne de Belleville, CSKY FM. John Abbott College.
  • Trois Rivières, CFOU, 89.1 FM.


  • La Ronge, CJLR, 89.9 FM.
  • Regina, CJTR 91.3 FM.
  • Saskatoon, CFCR, 90.5 FM, Community Radio.

    Non- Commercial Radio -United States of America


    • Auburn, WEGL, 91.1 FM. Student-operated and -funded.
    • Birmingham, WBHM, 90.3 FM. NPR.
    • Huntsville, WJAB, 90.7 FM. Alabama A&M University. Jazz and blues, plus a bilingual Latin show Monday nights 6-8PM CT. Streaming RealAudio.
    • Huntsville, WLRH, 89.3 FM. NPR, classical, jazz, folk, new age.
    • Mobile, WHIL, 91.3 FM.
    • Montgomery, WVAS, 90.7 FM. Alabama State University.
    • Troy/Montgomery, WTSU, 89.9 FM. NPR.
    • Tuscaloosa, WUAL, 91.5 FM. Home of "All Things Acoustic", hosted by Jeremy Butler. NPR, PRI.


    • Anchorage, KRUA, 88.1 FM.
    • Anchorage, KSKA, 91.1 FM. NPR.
    • Barrow, KBRW, 680 AM.
    • Bethel, KYUK, 640 AM.
    • Chevak, KCUK, 88.1 FM.
    • Dillingham, KDLG, 670 AM.
    • Fairbanks, KSUA, 91.5 FM. University of Alaska at Fairbanks. We are a non-commercial radio station run by the students of University of Alaska Fairbanks. We are located at 307 Constitution Hall on the UAF campus. You can visit us on the web, or call us at (907) 474-7054.
    • Fairbanks, KUAC, 104.7 FM. NPR. Alaska's first non-commercial/educational radio station, since 1962.
    • Galena, KIYU, 910 AM.
    • Kasilof, KWJG, 91.5 FM. All locally-produced programming.
    • Kodiak, KMXT, 100.1 FM. NPR.
    • Kotzebue, KOTZ, 720 AM.
    • Haines/Klukwan, KHNS, 102.3 FM. Skagway, 91.9 FM. NPR, PRI. Supported by 400 listeners out of an audience of 3,500. News, syndicated shows, locally produced music programs; local marine and weather reports, ferry and tide information; listener personal messages for listeners without telephones.
    • Homer, KBBI, 890 AM. NPR.
    • Juneau, KTOO, 104.3 FM. NPR. Lemon/Switzer Creek - 101.7, Mendenhall Valley - 103.4, Hoonah - 91.9, Gustavus - 88.1, Excursion Inlet - 89.9, Alaskan Cable Network (stereo) - 103.9
    • Ketchikan, KRBD, 105.9 FM. NPR.
    • McGrath, KSKO, 870 AM.
    • Petersburg, KFSK, 100.9 FM. NPR.
    • Sitka, KCAW, 104.7 FM. NPR.
    • St. Paul, KUHB, 91.9 FM.
    • Talkeetna, KTNA, 88.5 FM. Talkeetna Community Radio.
    • Unalakleet, KNSA, 930 AM.
    • Unalaska, KIAL, 1450 AM.
    • Valdez, KCHU, 770 AM. NPR.
    • Wrangell, KSTK, 101.7 FM.


    • Flagstaff, KNAU, 88.7 FM. KPUB 91.7 FM. NPR. 89.7 in Kingman.
    • Grand Canyon, KNAG, 90.3 FM.
    • Hopi Reservation, KUYI, 88.1 FM. Serving the Hopi and Navajo Reservations.
    • Page, KNAD, 91.7 FM.
    • Phoenix, KAFR, 92.7 FM.
    • Phoenix, KJZZ, 91.5 FM.
    • Prescott, KNAQ, 89.3 FM.
    • Show Low, KNAA, 90.7 FM.
    • Tuba City, KGHR, 91.3 FM. Greyhills Academy High School. Public community radio.
    • Tucson, KAMP, 1570 AM. University of Arizona. Alternative, world, jazz, electronic, hip-hop. Webcasting in RealAudio.
    • Tucson, KUAT, 89.7/90.5 FM. 89.7 FM, Sierra Vista. 88.9 FM, Bisbee. 91.7 FM, Nogales. Classical, 24 hours. Also KUAT 1550 AM and KUAZ 89.1 FM, news/jazz.
    • Tucson, KXCI, 91.3 FM. Eclectic music: folk, roots, rock, bluegrass, soul, Grateful Dead!
    • Whiteriver, KNNB, 88.1 FM.
    • Yuma, KAWC, 1320 AM. NPR.


    • Conway, KUCA, 91.3 FM, University of Central Arkansas. 100,000 watts, covering most of the state. Rebroadcasts of Radio Netherlands, Deutsche Welle, BBC World Service, et al.
    • Fayetteville, KUAF, 91.3 FM. University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.
    • Jonesboro, KASU, 91.9 FM. NPR.
    • Little Rock, KABF, 88.3 FM. 100,000 watts, "a forum for music and news that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle of commercial radio."
    • Little Rock, KLRE, 90.5 FM.
    • Little Rock, KUAR, 89.1 FM. University of Arkansas at Little Rock. NPR, jazz, folk. Also KLRE, 90.5 FM, classical


    • Arcata, KHSU, 90.5 FM. Humboldt State University. NPR.
    • Arcata, KRFH, 610 AM. Humboldt State University. Student-run, broadcasting only during school terms, including a live webcast.
    • Avalon, KISL, 88.7 FM. Community-supported, non-commercial educational radio for Santa Catalina Island
    • Bakersfield, KPRX, 89.1 FM.
    • Berkeley, KALX, 90.7 FM. University of California, Berkeley. (510) 642-KALX (request). (510) 642-1111 (business).
    • Berkeley, KPFA, 94.1 FM. Pacifica Foundation.
    • Chico, KCHO, 91.7 FM.
    • Chico, KZFR, 90.1 FM. Redding translator, K296CE, 107.1. Serving the northern Sacramento Valley. Wide variety of musical programming, children's programming 7:00-7:30 weekday evenings, special programming in Spanish and Hmong. "During its first year of operation, the station had no microwave facilities and relied on volunteers who drove the taped programs from the studio to the transmitter where they were played back and broadcast. We believe that this 'gas-powered STL' may be a 'one of a kind' bit of radio history." Tel. (530) 895-0706.
    • Claremont, KSPC, 88.7 FM.
    • Cupertino, KKUP, 91.5 FM. Eclectic, folk, jazz, reggae, public affairs, and more. KKUP is an all volunteer station, no paid staff, a whopping 200 watts, and most important, the only 100% listener sponsored radio station in the US. No underwriting, no college affiliation, nuttin. Just begging subscribers for money. Last of the old time Lorenzo Milan hippie radio stations. (409) 260-2999.
    • Davis, KDVS, 90.3 FM. University of California, Davis. Strongest signal of any freeform station in the U.S., with streaming broadcast and archived programming.
    • El Centro, KUBO, 88.7 FM.
    • Fremont, KOHL, 89.3 FM. Ohlone College. CHR!
    • Fresno, KFSR, 90.7 FM. California State University, Fresno. Student-run. 24 hours, playing jazz from 6:00 a.m. until noon seven days a week, with a mix of alternative, reggae, R&B, occasional campus-service programming such as a faculty advising for an hour once a week, and some sports and/or news.
    • Fresno, KSJV, 91.5 FM.
    • Fresno, KVPR, 89.3 FM.
    • Garberville/Redway, KMUD, 91.1 FM.
    • Hayward, KCRH, 89.9 FM. Chabot College. Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Metal, Punk and Oldies everyday (including weekends), from 7 am - 12 midnight. Also sports, news, traffic and public affairs. Office number: (510) 723-6954. Request line: (510) 723-6981. FAX: (510) 723-7155.
    • Hoopa, KIDE, 91.3 FM. Licensed to the Hoopa Valley Tribe. Located on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation. KIDE is the first solar powered community radio station in California, and the first Native-owned community radio station in the country. We provide our listeners news, information and entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We carry "Native America Calling" from the American Indian Radio On Satellite network Monday through Friday at 10am."
    • Irvine, KUCI, 88.9 FM. University of California, Irvine.
    • Long Beach, KLON, 88.1 FM. California State University, Long Beach. Jazz and blues.
    • Los Altos Hills, KFJC, 89.7 FM. Foothill College. (415) 941-2500 (request). (415) 949-7260 (business). Eclectic, including rock, squonk, blues, bluegrass, industrial; public affairs and news shows including the award-winning Norman Bates Memorial Soundtrack Show, Sez Who? News, and that Sunday night paranoia program.
    • Los Angeles area stations in detail
    • Los Angeles, KPFK, 90.7 FM. Pacifica Foundation. Politics, news, music, including "Global Village", international eclectic music weekdays from 10am-noon (Betto Arcos, C.C. Smith, Yatrika Shah-Rais, John Schneider and Tom Nixon); Roz & Howard Larman's "Folkscene" (since 1970!), Sundays 7-10pm; "The Music Never Stops" (Grateful Dead), Fridays 8-11pm; "Mike Hodel's Hour 25", Fridays 11pm-mid, "This Way Out" (gay and lesbian community news and features), Tuesdays 3:00-3:30pm. Also ... this is one of the coolest-looking radio station web sites I've ever seen.
    • Los Angeles, KSCR, 104.7 FM. University of Southern California, student-run
    • Los Angeles, KUSC, 91.5 FM. University of Southern California. Classical, plus "Prairie Home Companion" Saturdays 6pm, "Thistle & Shamrock", Saturdays 8pm.
    • Los Angeles, KXLU, 88.9 FM. Loyola Marymount University. Student-run. Alternative music days, classical most evenings; "Alma del Barrio", Latin music, Saturdays-Sundays 11am-6pm.
    • Mendocino, KAKX, 89.3 FM. Mendocino High School. Student-run.
    • Menlo-Atherton, KCEA, 89.1 FM. Menlo-Atherton High School. Big band.
    • Mission Viejo, KSBR, 88.5 FM. Saddleback College.
    • Moraga, KSMC, 89.5 FM. St. Mary's College of California, Ferroggiaro Center. Bus (510) 376-1242, Request (510) 631-4895, FAX (510) 376-5766. Eclectic (rock, jazz, world, classical, metal, hip-hop, bilingual news, alternative, etc.) Serving Moraga, Lafayette, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Pacheco, Martinez and the greater Lamorinda area. <>
    • Nevada City/Sacramento, KVMR, 89.5 FM, Nevada City. Auburn, 107.3. Community radio. Folk, international, jazz, classical, alternative rock, etc. Streaming MP3 format signal via
    • Northridge/Los Angeles, KCSN, 88.5 FM. California State University, Northridge. Classical on weekdays, and a rootsy/eclectic mix on the weekends.
    • Pacific Grove, KAZU, 90.3 FM.
    • Palm Springs, KPSC, 88.5 FM.
    • Palo Alto, KZSU, 90.1 FM, Stanford University. (415) 723-9010 (request). (415) 725-4868 (business). The Noise You Need from Stanford University. Eclectic, including rock, squonk, jazz, blues, bluegrass, alternative country, industrial, experimental, hip-hop, reggae (both dancehall and roots), techno. Public affairs including daily news broadcasts, interviews. Local and remote Stanford sports broadcasts.
    • Pasadena, KPCC, 89.3 FM. Pasadena City College, NPR, MPR.
    • Pebble Beach, KSPB, 91.9 FM. Robert Louis Stevenson School.
    • Philo, KZYK, 90.7 FM.
    • Redlands, KUOR, 89.1 FM. University of Redlands. On air for 25 years, and typically broadcasts jazz, reggae and late-night gospel music. Its coverage does not extend much further west than San Bernardino (20 miles from Redlands) and Riverside (about 25 miles).
    • Riverside, KUCR, 88.3 FM. University of California, Riverside.
    • Rohnert Park, KRCB, 91.1 FM. Eclectic music, NPR news and features, radio drama and locally produced programming and features.
    • Sacramento, KXPR, 90.9 FM.
    • Salinas, KHDC, 90.9 FM.
    • San Bernardino/Riverside, KVCR, 91.9 FM. NPR. San Bernardino College District.
    • San Diego, KCR, 1620 AM broadcast, 98.9 FM on Cox Cable radio, RealAudio and WinAmp.
    • San Diego, KPBS, 89.5 FM. NPR.
    • San Diego, KSDT, 95.7 FMcable, 540AM CC, UCSD dorms. University of California, San Diego. Non-broadast student station at UCSD, on cable radio in San Diego and campus carrier current only.
    • San Francisco, KALW, 91.7 FM. San Francisco School District. NPR and other stuff. Eclectic, including rock, jazz, folk. Many public affairs programs.
    • San Francisco, KPOO, 89.5 FM. African-American-owned, non-commercial community radio.
    • San Francisco, KQED, 88.5 FM. NPR/PRI.
    • San Francisco, KUSF, 90.3 FM. University of San Francisco. Eclectic and ethnic programming.
    • San Jose, KSJS, 90.5 FM. San Jose State University. Variety.
    • San Luis Obispo, KCBX, 90.1 FM. 89.9 FM, Santa Barbara. 90.9 FM, Santa Ynez Valley, Avila Beach, and Cambria. 91.1 FM, Cayucos. National Public Radio for California's Central Coast.
    • San Luis Obispo, KCPR, 91.3 FM. California Polytechnic State University. Student-run station playing an electic blend of music. (805) 756-5998.
    • San Marcos, KKSM, 1320 AM. Palomar College. (619) 744-1150, ext. 5576
    • San Mateo, KCSM, 91.1 FM. College of San Mateo. Jazz.
    • Santa Barbara, KCSB, 91.9 FM. University of California, Santa Barbara. College and community radio with a very eclectic format -- Music of all genres, news, public affairs, sports.
    • Santa Barbara, KFAC, 88.7 FM. Simulcast of KUSC, Los Angeles.
    • Santa Clara, KSCU, 103.3 FM. Santa Clara University. "The Underground Sound" ... student-run.
    • Santa Cruz, KUSP, 88.9 FM. NPR, eclectic music.
    • Santa Cruz, KZSC, 88.1 FM. University of California, Santa Cruz.
    • Santa Monica, KCRW, 89.9 FM. NPR.
    • Santa Rosa, KBBF, 89.1 FM.
    • Sonoma, KSUN, 91.5 FM, Sonoma County, California. Sonoma State University.
    • Stockton/Modesto, KUOP, 91.3 FM. Univeristy of the Pacific. Major format change in 1998; NPR News and information programming from 2a-7p weekdays and from 5a-11a on weekends (also Weekend ATC at 5p-6p Sat & Sun.) During other periods, the format is "Americana" music.
    • Temecula, KRTM, 88.9 FM.
    • Thousand Oaks, KCLU, 88.3 FM. California Lutheran University.
    • Thousand Oaks, KCPB, 91.1 FM. Simulcast of KUSC, Los Angeles.
    • Turlock, KCSS, 91.9 FM. Country, folk, roots.
    • Ventura, KRKT, 88.1 FM. Featuring rare and rockin' rockabilly, doo-wop and R&B from the 1950s -- the era that gave birth to rock and roll! Webcasting every Friday and Saturday night from 8:05 p.m. to 11 p.m. Pacific time at
    • Walnut, KSAK, 90.1 FM. Mt. San Antonio Community College. Blasting the area with 3,500 milliwatts!


    • Alamosa, KRZA, 88.9 FM. NPR. Community radio serving the Upper Rio Grande region -- Colorado's San Luis Valley, plus Taos, Española and Santa Fe, New Mexico. News and culture, and music including Latin/Spanish, Classical, Celtic, Bluegrass, Native American, Rock, Folk, Blues, Jazz, World, R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, Techno, Women's and Free Form. "Relevant Radio."
    • Aspen, KAJX, 91.5 FM. NPR.
    • Boulder, KGNU, 88.5 FM. Community radio.
    • Carbondale, KDNK, 90.5 FM.
    • Colorado Springs, KRCC, 91.5 FM. NPR.
    • Cortez, KSJD, 91.5 FM. Also 91.1 Dolores, 104.1 Mancos. San Juan Basin Technical School. NPR. Diverse musical programming, news and cultural programs.
    • Crested Butte, KBUT, 90.3 FM. Also broadcasting at 89.9 FM in Gunnison and 94.9 FM in Almont.
    • Denver, KCFR, 90.1 FM.
    • Denver, KUVO, 89.3 FM.
    • Durango, KDUR, 91.9 FM.
    • Fort Collins, KCSU, 90.5 FM.
    • Grand Junction, KAFM, 88.1 FM.
    • Grand Junction, KPRN, 89.5 FM.
    • Greeley, KUNC, 91.5 FM. University of Northern Colorado. NPR/PRI, and diverse musical programming. The first Colorado station to offer NPR programming.
    • Ignacio, KSUT, 91.3 FM. Four Corners Public Radio. Dual signal streams (one tribal/Southern Ute, one more "mainstream") with a host of translators.
    • Paonia, KVNF, 90.9 FM.
    • Telluride, KOTO, 91.7 FM. Non-underwritten, non-commercial, listener-sponsored and volunteer-supported community radio for over 20 years. 89.3 FM in Ophir and Norwood, 105.5 in Placerville.


    • Connecticut Public Radio: WECS, Willimantic. WEDW, 88.5 Stamford. WNPR, 89.1 FM, Norwich. WPKT, 90.5 FM, Hartford. Classical music.

    • Bridgeport, WPKN, 89.5 FM. WPKN is radio with no rules, 100% community supported and staffed, with over 100 people hitting the airwaves every month. 99.999% locally produced music, news, public affairs and arts programming with as many views as there are programs. For a recent program guide or questions, drop a note to Cliff Furnald <>. You can get Cliff's most recent playlist the same way. WPKN reaches southern and central Conncecticut, Long Island and Westchester County NY.
    • Fairfield, WSHU, 91.1 FM, with translators throughout Southern Connecticut and Long Island. 24 hours a day of classical and folk music, National Public Radio news, and Public Radio International feature shows.
    • Hamden, WQAQ, 98.1 FM. Quinnipiac College. 10 watts, student-run. On the air 7AM to 2AM daily during the school year. Free-form with an emphasis on new rock, hip-hop, ska and RPM. Email
    • Middlefield, WPKT, 90.5 FM.
    • Monroe, WMNR, 88.1 FM. Non-commercial classical and fine arts music for Connecticut and nearby New York.
    • New Britain, WFCS, 107.7 FM. Central Connecticut State University. 50 hrs of blues a month, plus a mixture of metal, urban, alternative, big band, 50-70s, plus some political talk shows.
    • New Haven, WNHU, 88.7 FM. University of New Haven.
    • Storrs, WHUS, 91.7 FM. University of Connecticut. The nation's oldest campus radio station.
    • West Hartford, WWUH, 91.3 FM. University of Hartford. "We feature 9 hours of blues weekly, and almost 30 hours of jazz weekly, as well as folk, reggae, ambient, and of course, modern rock." 24/7.


    • Newark, WVUD, 91.3 FM, University of Delaware. Check out John Lupton's show "Rural Free Delivery".

    District of Columbia

    • WAMU, 88.5 FM, Washington, DC. American University. NPR news, public affairs, traditional American music. Covering a wide area of DC, Maryland and Virginia. Home of the "Soundprint" radio documentary series.
    • WDCU, 90.1 FM, Washington, DC.
    • WETA, 90.9 FM, Washington DC. Independent, listener-supported. Eclectic music, NPR/PRI, news and informational programming.
    • WPFW, 89.3 FM, Washington DC. Pacifica Foundation.


    • Fort Lauderdale, WKPX, 88.5 FM.
    • Fort Meyers, WGCU, 90.1 FM. Gulf Coast University. NPR.
    • Fort Pierce, WQCS, 88.9 FM. NPR.
    • Gainesville, WUFT, 89.1 FM. NPR, classical, jazz, folk.
    • Jacksonville, WJCT, 89.9 FM. NPR.
    • Melbourne, WFIT, 89.5 FM. Florida Tech.
    • Miami, WDNA, 88.9 FM. Jazz.
    • Miami, WLRN, 91.3 FM. NPR, jazz, blues, folk, Caribbean, classical and Latin music.
    • Miami, WVUM, 90.5 FM. University of Miami.
    • Orlando, WMFE, 90.7 FM. NPR.
    • Orlando, WUCF, 89.9 FM. Wide variety of alternative, folk and world music.
    • Palm Beach, WXEL, 90.7 FM.
    • Panama City, WKGC, 90.7 FM/1480 AM. NPR.
    • Pensacola, WUWF, 88.1 FM. University of West Florida. NPR, news, jazz, classical, adult alternative.
    • St. Augustine, WFCF, 88.5 FM. Flagler College. Broadcasting at 6000 watts, 7 days a week from 7:00am to 12:00am. Eclectic.
    • Tallahassee, WFSU, 88.9 FM. Florida State University. NPR.
    • Tallahassee, WFSQ, 91.5 FM. NPR.
    • Tallahassee, WVFS, 89.7 FM. "The Voice of Florida State University"
    • Tampa, WMNF, 88.5 FM. Community radio. Acoustic and alternative; news/public affairs, jazz, blues, reggae, R&B, world beat and roots music, bluegrass, psychedelia, Celtic, 50s/60s rock 'n roll, plus alternative/freeform overnight. Weekends - a mix of bluegrass/acoustic, "Women's Music & Issues", "African-American Affairs", The Polka Show, Music of The Isles, Dixieland and jazz.
    • Tampa, WUSF, 89.7 FM. University of South Florida. NPR.
    • West Palm Beach, WXEL, 90.7 FM. NPR/PRI.
    • Winter Park, WPRK, 91.5 FM.


    • Albany, WUNV, 91.7 FM. NPR.
    • Athens, WUGA, 91.7 FM. University of Georgia. NPR/PRI, Classical, news, jazz, folk, drama, comedy.
    • Athens, WUOG, 90.5 FM. University of Georgia. College rock.
    • Atlanta, WABE, 90.1 FM. NPR, classical.
    • Atlanta, WCLK, 91.9 FM. NPR. Jazz, soul.
    • Atlanta/Marietta, WGHR, 100.7 FM (formerly 102.5 FM). Southern Polytecnic State University. Diverse, non-commercial underground radio.
    • Atlanta, WMRE, cable/internet radio. Emory University. Student station.
    • Atlanta, WRAS, 88.5 FM. Georgia State University. College rock.
    • Atlanta, WREK, 91.1 FM. Georgia Institute of Technology. 40,000 watts. "When 'diverse' is too constricting, think WREK. Rock, rap, reggae, blues, jazz, classical, noise, atmospheric, traditional world music." Broadcasting as one of the most powerful college radio stations in the U.S., and netcasting via RealAudio.
    • Atlanta, WRFG, 89.3 FM. "Radio Free Georgia, Atlanta's roots and heritage station. We feature the most diverse programming in the state". A wide variety of musical genres is represented, including Jim Williams' "The Performing Songwriter" on Friday nights from 7 to 9, with lots of public affairs programming. WRFG serves those traditionally denied access to broadcasting in our country. Tel (404) 523-3471. email <>
    • Augusta, WACG, 90.7 FM. NPR.
    • Columbus, WJSP, 88.1 FM. NPR.
    • Macon, WDCO, 89.7 FM. NPR.
    • Savannah, WSVH, 91.1 FM. NPR.
    • Statesboro, WVGS, 91.9 FM.
    • Tifton, WABR, 91.1 FM. NPR.
    • Valdosta, WWET, 91.7 FM. NPR.
    • Waycross, WXVS, 90.1 FM. NPR.


    • Hanalei, KKCR, 90.9/91.9 FM. Kaua'i Community Radio. Music includes a variety of Hawaiian, Reggae, Blues , Jazz, and World artists, along with many others, plus Pacifica news.
    • Honolulu, KHPR, 88.1 FM. NPR.
    • Honolulu, KIPO, 89.3 FM. NPR.
    • Honolulu, KTUH, 90.3 FM. University of Hawai'i. Diverse format, with everything from jazz to hip hop to Japanese to punk to electronica to reggae to Hawaiian, and more.
    • Pearl City, KIPO, 1350 AM. NPR.
    • Wailuku, KKUA, 90.7 FM. NPR.


    • Boise, KBSU, 730 AM. Boise State University.
    • Cottonwood, KNWO, 90.1 FM. Northwest Public Radio. 90.1 FM. Serving the Camas Prairie, Cottonwood and Grangeville. Repeats KRFA.
    • McCall, KBSM, 91.7 FM. NPR.
    • Moscow, KRFA, 91.7 FM. Northwest Public Radio, NPR.
    • Moscow, KUOI, 89.3 FM. University of Idaho.
    • Twin Falls, KBSW, 91.7 FM. NPR.


    • Bloomington, WESN, 88.1 FM. Illinois Wesleyan University. Student-run, "stuff you won't hear anywhere else." Eclectic/alternative.
    • Carbondale, WSIU, 91.9 FM. Southern Illinois University.
    • Charleston, WEIU, 88.9 FM. Eastern Illinois University.
    • Chicago, The Low End: A web page focusing on non-commercial radio in the Chicago area
    • Chicago, WBEZ, 91.5 FM. NPR, jazz. Chicago's only NPR affiliate.
    • Chicago, WCRX, 88.1 FM. "Chicago's Underground." Dance/techno. Internet webcast.
    • Chicago, WHPK, 88.5 FM.
    • Chicago, WIIT, 88.9 FM. Illinois Institute of Technology.
    • Chicago, WKKC, 89.3 FM. Kennedy-King College.
    • Chicago, WRTE, 90.5 FM. Radio Arte. Bilingual English / Spanish all youth operated radio station. Contemporary alternative music and information. 24/7
    • Chicago, WSSD, 88.1 FM. Lakeside Communications. Blues/soul.
    • Chicago, WXAV, 88.3 FM. St. Xavier University. "The Escape From Ordinary Radio." Rock/variety/local music.
    • Chicago, WZRD, 88.3 FM. Freeform radio for over 20 years.
    • DeKalb, WNIJ, 89.5 FM. Northern Illinois University. Northern Public Radio. NPR/PRI. Contemporary Jazz.
    • Downer's Grove, WDGC, 88.3 FM. DuPage County Community High School District 99.
    • Edwardsville, WSIE, 88.7 FM. Southern Illinois University. NPR, jazz.
    • Elgin, WEPS, 88.9 FM. Union School District 46.
    • Elmhurst, WRSE, 88.7 FM. Elmhurst College.
    • Evanston, WLUW, 88.7 FM. Loyola University. Independent music (rock, jazz, rap, etc.)
    • Evanston, WNUR, 89.3 FM. Northwestern University. International music, folk, blues, reggae. Check out The Driftweb, the accompanying website to WNUR's excellent folk and roots music program "Continental Drift"
    • Flossmoor, WHFH, 88.5 FM. Homewood-Flossmoor High School. Commercial-free music and talk. WHFH plays a collection of music from the 60's to today's hits everyday from 8:30 AM until 9 PM CST Monday through Thursday, and 8:30 until 6 PM on Friday. WHFH is also the home of the popular local politics program, Politics Now!
    • Freeport, WNIE, 89.1 FM. Northern Public Radio. NPR/PRI/then either Jazz or Classical.
    • Glen Ellyn, WDCB, 90.9 FM. College of DuPage. NPR.
    • Glenview, WGBK, 88.5 FM. Glenview High School.
    • Hinsdale, WHSD, 88.5 FM. Hinsdale Central High School.
    • Joliet, WCSF, 88.7 FM. University of St. Francis. Student-run, faculty advised. Broadcasting 24/7 year-round, alternative format.
    • Kankakee, WTKC, 91.1 FM. Kankakee County Convention and Visitors Bureau.
    • LaGrange, WLTL, 88.1 FM. Lyons Township High School.
    • Lake Forest, WMXM, 88.9 FM. Lake Forest College.
    • LaSalle/Peru/Ottawa, WNIW, 91.1 FM. Northern Public Radio. NPR/PRI/Classical.
    • Lockport, WLRA, 88.1 FM. Lewis University.
    • Macomb, WIUM, 91.3 FM. WIUW, 89.5 FM. Western Illinois University. NPR, classical, jazz, folk, affairs.
    • Mt. Carmel, WVJC, 89.1 FM. 50,000 watt powerhouse of Wabash Valley College, an Illinois Eastern Community College.
    • Naperville, WONC, 89.1 FM. North Central College. "Pure Rock - Classics to Cutting Edge."
    • Normal, WGLT, 89.1 FM. Illinois State University. NPR, classical, jazz, blues.
    • Park Ridge, WMTH, 90.5 FM. Maine Township High School. 8 watts.
    • Peoria, WCBU, 89.9 FM. Bradley University. Classical music, news, radio drama and folk music.
    • Quincy, WQUB, 90.3 FM. Quincy University. NPR/PRI, classical, jazz, folk.
    • River Grove, WRRG, 88.9 FM. Triton College. Plays a great mix of independent and mainstream music with a strong focus on local bands.
    • Rockford, WNIU, 105.7 FM. Northern Illinois University, Northern Public Radio. Classical.
    • Rock Island, WVIK, 90.3 FM. Covering the Quad Cities, and surrounding areas of Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa. NPR, classical, jazz.
    • Romeoville, WLRA, 88.1 FM. Lewis University.
    • Springfield, WSSU, 91.9 FM. NPR.
    • Springfield, WUIS, 91.9 FM. WIPA, 89.3 FM, Pittsfield. NPR, classical, jazz, folk.
    • Sterling - Dixon - Rock Falls, WNIQ, 91.5 FM. Northern Public Radio. NPR/PRI/then either Jazz or Classical.
    • Urbana-Champaign, WEFT. 90.1 FM. Community radio.
    • Urbana, WILL, 90.9 FM/580 AM. NPR.
    • Wheaton, WETN, 88.1 FM. Wheaton College.
    • Winnetka, WNTH, 88.1 FM. New Trier High School.


    • Bloomington, WFHB, 91.3 FM. "Indiana's only listener-supported community radio station." Featuring "Rural Routes", hosted by Steve Rouse, Saturdays noon-2pm.
    • Bloomington, WFIU, 103.7 FM. Indiana University. NPR, classical, jazz, folk.
    • Bloomington, WIUS, 1570 AM. Indie/alternative rock, jazz, blues, rap/hip-hop, R&B, folk.
    • Carmel, WHJE, 91.3 FM. Carmel High School.
    • Chesterton, WAJW, 89.5 FM. Simulcasting WFMU, East Orange, NJ.
    • Chesterton, WDSO, 88.3 FM. Chesterton High School, 413 Watts. "The Rock of Chesterton".
    • Columbia City, WJHS, 91.5 FM. Columbia City High School. Entirely student-run. Alternative music, local sports, all webcasting live.
    • Elkhart, WVPE, 88.1 FM.
    • Evansville, WNIN, 88.3 FM.
    • Evansville, WPSR, 90.7 FM. Evansville Central High School.
    • Evansville, WUEV, 91.5 FM. University of Evansville.
    • Fort Wayne, WBNI, 89.1 FM. Classical music, jazz and NPR news.
    • Fort Wayne, WCYT, 91.1 FM. Homestead High School. The nation's first high school radio station on the Web! Student-operated and -owned.
    • Gary, WGVE, 88.7 FM. Gary Area Career Center.
    • Goshen, WGCS, 91.1 FM. Goshen College. 14 hours of folk music programming per week, including the nightly program "Crossings"
    • Huntington, WVSH, 91.9 FM. Huntington North High School.
    • Indianapolis, WAJC, 104.5 FM. NPR.
    • Indianapolis, WBDG, 90.9 FM. Ben Davis High School. Current format is "Hot AC".
    • Indianapolis, WEDM, 91.1 FM. Walker Career Center.
    • Indianapolis, WFYI, 90.1 FM. NPR.
    • Indianapolis, WICR, 88.7 FM. University of Indianapolis. Classical, Jazz and Information programming for Central Indiana.
    • Indianapolis, WJEL, 89.3 FM. J. Everitt Light Career Center.
    • Indianapolis, WRFT, 91.5 FM. Franklin Central High School.
    • Knightstown, WKPW, 90.7 FM. Country music, 24 hours.
    • Lafayette, WJEF, 91.9 FM, Lafayette Jefferson High School, student-run. Variety - mainly 50s, 60s and 70s (some 80's). The station recently celebrated 30 years on the air!
    • Muncie, WBST, 92.1 FM. NPR.
    • New Albany, WNAS, 88.1 FM. New Albany Floyd County Consolidated Schools. High school station, student-run, began broadcasting in 1949. Live streaming audio from the web site.
    • South Bend, WVFI, 640 AM. University of Notre Dame.
    • West Lafayette, WBAA, 101.3 FM/920 AM, Purdue University. The FM station is primarily classical music, with other shows like "A Prairie Home Companion", etc. The AM station is NPR, news, talk, jazz, etc.
    • Vincennes, WVUB, 91.1 FM.


    • Ames, WOI, 90.1 FM/640 AM. Iowa State University.
    • Cedar Falls, KHKE, 90.7 FM. Univeristy of Northern Iowa. Jazz, classical. Sister station of KUNI.
    • Cedar Falls, KUNI, 90.9 FM. University of Northern Iowa. 100,000 watts. Translators at: 98.7, Dubuque. 101.7 Des Moines. 94.5 Quad Cities area. NPR, folk, acoustic. Sister station of KHKE.
    • Cedar Rapids, KCCK, 88.3 FM.
    • Council Blufs, KIWR, 89.7 FM.
    • Fort Dodge, KTPR, 91.1 FM. NPR.
    • Iowa City, Iowa City Free Radio, 88.7 FM. Community based information and music source. Email <> Participants in the nationwide community-based radio movement that gives control of the media back to the people.
    • Iowa City, KRUI, 89.7 FM. Univeristy of Iowa. "Iowa City's Sound Alternative". Email <>
    • Iowa City, KSUI, 91.7 FM/910 AM. NPR.
    • Mason City, KRNI, 1010 AM. NPR.
    • Mason City, KUNY, 91.5 FM. NPR.
    • Sioux Center, KDCR, 88.5 FM. Dordt College. Non-commercial, 100,000 watts.
    • Sioux City, KWIT, 90.3 FM. NPR.
    • Waterloo, KBBG, 88.1 FM.
    • West Des Moines, KWDM, 88.7 FM. Valley High School. Student-run, playing new rock music. Email <>


    • Hill City, KZNA, 90.5 FM. NPR.
    • Hutchinson, KHCC, 90.1 FM. NPR.
    • Lawrence, KANU, 91.5 FM. 100,000 watts. Jazz, blues, folk, classical/opera, news.
    • Manhattan, KKSU, 580 AM. Kansas State University. 70 years and counting ...
    • Manhattan, KSDB, 91.9 FM. Kansas State University. Wildcat Radio.
    • Pierceville, KANZ, 91.1 FM. NPR.
    • Pittsburg, KRPS, 89.9 FM. Pittsburg State University. "Public Radio for the Four States", also broadcasting to Bartlesville, OK at 102.7 FM and Iola, KS at 91.3 FM. NPR.
    • Wichita, KMUW, 89.1 FM. NPR.


    • Bowling Green, WKYU, 88.9 FM. NPR.
    • Highland Heights, WNKU, 89.7 FM. NPR. 572-6604f -6500v -7897 studio. 301 Landrum Center, Highland Hts, KY 41099.
    • Lexington, WBKY, 91.3 FM. NPR. Email <>
    • Lexington, WRFL, 88.1 FM. University of Kentucky. Student-run.
    • Lexington, WUKY, 91.3 FM. 92.1 FM, Fayette County. University of Kentucky. NPR, classical, jazz, folk/world.
    • Louisville, WFPL, 89.3 FM. WFPK, 91.9 FM. Louisville, and Southern Indiana.
    • Louisville, WFPK, 91.9 FM. Adult Alternative for Grownups - roots, global, local, jazz etc. Voted Best of Louisville Radio Station 1998 and 1999
    • Louisville, WUOL - 90.9 FM. University of Louisville. Classical.
    • Morehead, WMKY, 90.3 FM. NPR.
    • Murray, WKMS, 91.3 FM. NPR.
    • Richmond, WEKU, 88.9 FM. WEKH, 90.9 FM, Hazard. Eastern Kentucky University. Classical music, arts, news and informational programming.
    • Whitesburg, WMMT, 88.7 FM. WMMT is a community radio station with quite a lot of Appalachian music (old time and bluegrass, live and recorded).


    • Alexandria, KLSA, 90.7 FM. NPR.
    • Baton Rouge, KLSU, 91.1 FM. Louisiana State University. New Rock.
    • Baton Rouge, WBRH, 90.3 FM. Baton Rouge High School. "Smooth Jazz in the City".
    • Baton Rouge, WRKF, 89.3 FM. NPR.
    • El Dorado, KSBA, 90.9 FM.
    • Hammond, KSLU, 90.9 FM. Southeastern Louisiana University.
    • Lafayette, KRVS, 88.7 FM. University of Southwestern Louisiana. Radio Acadie. National Public Radio. Lots of Cajun French programming on the weekend -- check out their local programming page as well
    • New Orleans area stations, in detail
    • Shreveport, KDAQ, 89.9 FM. NPR.


    • Bangor, WHSN 89.3 FM. New England School of Communications/Husson College. Student run, non-commercial, alternative rock station. Visit us at the NESCom Communications center located at One College Circle; email us at
    • Bangor, WMEH, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Blue Hills Falls, WERU, 89.8 FM. Bangor, 102.9 FM. A volunteer-run community radio station, eclectic music from folk to blues to jazz to techno/rock.
    • Brunswick, WBOR, 91.1 FM. Bowdoin College.
    • Gorham, WMPG, 90.9 FM. Portland, 104.1 FM. University of Southern Maine. "We are a community station; most of our volunteers come from the community at-large. Our programming includes just about everything. Two of our homegrown public affairs shows have recently won NFCB awards."
    • Portland, WMEA, 90.1 FM. NPR.
    • Rockland, WRFR, 93.3 FM. Rockland Free Radio.
    • Waterville, WMHB, 89.7 FM. Colby College.


    • Annapolis, WRNV, 89.7 FM. United States Naval Academy.
    • Baltimore, WBJC, 91.5 FM.
    • Baltimore, WEAA, 88.9 FM. NPR.
    • Baltimore, WJHU, 88.1 FM. NPR.
    • Bel Air, WHFC, 91.1 FM. Harford Community College.
    • College Park, WMUC, 88.1 FM / 650 AMCC. University of Maryland.
    • Hagerstown, WETH, 89.1 FM. A satellite station of WETA in Washington, DC.
    • Princess Ane, WESM, 91.3 FM.
    • Salisbury, WSCL, 89.5 FM. NPR.
    • Towson, WTMD, 89.7 FM. WTMD is a 10,000 public radio station from the campus of Towson University, and Mon-Sat plays a unique blend of new adult contemporary format, called "The Breeze." We're also the home of "Detour", the folk and acoustic music show hosted by Tony Sica along with Paul Hartman of Dirty Linen magazine.


    • Allston, Allston-Brighton Free Radio, 1670 AM.
    • Amherst, WFCR, 88.5 FM. University of Massachusetts. Classical, jazz, folk.
    • Amherst, WMUA, 91.1 FM. University of Massachusetts. Eclectic music, featuring some of the most popular polka shows in the country, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Live webstream
    • Boston, WBUR, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Boston, WERS, 88.9 FM. Emerson College.
    • Boston, WGBH, 89.7 FM.
    • Boston, WTBU, 89.3 FM. Boston University.
    • Boston, WUMB, 91.9 FM. University of Massachusetts, Boston. "Folk and roots... day and night."
    • Boston, WZBC, 90.3 FM. Boston College.
    • Cambridge, WMBR, 88.1 FM. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    • Fitchburg, WXPL, 91.3 FM. Fitchburg State College.
    • Framingham, WDJM, 91.3 FM. Framingham State College.
    • Harwich, WCCT, 90.3 FM. Cape Cod Tech. Student-run.
    • Lowell, WJUL, 91.5 FM.
    • Provincetown, WOMR, 92.1 FM. Outermost Community Radio. We are a non-commercial, community radio station, serving all of Cape Cod, as well as much of the South Shore of Boston. Jim Mulligan hosts a Blues program Sunday afternoons from 4-6pm called "Mulligan Stew".
    • Medford, WMFO, 91.5 FM. Medford and greater Boston. Tufts University. Freeform. Home of "Something About the Women", Saturdays 11am-2pm, featuring music by women from all genres, poetry and other women's writing, interviews, and information about women-related events in the Boston area.
    • Nantucket Island, WNAN, 91.1 FM. "The Cape and Islands NPR Stations".
    • North Dartmouth, WSMU, 91.1 FM. Lots of folk music programming.
    • Rockland, WRPS, 88.3 FM. A broadcast service of Rockland Public Schools.
    • Salem, WMWM, 91.7 FM.
    • Wellesley, WZLY, 91.5 FM. Wellesley College.
    • Williamstown, WCFM, 91.1 FM. 100% student-run.
    • Woods Hole-Martha's Vineyard, WCAI, 90.1 FM. "The Cape and Islands NPR Stations".
    • Worcester, WCUW, 91.3 FM. A non-commercial, community access radio station. We seek to make a positive difference in the lives of the people of Central New England: striving to involve those communities typically under-represented by the media in programming and operations; educating the community about local issues; supporting local artists, activities and culture, independent and emerging music, and participating in the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. Want to contact us? Email us at or call our business office at (508) 753-1012. Request Line: (508) 753-2284. Also check out Richard Fox's program New Traditions, Tuesdays 6-9am.
    • Worcester, WCHC, 88.1 FM. College of the Holy Cross.
    • Worcester, WICN, 90.5 FM. NPR.
    • Worcester, WPIR, 90.1 FM. Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


    • Alpena, WCUL, 91.7 FM. NPR.
    • Ann Arbor, WCBN, 88.3 FM, Ann Arbor, Michigan. University of Michigan radio. Student-run, "providing the community and the world with the best music of every genre, everywhere."
    • Ann Arbor, WUOM, 91.7 FM. University of Michigan. WFUM, 91.1 FM, Fling. WVGR, 104.1 FM, Grand Rapids.
    • Bay City, WUCX, 90.1 FM. University Center. Delta College/Central Michigan University. NPR/PRI, jazz, new music.
    • Bloomfield Hills, WBFH, 88.1 FM.
    • Central Michigan University Public Broadcasting
    • Dearborn, WHFR, 89.3 FM. Henry Ford Community College. "Saving Detroit's Airwaves!" Classical, jazz, world, rock, and more.
    • Detroit, WDET, 101.9 FM. NPR. Wayne State University. Home of Matt Watroba's "Folks Like Us", Saturdays from noon to 3:00pm
    • East Lansing, WKAR, 90.5 FM, 870 AM. Michigan State University. NPR/PRI,
    • Flint, WFBE, 95.1 FM.
    • Grand Rapids, WGVU, 88.5 FM, 1480 AM. NPR. Jazz, blues.
    • Grand Rapids, WYCE, 88.1 FM.
    • Harbor Springs, WCMW, 103.9 FM.
    • Houghton, WMTU, 91.9 FM. Michigan Tech.
    • Interlochen, WIAA, 88.7 FM. 100.9 FM, East Jordan. 100.7 FM, Traverse City.
    • Kalamazoo, WIDR, 89.1 FM. Western Michigan Univeristy. Student station.
    • Kalamazoo, WMUK, 102.1 FM. Western Michigan University. 50,000 watts. NPR.
    • Marquette, WNMU, 90.1 FM. Northern Michigan University. NPR. 107.1 Escanaba, 91.9 Manistique, 91.3 Menominee, 107.3 Stephenson.
    • Mount Pleasant, WCMU, 89.5 FM. NPR.
    • Rochester, WXOU, 88.3 FM. Free-format community radio from Oakland University. Broadcasting scheduled to begin in August 1995. Contact: Jon Moshier, General Manager <>
    • Sault Ste. Marie, WCMZ, 98.3 FM.
    • Traverse City, WNMC, 90.9 FM. Streaming audio via Live365.
    • Twin Lake, WBLV, 90.3 FM. NPR.
    • Ypsilanti, WEMU, 89.1 FM. East Michigan University. NPR, jazz, blues. classical. Talking books for the visually-impaired on subcarrier.


    • Minnesota Public Radio Online

    • Appleton, KRSU, 91.3 FM. NPR.
    • Bemidji, KCRB, 88.5 FM. NPR.
    • Brainerd, KBPR, 90.7 FM. NPR.
    • Bulh, WIRR, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Collegeville/St. Cloud, KNSR, 88.9 FM. NPR.
    • Collegeville/St. Cloud, KSJR, 90.1 FM.
    • Decorah, KLCD, 89.5 FM.
    • Duluth, KUMD, 103.3 FM. University of Minnesota at Duluth.
    • Duluth, WSCD, 92.9 FM. NPR.
    • Grand Marais, WTIP, 90.7 FM. 91.7 FM, Gunflint Trail. North Shore Community Radio.
    • Grand Rapids, KAXE, 91.7 FM. 89.5 FM Brainerd, 94.7 FM Bemidji. NPR. Jazz, blues, rock, country, folk, new age, big band, and worldbeat.
    • Houghton, WGGL, 91.1 FM.
    • Mankato, KMSU, 89.7 FM. Mankato State University. NPR.
    • Minneapolis, KBEM, 88.5 FM.
    • Minneapolis, KDXL, 106.5 FM.
    • Minneapolis/St. Paul, KFAI, 90.3 FM & 106.7 FM, Community Radio for Minneapolis and St. Paul
    • Minneapolis/St. Paul, KUOM, 770 AM. University of Minnesota at Twin Cities
    • Moorhead, KCCM, 91.1 FM. NPR.
    • Morris, KUMM, 89.7 FM. University of Minnesota at Morris
    • Northfield, WCAL, 89.3 FM. St. Olaf's University.
    • Rochester, KLSE, 91.7 FM. NPR.
    • Rochester, KRPR, 89.9 FM.
    • Rochester, KZSE, 90.7 FM. NPR.
    • St. Cloud, KVSC, 88.1 FM. St. Cloud State University. "Your Sound Alternative"
    • St. Louis Park, KDXL, 106.5 FM. ISD #283
    • St. Paul/Minneapolis, KGAC, 90.5 FM. NPR.
    • St. Paul/Minneapolis, KNOW, 91.1 FM/1330 AM.
    • St. Paul/Minneapolis, KSJN, 99.5 FM.
    • St. Paul, WMCM, 91.7 FM. Macalester College
    • Thief River Falls, KQMN, 91.5 FM. NPR.
    • Winona, KQAL, 89.5 FM. Winona State University.
    • Worthington/Marshall, KRSW, 91.7 FM. NPR.


    • Public Radio Mississippi

    • Biloxi, WMAH, 90.3 FM. NPR.
    • Booneville, WMAE, 89.5 FM. NPR.
    • Bude, WMAU, 88.9 FM. NPR.
    • Greenwood, WMAO, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Hattiesburg, WUSM, 88.5 FM.
    • Holly Springs, WURC, 88.1 FM.
    • Jackson, WJSU, 88.5 FM. Jackson State University. NPR.
    • Jackson, WMPN, 91.3 FM.
    • Lorman, WPRL, 91.7 FM. NPR.
    • Meridian, WMAW, 88.1 FM. NPR.
    • Mississippi State, WMAB, 89.9 FM. NPR.
    • Mississippi State, WMSV, 91.1 FM. Mississippi State University. Alternative/AAA, plus specialty shows and public affairs. Webcasting via RealAudio.
    • Oxford, WMAV, 90.3 FM. NPR.


    • Cape Girardeau, KRCU, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Columbia, KBIA, 91.3 FM. Classical. NPR.
    • Columbia, KOPN, 89.5 FM.
    • Joplin, KXMS, 88.7 FM. Missouiri Southern State College. 24-hour classical music, public affairs and folk music programming.
    • Kansas City, KCUR, 89.3 FM.
    • Kansas City, KKFI, 90.1 FM.
    • Maryville, KXCV, 90.5 FM. NPR.
    • Rolla, KMNR, 89.7 FM. We're the non-NPR station in Rolla, totally free format and run by the students, for the students. They have a great mix of music, and lots of great programming like Big Backyard, the Grateful Dead Hour, and Maximum Rock and Roll, et al.
    • Rolla, KUMR, 88.5 FM. University of Missouri-Rolla. Eclectic and folk music, NPR, talk. Home of "We're Science", a nationally syndicated science program.
    • Springfield, KSMU, 91.1 FM. NPR.
    • St. Louis, KDHX, 88.1 FM. Extremely eclectic music programming, plus theatre, poetry, news, and public affairs shows produced by and for various interest groups in the community (African, African-American, Latino, gay and lesbian, women's interests, etc.) Cajun music on at 4-7 PM Tuesday nights on "Howzit Bayou?", and an Irish show from 10-12 am Monday mornings. Broadcasting on the web via Realaudio.
    • St. Louis, KWMU, 90.7 FM. University of Missouri. NPR, talk, classical, jazz, world.
    • Warrensburg, KCMW, 90.9 FM. NPR.


    • Billings, KEMC, 91.7 FM. NPR.
    • Bozeman, KBMC, 102.1 FM. NPR.
    • Bozeman, KGLT, 91.9 FM. Montana State University. Helena, 98.1 FM. Livingston, 89.5 FM. "Southwest Montana's (Alternative) Public Radio Source"
    • Great Falls, KGPR, 89.9 FM. NPR.
    • Missoula, KBGA, 89.9 FM. University of Montana.
    • Missoula, KUFM, 89.1 FM. University of Montana at Missoula. Also KGPR, 89.9 FM, Great Falls. The Montana Public Radio home page also resides here.


    • Alliance, KTNE, 91.1 FM. NPR.
    • Hastings, KHNE, 89.1 FM. NPR.
    • Lexington, KLNE, 88.7 FM. NPR.
    • Lincoln, KUCV, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Lincoln, KZUM, 89.3 FM. Free-form community radio.
    • The Nebraska Public Radio network
    • Norfolk, KXNE, 89.3 FM. NPR.
    • Omaha, KIOS, 91.5 FM. NPR.
    • Omaha, KVNO, 90.7 FM. Classical, jazz, blues, folk, Latino.


    • Las Vegas, KCEP, 88.1 FM. NPR. Music (the mix combines the urban sounds of rap, hip-hop, R&B, soul and old school with reggae, and Gospel Sundays), locally produced public affairs programming and cultural programs, broadcasting throughout the Las Vegas Valley.
    • Las Vegas, KLNR, 91.7 FM.
    • Las Vegas, KNPR, 89.5 FM.
    • Las Vegas, KUNV, 91.5 FM. University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
    • Reno, KUNR, 88.7 FM. University of Nevada, Reno. NPR, classical, jazz, world music.

    New Hampshire

    • Concord, WEVO, 89.1 FM. NPR.
    • Durham, WUNH, 91.3 FM. University of New Hampshire.
    • Keene, WKNH, 91.3 FM. Student-run.
    • New Hampshire Public Radio
    • Plymouth, WPCR 91.7 FM. Plymouth State College. Completely student-owned and -run.

    New Jersey

    • East Orange, WFMU, 91.1 FM. Uppsala College. Astonishingly eclectic music. Totally wacked.
    • Freehold, WPDQ, 89.7 FM. "Oldies and talk, churches and polka show on Sunday."
    • Hackettstown, WNTI, 91.9 FM. Centenary College. Free-form radio for northwest New Jersey. Supports and plays music by local musicians.
    • Lincroft, WBJB, 90.5 FM. NPR.
    • Morristown, WJSV, 90.5 FM. A non-commercial FM station broadcasting with an ERP of 125 watts. It is owned by the Morris School District and operated by the students of Morristwon High School. Its adress is: WJSV c/o Morristown High School, 50 Early Street, Morristown, New Jersey, 07960-3898. Telephone is 973-292-2168, fax is 973-539-5573.
    • Newark, WBGO, 88.3 FM. Real Jazz, Right Now. NPR.
    • Pemberton, WBZC, 88.9 FM. Burlington County College. Home of "Sunday Morning Klezmer and Other Jewish Music", 6-10am, hosted by Jacob Freedman
    • Sergeantsville, WDVR, 89.7 FM. Princeton, 91.9 FM. Community radio, diversified programming. (609) 397-1620
    • South Orange, WSOU, 89.5 FM. Seton Hall University. "The New York area's hardest rock station."
    • Teaneck, WFDU, 89.1 FM. Fairleigh Dickinson University. "WFDU has been broadcasting for 30 years in the metropolitan area of NYC, NJ and southern tip of Connecticut. There is an eclectic mix of Americana mornings and weekends, but every afternoon starting at 1pm we play Blues and REAL R&B until 3:45pm then continue broadcasting until 5pm on the Internet. We stream audio throughout the day as a simulcast to broadcast.
    • Trenton, WWFM, 89.1 FM.

    New Mexico

    • Albuquerque, KANW, 89.1 FM. Your first choice for New Mexico music! The musical format consists almost entirely of Spanish-language pop and roots music that's made by New Mexico musicians. Plus NPR, PRI. Great station! "Arriba Nuevo Mexico!"
    • Albuquerque, KUNM, 89.9 FM. University of New Mexico. News, eclectic and freeform music.
    • Farmington, KSJE, 90.9 FM.
    • Gallup, KGLP, 91.7 FM. Four Corners Public Radio.
    • Las Cruces, KRWG, 90.7 FM. NPR.
    • Magdalena, KABR, 1500 AM.
    • Pine Hill, KTDB, 89.7 FM.
    • Portales, KENW, 89.9 FM. NPR.
    • Socorro, KTEK, 88.7 FMCC. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Carrier current, non-broadcast.
    • Taos, KTAO, 101.9 FM. Solar-powered; "The World's Most Powerful Solar Radio Station".
    • Zuni, KSHI, 90.9 FM, Zuni.

    New York

    • Albany, WAMC, 90.3 FM. NPR,classical, folk, jazz.
    • Albany, WMHT, 89.1 FM, and WRHV 88.7 FM. Member-supported Public Radio for the Hudson-Mohawk region.
    • Binghamton, WHRW, 90.5 FM.
    • Binghamton, WSKG, 89.3 FM. NPR.
    • Brooklyn, WBCR, 590 AM. Brooklyn College. "The Mighty 590... We are closed-circuit, but we also broadcast through our site using Windows Media Player. Our email address is".
    • Buffalo, WBFO, 88.7 FM. State University of New York, Buffalo. NPR news and jazz.
    • Buffalo, WBNY, 91.3 FM.
    • Buffalo, WERB, 970 AM.
    • Buffalo, WNED, 94.5 FM.
    • Canajoharie, WCAN, 93.3 FM. NPR.
    • Canton, WSLU, 89.5 FM. NPR
    • Clinton, WHCL, 88.7 FM. Hamilton College. Trustee owned, completely student run. SUPER eclectic range of music runs the gamut from Ska and rap to classical. Our Sunday jazz broadcast is well known throughout the area for its excellence. 270 watts, 40 mile radius. Email <>
    • Elmira, WECW, 107.7 FM. Elmira College. Non-commercial, student-run. Email
    • Geneva, WEOS, 89.7 FM. Hobart & William Smith Colleges. Modern rock, folk, blues, jazz, world music, reggae, rap, R&B and gospel music, plus news, sports and public affairs programming. NPR.
    • Ithaca, WICB, 91.7 FM. Ithaca College.
    • Ithaca, WSQG, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Ithaca, WVBR, 93.5 FM. Cornell University.
    • Jeffersonville, WJFF/Radio Catskill, 90.5 FM. Classical, jazz, folk. The only hydroelectrically powered public radio station.
    • Kingston, WAMK, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Lake Ronkonkoma, WSHR, 91.9 FM. 24 hour Big Band & Jazz station. Home of "Make Believe Ballroom", big band music of the 20s, 30s & 40s. Hosted by Bill Frisch, founded in 1935 by Martin Block
    • New York City, WBAI, 99.5 FM. Pacifica Foundation.
    • New York City, WFUV, 90.7 FM. Eclectic folks and roots music.
    • New York City, WKCR, 89.9 FM. Columbia University. Broadcasting since 1941, the station is world renowned for its jazz, classical, experimental, Latin, American, and world programming.
    • New York City, WNYC, 93.9 FM/820 AM. NPR. "The most listened to public radio station in America."
    • New York City, WNYE, 91.5 FM. The broadcast services of the New York City Board of Education.
    • Oneonta, WSQC, 91.7 FM. NPR.
    • Oswego, WRVO, 89.9 FM. 91.9 FM, Utica. 91.7 FM, Watertown.
    • Plattsburgh, WPLT, 93.9 FM.
    • Poughkeepsie, WVKR, 91.3 FM. Vassar College. Student-run. Jazz, Classical, Blues, Hip Hop, Metal, Polka and independent and underground rock.
    • Rochester, WBER, 90.5 FM. Alternative, techno, etc. Some student on-air involvement from two community high schools as well.
    • Rochester, WGMC, 90.1 FM. "Jazz radio in Rochester." E-mail
    • Rochester, WITR, 89.7 FM.
    • Rochester, WRUR, 88.5 FM. University of Rochester. Student-run. A diverse mix of musical styles, from hip-hop to classical and everything in between.
    • Rochester, WXXI, 91.5 FM/1370 AM. NPR, talk, jazz, blues.
    • Schenectady, WMHT, 89.1 FM.
    • Stony Brook, WUSB, 90.1 FM.
    • Syracuse, WAER, 88.1 FM. NPR, news, sports, and lots of jazz.
    • Syracuse, WCNY, 91.3 FM. NPR.
    • Ticonderoga, WANC, 103.9 FM. NPR.
    • Troy, WRPI, 91.5 FM. Rensaleer Polytechnic Institute.
    • Utica, WRVN, 90.9 FM.
    • Utica, WUNY, 89.5 FM. NPR.
    • Watertown, WJNY, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Watertown, WRVJ, 90.9 FM.

    North Carolina

    • Asheville, WCQS, 881. FM.
    • Chapel Hill, WUNC, 91.5 FM. NPR.
    • Chapel Hill, WXYC, 89.3 FM. "They are extremely dedicated to diverse, independent music from all over the globe, but especially to our homegrown NC music. Alternative rock would probably be the best chance at pigeon-holing XYC, but that would be grossly inadequate. They are also the first college radio station to 'go live' on the web with their broadcast!"
    • Charlotte, WFAE, 90.7 FM. NPR, jazz. Original home of "The Thistle and Shamrock".
    • Davidson, WDAV, 89.9 FM. Classical.
    • Durham, WNCU, 90.7 FM. North Carolina Central University. Jazz and news, plus weekend shows featuring soul, gospel, hip hop, etc.
    • Durham, WXDU, 88.7 FM, Duke University. Student-run, although featuring a DJ mix of about half students and half members of the local community. Regular format explores all musical genres, with specialty shows in folk/roots/bluegrass, hip hop, Latin, techno, comedy, jazz, old school country and a local music show with live performances. Also the home of Steve Gardner's stupendous oldtime/bluegrass/traditional music program "Topsoil".
    • Elizabeth City, WRVS, 90.7 FM.
    • Fayetteville, WFSS, 91.9 FM. NPR.
    • Greenville, WZMB, 91.3 FM. East Carolina University. Mainly "college alternative" but also have specialty shows for world, reggae, rap, metal, Americana, you name it.
    • New Bern, WTEB, 89.3 FM. NPR.
    • Raleigh, WKNC, 88.1 FM. NC State University. Alternative, reggae, college music.
    • Raleigh, WSHA, 88.9 FM. Shaw University. Jazz, blues, gospel, world music.
    • Roanoke Rapids, WRZU 88.5 FM. Standars of yesteryear by day, classical by night.
    • Sanford, WDCC, 90.5 FM. Central Carolina Community College.
    • Spindale, WNCW, 88.7 FM. NPR, eclectic music.
    • Wilmington, WHQR, 91.3 FM. 94.1 FM, Lumberton. NPR/PRI. Classical, jazz, blues, world music.
    • Wake Forest, WCPE, 89.7 FM.
    • Winston-Salem, WFDD, 88.5 FM. Wake Forest University. NPR, classical, jazz and traditional folk music.

    North Dakota

    • Belcourt, KEYA, 88.5 FM.
    • Bismarck, KCND, 90.5 FM. NPR.
    • Dickinson, KDPR, 89.9 FM. NPR.
    • Fargo, KDSU, 91.9 FM. NPR.
    • Grand Forks, KFJM, 89.3 FM/1370 AM. NPR.
    • Minot, KMPR, 89.5 FM. NPR.
    • New Town, KMHA, 91.3 FM.
    • Prairie Public Radio
    • Williston, KPPR, 89.5 FM. NPR.


    • Akron/Streetsboro, WSTB, 88.9 FM.
    • Athens, WOUB, 91.3 FM/1340 AM. Ohio University Public Radio. NPR, jazz, bluegrass, folk on weekends.
    • Bowling Green, WBGU, 88.1 FM, "The Mole", Bowling Green State University. A very diverse schedule, with Metal, Jazz, Progressive Rock, Gospel, Country, Spanish, Indie Rock, Blues, Ska, and more!
    • Cambridge, WOUC, 89.1 FM, NPR. Ohio Universitiy Public Radio.
    • Chillicothe, WOUH, 91.9 FM. Ohio University Public Radio.
    • Cincinnati, WAIF, 88.3 FM. Independent non-profit community radio. Call-ins: Tue: 10 pm, Chris & Rob. Wed: 4 pm, "Earth Alert," midnight, "Hemp Rock" ganja legalization. Thu: 5 pm, "The Bottom Line;" midnight, "Shamblin in Left Field." Fri: 5 pm, "Jamal & Iverson" polit. talk, issues, & pleasure. Sat: 11 am, "Boiling Point" labor issues. Noon, "Queen City Soap Box." 1 pm, "Everywomon;" 3-5 pm, "Alternating Currents" (gay). Tel - voice only: 749-1444 studio. 961-8900; 333-WAIF (-9243) to volunteer. PO Box 6162, Cincinnati, OH 45206 (specify show).
    • Cincinnati, WGUC, 90.9 FM. NPR/PRI, classical. 241-8456f -8282v.
    • Cincinnati, WMKV, 89.3 FM. Big bands, health. 782-2720 fax, -2427 voice, 772-9658 studio. Now streaming live via Windows Media.
    • Cincinnati, WVXU, 91.7 FM. NPR.
    • Cleveland, WCPN, 90.3 FM. NPR. Jazz, NPR talk shows, Saturday night blues.
    • Cleveland, WCSB, 89.3 FM.
    • Cleveland, WRUW, 91.1 FM. Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland's most eclectic radio station!
    • Columbus, "The Underground", Units Cable channel 4. The Ohio State University. Student-run internet radio.
    • Columbus, WCBE, 90.5 FM. Alternative public radio featuring news, entertainment, and music ranging from blues to folk, from jazz to hip-hop. "We're a little different!"
    • Columbus, WOSU, 89.7 FM, 820 AM. NPR. WOSU-AM is an NPR news/talk station; WOSU-FM is "classical music and more".
    • Dayton, WDPG, 89.9 FM, Dayton Public Radio.
    • Dayton, WDPR, 89.5 FM, Dayton Public Radio.
    • Ironton, WOUL, 89.1 FM. NPR. Ohio University Public Radio.
    • Kent, WKSU, 89.7 FM. Kent State University. Mostly classical, NPR/PRI talk and entertainment, folk music weekend evenings.
    • Lima, WGLE, 90.7 FM.
    • Mansfield, WOSV, 91.7 FM.
    • New Concord, WMCO, 90.7 FM. Muskingum College.
    • Oberlin, WOBC, 91.5 FM. Oberlin College.
    • Oxford, WMUB, 88.5 FM. NPR. (513) 529-6048f -5885v.
    • Toledo, WGTE, 91.3 FM. NPR.
    • Wilberforce, WCSU, 88.9 FM.
    • Wooster, WCWS, 90.9 FM. College of Wooster. Format-free. rock, alternative, hip-hop, jazz, folk, classical, opera, electronic, spoken word, sports, public affairs, and more.
    • Yellow Springs, WYSO, 91.3 FM. Antioch University. NPR.
    • Youngstown, WYSU, 88.5 FM. NPR/PRI, mostly classical, some jazz, blues, folk, new age and Broadway. Live audio stream.
    • Zanesville, WOUZ, 90.1 FM. Ohio University Public Radio.


    • Edmond, KCSC, 90.1 FM.
    • Goodwell, KPSU, 91.7 FM. Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Streaming audio available.
    • Norman, KGOU, 106.3 FM. NPR.
    • Stillwater, KOSU, 91.7 FM. NPR.
    • Tulsa, KWGS, 89.5 FM. NPR.


    • Ashland, KSOR, 90.1 FM. NPR.
    • Ashalnd, KSMF, 89.1 FM. NPR.
    • Astoria, KMUN, 91.9 FM. NPR.
    • Bend, KOAB, 91.3 FM. NPR.
    • Coos Bay, KSBA, 88.5 FM. NPR.
    • Corvallis, KBVR, Oregon State University. Alternative rock, jazz, eclectic.
    • Corvallis, KOAC, 550 AM, NPR.
    • Eugene, KLCC, 89.7 FM. Lane Community College. NPR.
    • Eugene, KRVM, 91.9 FM.
    • Eugene, KWAX, 91.1 FM.
    • Eugene, KWVA, 88.1 FM. Willamette Valley's true alternative; "we play everything but what you will hear elsewhere." 24/7/365, plus Internet broadcast.
    • Jefferson Public Radio
    • Klamath Falls, KSKF, 90.9 FM, NPR.
    • LaGrande, KEOL, 91.7 FM, Eastern Oregon State College. Student-run, extremely eclectic. "We play everything from Camper Van to Ludwig Von from DJ's who do everything else under the sun from run heavy farm machinery to moonlight as drag queens." Email them at <>
    • Pendleton, KRBM, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Portland, KBOO, 90.7 FM. 92.7 Columbia Gorge. 100.7, Corvallis/Albany. Eclectic, folk & bluegrass, jazz, funk & hip-hop, reggae, African.
    • Portland, KBPS, 89.9 FM. Portland's (only) classical station. NPR.
    • Portland, KMHD, 89.1 FM. We play the full spectrum of jazz, 24 hours!!
    • Portland, KOPB, 91.5 FM. NPR.
    • Portland, KPSU, 1450 AM, Portland State University. 5pm - midnight, 7 days a week, sharing airwaves with KBPS Portland. Urban college radio. Check out transplanted New Orleanian Paul Ronan's "Gumbo Ya Ya Hour" on Wednesday nights.
    • Portland, KRRC, 97.9 FM. Reed College.
    • Talent, KSJK, 1230 AM.


    • Allentown, WLVR, 91.3 FM. Lehigh University.
    • Allentown, WMUH, 91.7 FM. The Radio Voice of Muhlenberg College.
    • Bethlehem, WDIY, 88.1 FM.
    • Easton, WJRH, 104.9 FM. Lafayette College. Serving Easton, Allentown and Bethlehem, PA, and all of NJ.
    • East Stroudsburg, WESS, 90.3 FM, East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania. Alternative rock, jazz, classical, folk, community. Featuring "Roots & Wings", a weekly Celtic/bluegrass/singer-songwriter program hosted by John McLaughlin <>, Mondays 8am-noon school year, noon-4pm summers
    • Erie, WQLN, 91.3 FM. NPR.
    • Harrisburg, WITF, 89.5 FM. NPR.
    • Haverford, WHHS, Haverford Township Senior High School. The first high school FM broadcast radio station to be licensed by the FCC. Non-commercial, non-profit, student-run.
    • Philadelphia, WHYY, 91.1 FM. Home of "Fresh Air".
    • Philadelphia, WKDU, 91.7 FM. Drexel University. Student-run. Eclectic/alternative.
    • Philadelphia, WRTI, 90.1 FM. Ephrata/Lebanon, 90.7 FM. NPR.
    • Philadelphia, WXPN, 88.5 FM. University of Pennsylvania. Home of "World Cafe".
    • Pittsburgh, WDUQ, 90.5 FM. Duquesne University. "Jazz Adventure"
    • Pittsburgh, WQED, 89.3 FM. Classical music. NPR, PRI.
    • Pittsburgh, WRCT, 88.3 FM. Carnegie-Mellon Univeristy. Completely student-, volunteer- and faculty-run. Indie/alternative, punk/hardcore, international, folk, blues, jazz, pop/rock, public affairs, talk and sports.
    • Pittsburgh, WYEP, 91.3 FM. Independent Public Radio, "Where the Music Matters"
    • Scranton, WUSR, 99.5 FM. University of Scranton. Alternative, Classical, Jazz, Folk.
    • Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Nanticoke, WSFX, 89.1 FM, 105.7 FM. Luzerne County Community College. Alternative and R&B.
    • Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, WVIA, 89.9 FM.
    • Scranton, WVMW, 91.5 FM. Marywood College. Alternative.
    • State College, WPSU, 91.5 FM. WPSB, 90.1 FM, Kane, and 106.7, Altoona/Hollidaysburg. Penn State University. NPR, classical, jazz, folk, alternative.
    • Swarthmore, WSRN, Swarthmore College.
    • Wilkes-Barre, WCLH, 90.7 FM. Wilkes University. Alternative.

    Rhode Island

    • Kingston, WRIU, 90.3 FM. We broadcast 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our signal is 3500 watts. Weekday formatting is Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, Folk, Rock, Electronica. Our weekend shows include Gospel, World Music, Reggae, Cape Verdean, Electronica, Blues.
    • Providence, WICE, 89.3 FM. Mostly Jazz and Swing from the 40's to the 60's. "ICE plays jumping jazz suitable for drinking hard liquor by. They play no commercials, only PSA'a and music. And they still play their jingles they had recorded in the late 50's. The station only broadcasts Thursday to Sunday every week and holidays. The DJs are hip and always happy to take a request."
    • Westerly, WBLQ, 88.1 FM. No set format, no set personalities, and likes to break the rules.


    • Hudson Bay, CFMQ, 98.1 FM.

    South Carolina

    • Aiken, WLJK, 89.1 FM. NPR.
    • Beaufort, WJWJ, 89.9 FM. NPR.
    • Charleston, WSCI, 89.3 FM. NPR.
    • Clemson, WSBF, 88.1 FM. Clemson University. Mostly student-run. Featuring Capt. Don Morgan's program of blues, roots, reggae, and easy-skankin' swamp boogie, Monday eves, from 7:00 to 9:00pm. Also, Joe Della-Fera's PROTOGRESSIVE(tm) Show - featuring the best of early progressive music from the 60s and 70s. Also on the station is industrial, metal and grunge (the stuff the students like).
    • Columbia, WLTR, 91.3 FM. NPR.
    • Columbia, WUSC, 90.5 FM. University of South Carolina. Free format alternative.
    • Conway/Myrtle Beach, WHMC, 90.1 FM. NPR.
    • Greenville, WEPR, 90.1 FM. NPR.
    • Rock Hill, WNSC, 88.9 FM. NPR.
    • St. George, WSHG, 105.9 FM. Educational Radio of St. George. Musical format: Beach, Blues and Shag (the official dance of South Carolina)
    • Sumter, WRJA, 88.1 FM. NPR.

    South Dakota

    • Brookings, KESD, 88.3 FM. NPR.
    • Faith, KPSD, 97.1 FM. NPR.
    • Lowery, KQSD, 91.9 FM. NPR.
    • Pierpoint, KDSD, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Porcupine, KILI, 90.1 FM.
    • Rapid City, KBHE, 89,3 FM. NPR.
    • Rapid City, KTEQ. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.
    • Reliance, KTSD, 91.1 FM. NPR.
    • Sioux Falls, KCSD, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Sioux Falls, KRSD, 88.1 FM. NPR.
    • Vermillion, KUSD, 89.7 FM/690 AM. NPR.


    • Chattanooga, WUTC, 88.1 FM. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. NPR.
    • Clinton/Knoxville, WDVX, 89.9 FM. "Spirit of the Cumberlands Radio". A community radio station specializing in bluegrass, classic country, blues, etc.
    • Collegedale, WSMC, 90.5 FM. NPR.
    • Johnson City, WETS, 89.5 FM. East Tennessee State University. Eclectic music, news & features, NPR, PRI. Translator 91.3 serving Lenoir & Hickory, NC.
    • Knoxville, WUOT, 91.9 FM. University of Tennessee, Knoxville. NPR, classical, jazz, news, public affairs.
    • Memphis, WEVL, 89.9 FM. Independent, listener-supported, musically diverse radio. Eighty programs per week, 90% of which are music shows, including "New Orleans Under the Influence" and "House Bayou".
    • Memphis, WKNO, 91.1 FM. Simulcasting on WKNP, 90.1 FM, Jackson; WKNQ, 90.7 FM, Dyersburg; and WKNA, 88.9 FM, Senatobia, Mississippi. NPR/PRI, news, classical.
    • Murfreesboro, WMOT, 89.5 FM. Middle Tennessee State University. Jazz.
    • Murfreesboro, WMTS, 88.3 FM. Middle Tennessee State University. Student-run. Indie rock, alternative, electronic, ska, hip-hop, etc.
    • Nashville, WPLN, 90.3 FM. Public Radio format with NPR news and classical music.
    • Nashville, WRVU, 91.1 FM. Vanderbilt University. Student-run, alternative rock plus an eclectic mix of world, folk, blues, jazz and classical music.


    • Abilene, KACU, 98.7 FM. Abilene Christian University. National Public Radio.
    • Alvin, KACC, 89.7 FM. Alvin Community College. Top 40, plus Classic/New Rock, Monday-Saturdays 6am-12pm.
    • Austin, KAZI, 88.7 FM. KAZI has been on the air since 1982, has an education charter and eclectic programming including Pacifica News, locally produced talk shows and music: gospel, rap, R&B, reggae and jazz. KAZI has traditionally served the African-American community, but is rapidly gaining popularity throughout Austin. KAZI is wholly supported by local underwriters and listeners.
    • Austin, KMFA, 89.5 FM. Classical.
    • Austin, KOOP, 91.7 FM. Mon-Fri 9am - 7pm, Sat-Sun 9am - 10pm, sharing frequency with KVRX. Community radio, a member- and volunteer-run cooperative. Eclectic and freeform music, diverse community programming.
    • Austin, KUT, 90.5 FM. University of Texas at Austin. NPR.
    • Austin, KVRX, 99.5 FM on cable, 24 hours. 91.7 FM, Mon-Fri 7pm - 9am and Sat-Sun 10pm - 9am, sharing the frequency with KOOP. Austin. Student-owned and -run. University of Texas.
    • Beaumont, KVLU, 91.3 FM. NPR.
    • Bryan-College Station, KEOS, 89.1 FM. All-volunteer, listener-sponsored Community Radio for the Brazos Valley, broadcasting 24/7. Diverse, eclectic music & news. Also on FM Cable at 91.3
    • College Station-Bryan, KAMU, 90.9 FM. Texas A&M University. National Public Radio for the Brazos Valley.
    • College Station, KANM, 99.9 FM Cable.
    • Commerce, KETR, 88.9 FM. Texas A&M University, Commerce. "The New Lion". Streaming RealMedia broadcast.
    • Corpus Christi, KEDT, 90.3 FM. NPR.
    • Dallas, KERA, 90.1 FM. Eclectic music, NPR.
    • Dallas, KNON, 89.3 FM.
    • El Paso, KTEP, 88.5 FM. NPR.
    • El Paso, KXCR, 89.5 FM.
    • Harlingen, KMBH, 88.9 FM. NPR.
    • Houston, KPFT, 90.1 FM. Pacifica Foundation. Listener-sponsored community radio.
    • Houston, KTRU, 91.7 FM. Rice University. 50,000 watts. Student-run.
    • Houston, KUHF, 88.7 FM. University of Houston. Classical, NPR.
    • Killeen, KNCT, 91.3 FM.
    • Lubbock, KOHM, 89.1 FM. NPR.
    • Mesquite, KEOM, 88.5 FM. Mesquite Independent School District. High school students from our district's five high schools serve as DJs during school hours. Broadcasting 24/7 at 61,000 watts, plus Yahoo Broadcast. Format is '70s Top 40 Oldies music, information features, Texas State Network newscasts, and Mesquite Schools high school varsity sports live game broadcasts.
    • San Antonio, KPAC, 88.3 FM. Texas Public Radio. Classical music, 24 hours a day. 100,000 watts.
    • San Antonio, KSTX, 89.1 FM. NPR, Texas Public Radio. NPR news and information, 24 hours a day. 100,000 watts.


    • Ephraim, KAGJ, 89.5 FM. Snow College. Indie/alternative rock, punk, ska, local bands.
    • Logan, KUSU, 91.5 FM. NPR.
    • Orem, KOHS, 91.7 FM. Utah's Original Alternative. (801) 224-9236
    • Park City, KCPW, 91.9 FM.
    • Salt Lake City, KRCL, 90.9 FM. Radio Free Utah. Eclectic music and incredibly diverse community programming with special emphasis on women and minorities. Pacifica News affiliate.
    • Salt Lake City, KUER, 90.1 FM. NPR.
    • St. George, KRDC, 91.7 FM. Dixie College.


    • Vermont Public Radio. This link covers many of the stations listed in this section.

    • Bennington, WVPN, 94.3 FM.
    • Burlington, WVPS, 107.9 FM. NPR.
    • Lyndonville, WWLR, 91.5 FM. Vermont State College.
    • Plainfield, WGDR, 91.1 FM. Goddard College. Featuring "Let The Bon Temps Roulé", Tues 3 - 4:30pm EST, with a wide variety of Louisiana music and "Worldbeat onna Bedrock of Blues."
    • St. Johnsbury, WVPA, 88.5 FM.
    • Rutland, WRVT, 88.7 FM. NPR.
    • Windsor, WVPR, 89.5 FM.


    • Charlottesville, WNRN, 91.9 FM. 88.1 FM Afton, 89.9 FM Lynchburg. Eclectic, modern rock, R&B/hip-hop. "Acoustic Sunrise" is the weekday morning drive program, 5:30am - 10am, featuring a blend of all types of acoustic music, including folk, Celtic, bluegrass, blues, classic rock, and world music.
    • Charlottesville, WTJU, 91.1 FM. University of Virginia.
    • Charlottesville, WVTU, 89.3 FM. Translator for WVTF in Roanoke.
    • Chesapeake, WFOS, 88.7 FM. Chesapeake Public Schools; staffed by high school students and adult part-timers. 15,500 watts, serving the Hampton Roads (Norfolk/Virginia Beach) market. Format is eclectic: weekdays old-time radio, big band, oldies, blues (afternoon drive-time, our most popular show), and 70s and 80s oldies. Early morning and 8pm-midnight classical and overnight automated with big band and oldies.
    • Fairfax, WEBR, 94.5 FM. Fairfax Community Radio, also webcasting.
    • Hampton, WHOV, 88.1 FM. Hampton University.
    • Hampton Roads, WNSB, 91.1 FM. Norfolk State University. Urban/jazz, plus reggae, blues, Caribbean, Latin, etc.
    • Harrisonburg, WMRA, 90.7 FM. WMRL, 89.9 FM, Lexington. WMRY, 103.5 FM, Crozet. W23AA, 94.5 FM, Winchester. James Madison University. NPR, classical, folk.
    • Hot Springs, WCHG, 107.1 FM. Folk, old-time radio, community affairs.
    • Marion, WVTR, 91.9 FM. NPR.
    • Monterey, WVLS, 89.7 FM. Folk, old-time radio, community affairs.
    • Norfolk, WHRO, 90.3 FM. Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern N.C. Fine Arts Public Radio, classical music.
    • Norfolk, WHRV, 89.5 FM, covering Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern N.C. NPR, eclectic music, jazz, alternative, world, folk.
    • Norfolk, WNSB, 91.1 FM.
    • Richmond, WCVE, 88.9 FM. NPR, classical, jazz.
    • Roanoke, WVTF, 89.1 FM. WVTFs coverage area on 89.1 FM includes central and southwest Virginia, southern West Virginia and northern North Carolina. Also 89.7 FM, Roanoke. 89.5 FM, Lynchburg. 89.3 FM, Charlottesville, Waynesboro& Staunton. 88.5 & 89.7 FM, Charlottesville. 91.9 FM, Marion, Wytheville,Galax, Abingdon. Virginia Western Community College. NPR.


    • Auburn, KGRG, 89.9 FM. Green River Community College. Alternative/punk, local music, plus hip-hop and techno specialty shows, and live streaming. Gavin Report "Best College Station" nominee.
    • Bellingham, KUGS, 89.3 FM. Western Washington University. Student-managed station, Pacifica News and "Democracy Now!", locally produced Public Affairs Programming. Alternative Rock and speciality shows including world music, hip-hop, Grateful Dead and "Jungle Rock" a weekly rockabilly show. On the web since 1995.
    • Bellingham, KZAZ, 91.7 FM. Northwest Public Radio. NPR.
    • Clarkston, KNWV, 90.5 FM. Northwest Public Radio.
    • Ellensburg, KNWR, 90.7 FM. Northwest Public Radio.
    • Everett, KSER, 90.7 FM. Featuring news from CBC and BBC, informational programs, and the Northwest's most "adventurous" mix of folk, blues, and roots/world music.
    • Granger, KDNA, 91.9 FM.
    • Kennewick/Tri-Cities, KTCV, 88.1 FM. 320w. 24 hour, student run. Alternative rock.
    • Moses Lake/Ephrata, KLWS 91.5 FM. Northwest Public Radio.
    • Mount Vernon, KSVR, 90.1 FM. Non-commercial educational FM of Skagit Valley Community College.
    • Northwest Public Radio
    • Olympia, KAOS, 89.3 FM. Diverse music, community affairs, Pacifica news.
    • Pullman, KWSU, 1250 AM. Northwest Public Radio. NPR.
    • Richland, KFAE, 89.1 FM. NPR. Northwest Public Radio, with seven translators/repeaters in Ellensburg/Kittitas; Goldendale/The Dalles; Yakima/Cowiche; Ephrata/Soap Lake/ Moses Lake; Wenatchee/Cashmere; Cashmere/Dryden; and Chelan/Waterville.
    • Seattle/Bellevue, KBCS, 91.3 FM. Bellevue Community College. Folk, jazz, ethnic, world-music.
    • Seattle, KEXP, 90.3 FM. University of Washington. Variety music format, including American roots, Cajun, blues, etc. Three specialty shows -- "Preachin' The Blues", "Swingin' Doors" ("Twang at its best"), and "The Roadhouse" -- all feature a variety of Cajun and roots artists. "The Variety Mix", depending upon the record release, would also include any Cajun or roots artists for airplay throughout the day.
    • Seattle, KCTS, 89.5 FM. High school station. Dance music format.
    • Seattle, KMIH, 104.5 FM. Mercer Island High School. Non-commercial/educational, contemporary hits/top 40.
    • Seattle, KNHC, 89.5 FM. Nathan Hale High School.
    • Seattle, KUOW, 94.9 FM. "Seattle's NPR News and Information Station". Bellingham, 90.9 FM.
    • Shoreline, KNSB, 103.1 FM. Simulcast on 830 AM. Community micro-broadcast station for the Puget Sound region.
    • Spokane, KPBX, 91.1 FM. NPR.
    • Tacoma, KPLU, 88.5 FM. NPR.
    • Walla Walla, KWCW, 90.5 FM. Whitman College. 24 hours, mostly when class in session, dark when school out. 160w
    • Walla Walla, KWWS, 89.7 FM. Northwest Public Radio. Also serving Umatilla, Benton, Franklin, Garfield, and Columbia counties.
    • Yakima, KNWY, 90.3 FM. Northwest Public Radio.
    • Yakima, KYSC, 88.5 FM. Co-op between Yakima School district and Yakima Valley community College. Rock programming, but breaks off with variety shows. Mostly 24 hour and year round, with a break in August. 3000w

    West Virginia

    • Beckley, WVPB, 91.7 FM. NPR.
    • Buckhannon, WVPW, 88.9 FM. NPR.
    • Buckhannon, WVWC, 92.1 FM. West Virginia Wesleyan College.
    • Charleston, WVPN, 88.5 FM. NPR.
    • Frost, WVMR, 1370 AM.
    • Huntington, WVWV, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Martinsburg, WVEP, 88.9 FM. NPR.
    • Morgantown, WVPM, 90.9 FM. NPR.
    • Morgantown, WWVU, 91.7 FM. West Virginia University. Student-run, diverse music and local news/information. On air since 1982, currently 2,300 watts.
    • Parkersburg, WVPG, 90.3 FM. NPR.
    • Wheeling, WVNP, 89.9 FM. NPR.


    • Wisconsin Public Radio

    • Appleton, WLFM, 91.1 FM. Lawrence University. WPR/PRI by day, student- and community-run nights and weekends, featuring classical, folk, jazz, punk, indie rock, world music, techno, metal, progressive, etc. Also some talk programming (film discussion, radio drama, and Hmong community programming). Once a year, the station features an on-air trivia contest that runs for three consective days and nights without stop. Live webcast.
    • Auburndale, WLBL, 930 AM. NPR.
    • Brule, WHSA, 89.9 FM. NPR.
    • Delafield, WHAD, 90.7 FM. University of Wisconsin. NPR/Wisconsin Public Radio.
    • Green Bay, WGBW, 91.5 FM. NPR.
    • Green Bay, WPNE, 89.3 FM. NPR.
    • Kenosha/Racine, WGTD, 91.1 FM. NPR.
    • LaCrosse, WHLA, 90.3 FM.
    • LaCrosse, WLSU, 88.9 FM. NPR.
    • Madison, WERN, 88.9 FM. NPR.
    • Madison, WHA, 970 AM. University of Wisconsin-Extension. Wisconsin Public Radio.
    • Madison, WORT, 89.9 FM. Eclectic music, public affairs, Pacifica and locally produced news.
    • Menomonee, WHWC, 88.3 FM. NPR.
    • Milwaukee, WMSE, 91.7 FM. Milwaukee School of Engineering.
    • Milwaukee, WTPS, 99.9 FM.
    • Milwaukee, WUWM, 89 7 FM. NPR.
    • Milwaukee, WYMS, 88.9 FM. Home of Mike Yuhas' "Sunday Afternoon Folk Show", Sundays 4-6pm, Where You Never Know What Will Happen Next (tm)".
    • Park Falls, WHBM, 90.3 FM.
    • Reserve, WOJB, 88.9 FM. Lac Court Orielles Lake Superior Chippewa Reservation. Eclectic, folk, Native American news, powwows and music, plus NPR.
    • Rhinelander, WXPR, 91.7 FM WXPW, 91.9 FM, Wausau. Classical,folk, variety.
    • River Falls, WRFW, 88.7 FM. University of Wisconsin at River Falls.
    • Superior, KUWS, 91.3 FM.
    • Wausau, WHRM, 90.9 FM. NPR.


    • Laramie/Cheyenne, Wyoming Public Radio: KUWR, 91.9 FM. KUWJ, 90.3 FM, Jackson. KUWZ, 90.5 FM, Rock Springs/Green River. University of Wyoming. Translators: 88.7 FM, Casper. 91.3 FM, Cody/Powell. 91.3 FM, Dubois. 99.5 FM, Lander. 89.1 FM, Rawlins. 90.9 FM, Riverton. 89.9 FM, Torrington.

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    Toronto Internet TV

    Toronto Art Scene

Welcome to our Community StyleINTERNET RADIO
and Television Broadcasting Site
All independent TALK, music, performance art
covering the Greater Toronto
Indie Entertainment Scene

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Len Amsterdam and Pepper Scott
Broadband Television Gallery

STATION ID-Windows Video

Barchord Television-Windows Video

Toronto Music Promotor Bill Wittur
is really shaking up the local indie scene

Toronto Arts Scene-Windows Video

Toronto Sculptor
Joy Peterson

Traces of Identity-Windows Video
Joan McClaughlin meets with
Toronto Photographer
Stella Fakiyesi from Gallery 44

James Street Cafe-Windows Video
The best breakfast menu on the planet.
Home of those Giant Pancakes

***NEW***Random TV****REAL Video

Darrell Gould's-"SHAZZAM"-Windows Video
Darrell Gould is a Toronto Screenwriter
and Animation Artist Watch the film short

Greetings from Ross Carter-mpeg Video

TTC Subway Musicians-Real Video- Windows Video
Making Money with Your Music on the Red Rocket

Greetings from TUNED IN RADIO-mpeg Video
-TUNED IN RADIO-Interveiw Segment-Windows Video
Moe interveiws Tuned in Radio founder Dave.
This all dance music radio show is produced in
Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada, and is heard all
over North America on conventional FM radio.

IT-Real Video
Progressive Rock Trio's Live Performance. A large underground fan base following this Band of Brothers.

Marshall Tully-Real Video
An exclusive television interveiw with a Toronto Rocker from THE DUNCHEON in downtown Oshawa Ontario, brought to us from our good friends at DURHAM WEB TV a new independent television start-up.

Greetings from Moe Cascanette
-Embedded Windows Video

Justus League Records-Real Video
Greetings from a Toronto Crew, that specialize in showcasing live Hip Hop and R&B in the Greater Toronto Area. YO YO know what we're sayin...!

Adam's Rib-Real Video
Greetings from a non-stop touring act, Missisauga's very own Adam's Rib.

Stan Trac-Real Video
Independent Toronto Film Maker Stan Trac wants to showcase your indie film. Not only can it be a tough go for the independent musician to get exposure, the indie filmmaker is in the same boat. Here's a paddle!

This Guy-Real Video
Live Music Performance from the
Newcastle Independent Music Festival

Priya Thomas-Real Video
Gentle and original, a one girl band. This Performance is from the original Elmocambo Toronto.
Priya Thomas's performance was a real highlite!


Black Art thrives in this Toronto Gallery

Featuring Lloyd Pollard, Nicole Penn, McCauley Etali

Nathan's Flat-Real Video
An exclusive television interveiw
with a East Coast music sensation!

Toronto Experimental Artists-Real Video
Mark Harrington and Clay Phillips drop in on Steve at CKLN to promote Tale of Two CD's a multi media extravaganza featuring Toronto Rockers Funhouse and film maker Doug Patterson

Actors Collective Talent Search--Real Video Live Toronto Variety Show
"Acts with Pizazz" hosted by Derra St. Denis

Working in the Canadian Film Industry-Real Video
Sarah James Overton chats with A-List Film Production Manager Elizabeth Young
Listen to Sarah and Elizabeth-

Booking Agent,Artist Promotion Services-Real Video
Enter to win Free Music, Computers and Airfare!

Jeff Little-Real Video Country Rocker Frontman of Ghost Road drops into Lighthouse Studio

Fuse--Real Video
The pride of Peterborough. This Alt Rock Band is really shaking
up the indie scene, and puts on a killer show to boot!

Winner of 8 Hours Studio Recording Time
awarded by Pepper Scott Indie Showcase and Stella Dee Records.

The Mumbling Brit--Real Video
free PIZZA PIZZA for everybody

Ian Harvey--Real Video Sun Media Reporter-Cable Pulse 24 Television Personality.
Sherrie Craig gets the low-down from a veteran journalist
on what it takes to make it in the Media Business

Tenacity--Real Video
Vancouver Rock Band drops into the studio to promote their
Opera House Show, and chats it up with our extra delicious
hostess Tia Coules

Pepper Scott Web TV and Stellarshowcase Present The Lovin Oven-Real Video
Acoustic Showcase Featuring....
Susan Latimer-Karen Stewart-World Creative Concept-Jacques Goudreault-

Scribes and Muses--Real Video
from Club 525 West-Arts Week Toronto Canada

Jay Stevens Band-Real Video-
King City Folk Rock-Live at Fullerton's Place

Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance-Real Video
Toronto Dance Troupe, specializing in the art of Flamenco!

Tattoo Talk--Real Video
Stu Kaye of with Legendary Tattoo Artist Lyle Tuttle, who has applied ink to Janis Joplin, Peter Fonda and the Allman Brothers Band!

Recording Engineer Ross Carter of Xolotl Music interviews a Canadian Blues Metal Sensation

Len Amsterdam Motion Picture Studio Tour-Real Video
Offering Affordable Video Production Services for the GTA

Durham Based Heavy Metal
Lenore-Real Video
-Oshawa Based Folk Rock-Pepper Scott Indie Showcase

Toronto Movie Trade Show-
Guests- Richard Belzer, Jackie Chan,
Bette Middler, Pat Moreeno, Jean Claude Van Damn,
Evander Hollifield
Perfect Tens- Jill Blake and Bouchra MOVIE TRADESHOW-Real Video

Tundra Music--Real Video
Collectable and Rare Guitar Dealer Ed McDonald from the Tundra Music
Store Yonge Street Toronto. Ed has dealt with Billie Gibbons from
ZZ Top, White Zombie and many more guitar hero's.

Special Thanks to Toronto actor and movie producer,
Michael Chin for his assistance
with our intial Web Television Broadcasts-
Michael Chin Movie Studio-Real Video

Grant Fullerton--Real Video
One time Member of 70's Supergroup "Lighthouse"

From Fulleton's Place-Stouville Ontario

Paul Henderson--Real Video
Canadian Hockey Legend
Toronto Maple Leaf -Team Canada 72 Canada Russia Hockey Series!
Interview with Toronto Comic Danny Gayle

The Original-Bob the Builder-Real Video
demonstrates the art of making the perfect Muskoka Chair.

The George Krisitis Show--Real Video
Despite being horribly disfigured in a bong accident,
this romeo can charm the pants off any "triple threat"!

Angela Falconi Benefit-Real Video
From Mickey Finn's

Giant Robot Magazine-Real Video
Eric Nakamura's Asian Culture Magazine

Gunner McCallister Show--Real Video
True Reality TV-unrehearsed and unscripted

Vancouver International Aids Conference--Real Video
Mature Audiences Only!

Insights from

Jairo Pedraza -Columbia, Michael Petrelis-USA,
Dave Nimmonds- New York,Bernard Hirschel- Geneva,
Nyari Hwayri Zimbabwe Africa, William Odour -Kenya Africa,
Dr. Ron Gold -Australia, Maxine Johnson- USA

Local Bands Wanted-All Genres Welcome
Live Performance Internet Television and Radio Broadcasts

Our Indie Showcases are CANADIAN MUSICIAN MAGAZINE approved. Read a Stream Come True

Film, Arts Media Entertainment Durham-Real Video

Moazzam Ali-Real Video
One Man Art Show-Newman Center Toronto

Koch Chi Ensemble-Real Video
Traditional Vietnamese Music

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Barzin at Lighthouse Studio- Lenore- Nonie Crete- Faded- Ian Harvey-Sun Media- The Post- Andy Krehm- Black Hour- The Naked Net- Moe Cascanette- Frank Hall- Trish Bentley- Tex's Smokehause- Kirk Kong- Elephants GIF- Hippo GIF- Acts- Andrew Stocki- Myrtle Elizabeth- Pep- Pepper 27- Brian Cambell- Tex- Stuart Wilson- Molten Blue- Michelle Rasky- Nathan's Flat- Steven C. Barr- Brit Girl Productions

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The answer to who invented radio?

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A native or inhabitant of Canada, with ninety percent of the population living in mud huts, or ice houses. Canada is not without international contraversy with mounting worldwide protests against the Toronto Seal Hunt. The spiritual leader of Canada is Chief Gordon Litefoot. Canadians are know for drinking excessive amounts of homebrew with many making their living in the "Grow Trade". Canadians are a very tiny people, with the tallest canadian in the world records books
at three foot 5 inches.

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Deeanna Knight-Moe interveiws a local jazz diva right on stage after a smash engagement.

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"Hi-jackings were a big problem for airlines in the seventies. The problem was completely licked when auto-matic pilot and remote navigation technology was installed on planes. it now didnt matter if the pilot was held at gun-point, the plane would just fly itself home. Now.... why is it that the automatic pilot was not activated, on the four planes that hit america on 9/11. These planes were all modern editions. Another strange fact of the september 11th attacks is that there is no film footage or photographs of a plane sticking out of the pentagon, before, during or after the attack, an indication that the pentagon was not hit by a plane at all. Eye witness reports have indicated that the pentagon was in fact hit by a missile The eye witness has since been beheaded."

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New on Len Amsterdam's Radar Screen

  • Juke - Original three-piece band, playing classic-melodic-hard rock, very 80's rock sounding. Band is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto Vote

  • Pan Out Now - Pan Out Now play what they call "recombinant rock" - an intriguing mix of dissonant harmonies, big guitars and cascading piano atop anthemic odd time grooves. Sound like: Evanescence / Coldplay / A Perfect Circle Toronto Vote

  • Garry Jackson -Canadian singer/songwriter, indie artist from Newmarket, Ontario. Taking folk roots music to new destinations. Toronto Vote

  • Clarma -Five piece alternative rock band from Brampton, Ont. Toronto Vote

  • Fraser Dean - Toronto rock band with good groove, lyrics and music. Toronto Vote

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