Process of Application
1. Applicants should complete the following preliminary requirements: letters   of recommendation from the parish priest and from the school head: copy of grades (3rd year and 4th year); and picture (2x2).
2. Applicants with complete preliminary requirements should ask for a schedule of initial interview with the Admissions Director.
3. Applicants will be required to attend the Vocation Discernment Seminar on the scheduled date before the entrance examination.
4. After passing the entrance examination, applicants will undergo series of interview with the accepting department formators on the scheduled date and time. 
5. Lastly, applicants will have to attend the Seminary Weekend Experience (SWD) on the scheduled date.

Qualifications of Applicants
1. High school graduate or college student, not more than 21 years old.
2. Possesses a stable personality and growing in emotional maturity.
3. Intellectually fit and physically able.
4. Faithful to his spiritual and moral life as a Catholic.

Requirements on Application
1. Recommendation letter and evaluation form the following:             
    •Parish Priest
    •School Head
    •Former Rector (if from other seminary), and
    •Bishop (if from other diocese)
2. Certified true copy of grades
3. Baptismal, Confirmation and Live-Birth certificates (original copy)
4. Canonical marriage certificate of parents.

Kindly confer with the
Admissions Office for the schedule of entrance examination and interview through the following:
Admissions Office
             San Carlos Seminary
             San Carlos Pastoral Formation Complex
             EDSA, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City, Philippines •
             MCPO Box 1414, 1254  Makati City, Philippines
             Tel. (632) 8958855 •
             Fax (632) 890-9563•

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