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News and Announcements


Tuesday, March 3, 2009: All-City Orchestra Spring Festival Concerts!






It’s almost time!  All of your hard work will soon be showcased at our biggest concert of the year.   The All-City Orchestra Festival will feature every string student in the city of Strongsville and will take place over two nights (you only need to attend on the night you perform).




                                                                        Strongsville HS auditorium

                                                                        Please arrive at 6:00 to tune & warm up


ADVANCED STRINGS                           THURSDAY, APRIL 2 AT 7:00 PM

and                                             perform     Strongsville HS auditorium

HONORS ORCHESTRA                                    Honors Orchestra please report at 5:45

                                                                        All other Adv. students report at 6:20



Elementary students will perform first.  After we perform, please plan to stay and listen to performances by the middle school and high school orchestras.  We ask that you stay out of courtesy to the other musicians, and so that you can see what you have to look forward to as you continue.  This is an excellent opportunity to motivate and celebrate our outstanding orchestra program!


CONCERT DRESS will be nice black (or dark) pants or skirt and nice white (or light) tops.  Please wear nice shoes!  Ties are optional but preferred for gentlemen. 

This is a formal event – please bear that in mind when selecting your outfit. (t-shirts, jeans, or warmup clothes are not appropriate for an evening concert.)


ALL-CITY ORCHESTRA REHEARSALS will be OVER after the performance, but school lessons will continue until the end of the year.  There are still things to learn and school concerts to prepare!


We have had an excellent year this year and I am very proud of the commitment and dedication I have seen from all the orchestra members!  Please make sure that you have practiced and prepared your music so that we can give the best possible performance!


Monday, January 5, 2009: Advanced Honors Orchestra Information!

Dear Advanced String Students and Parents,


We are proud to announce an exciting opportunity for Advanced String Members:

Elementary Honors Orchestra 2009!


Purpose of Honors Orchestra:

  • To provide an additional challenge to orchestra students who are achieving at a high level!
  • To reward and feature those students who have been working hard on their instruments!


Eligibility Requirements for Honors Orchestra:

  • Students must be active members of both their school orchestra and All-City Orchestra with a good attendance record.
  • Students must be willing and able to devote extra effort and practice time to learn the music.
  • Students accepted into the ensemble must be able to attend rehearsals on a regular basis (see below for details)
  • Students must have a signed permission slip (see second page) on file with Mrs. Gamin in order to participate.  The student’s application must be signed by Mrs. Gamin or Mr. Hire. 
  • Students must have achieved a minimum level of competency on their instrument, demonstrated in the process of normal coursework.  A good guideline is any student who has received an S+ or higher in orchestra, although any interested student may still be considered for membership if they complete a successful audition.


Rehearsal Location and Times:

  • Honors Orchestra rehearsals will be held in the Choir Room at Strongsville High School on Wednesday nights, February 4th to March 25 from 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm.   The culmination of the students’ efforts will be as featured performers at the All-City Orchestra Festival on Thursday, April 2. 
  • In the event that a student wants to participate but has a conflict on Wednesday evenings (such as PSR), we are willing to be flexible.  Possible options include leaving early, coming late, or even alternating weeks if the other activity will allow.  These kinds of arrangements must be made in advance with Mrs. Gamin. 
  • Students who wish to be considered for Honors Orchestra must obtain signed permission from Mrs. Gamin or Mr. Hire, as well as from their parents. Class time will not be used for Honors Orchestra activities, so students will need to practice and prepare on their own.



Other notes:

  • Please remember that this is an extra opportunity for Advanced Strings and is not a requirement for the class.    All students are welcome and encouraged to try out but should carefully consider whether they are willing and able to put in the time and work necessary.  
  • Because this is not a class requirement, it is unlikely that school lesson time will be spent on preparation of the music.  However, Mr. Hire and Mrs. Gamin will introduce the music, explain the expectations, and answer questions.
  • We must have a minimum of 20 students (at least 10 violins, 6 violas and 4 cellos) in order for us to go forward with the ensemble.  In the event that fewer than 20 students are eligible or interested, the directors may have to cancel the Honors Orchestra.  In this case, another means of acknowledging those students who qualified will be found.

Thursday, November 6,, 2008: Winter Concert Schedule!

·       Please join us for the winter concert season so that we can celebrate our students’ accomplishments!

o   Advanced All-City Winter Concert – Thursday, December 4, 7:00 pm, Strongsville High School


o   Allen – Wed, Dec. 10 (school only) and Friday, Dec. 12 (parents only), 9:45 am, Allen Cafeteria

o   Chapman – Friday, Dec. 12 at 2:15 pm, Chapman Gym

o   Kinsner – Thursday, Dec. 18 at 9:30 am, Kinsner Gym

o   Muraski – Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 9:40 am, Muraski Gym

o   Surrarrer – Friday, Dec. 19 at 10:00 am, Surrarrer Gym

o   Whitney – Wednesday, Dec. 17 at 10:00 am, Whitney Gym

Friday, October 24, 2008: Beginning All-City Orchestra start DELAYED until February

·       Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will have to DELAY the start of Beginning All-City Orchestra until February 12, 2009.  This will allow us time to resolve some issues and create a safe, productive, and meaningful educational opportunity for our students.  I apologize for the change, but am excited about the new opportunities and ideas that we will be pursuing.  Look for a packet with more information to be sent home in January.

Thursday, August 28, 2008: Welcome to the 2008 Strongsville Elementary Orchestra!

·        Advanced lessons are being organized now!  In the next several days, returning advanced students will be receiving a packet which includes the new schedules for school lessons and All-City. 

o   Advanced lessons will begin the week of September 15th (individual school schedules are available under “lessons”)

o   Advanced All-City rehearsals will begin Tuesday, September 23rd at Kinsner Elementary (see “All-City” for schedules and information)

Friday, August 29, 2008: New Student Recruiting is Underway!

·        We are now recruiting students to be in the Beginning Strings Class of 2008!  If you are interested in having your child involved in a vibrant, worthwhile, and exciting educational endeavor, you have come to the right place.  Look around the site and see what we are all about here in the Strings Department.

·        For detailed information for new string students, including frequently asked questions and schedules, click HERE.