Soul Calibur Visual

Soul Calibur Visual

This site will incorporate movie clips along with strategy guides to improve your SC game.
The first character we will focus on is Ivy! Any suggestions or help is welcome - email me
at For starters, below are the moves described by Shiva (Tom Cheng) in his amazing Ivy FAQ.
Just click on the move to see Ivy in action.  More to come soon, as I decide how to organize the site.

Thanks, and please do not steal the movies that I painstakingly made with my Dreamcast and video card - just ask first and give credit where it's due!

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Primal Dominance (front) (55) A+G
This throw can ring out the opponent if Ivy's back is to the ring edge.

Dominion Throw (front) (55) B+G
Ivy sits on the kneeling opponent's back, crosses her legs, and snaps an outstretched arm.

Guiding Huntress (left) (65) A+G or B+G
Ivy encircles the opponent with the whip, and forcibly tears it away from his/her body.

Sunset Cradle (right) (60) A+G or B+G
Ivy wraps her whip around the opponent's feet, trips him/her, and plunges her sword into the victim's chest.

Sweet Dominance (back) (70) A+G or B+G
Ivy steps on the opponent's back and forces him/her to kneel. Her Ivy Sword extends and wraps around the unfortunate opponent's neck. She pulls up until a snap occurs.

Summon Suffering (any side but back) (90) d/f,u/b,f,d,d/f,d/b,N,A+B
A spectacular throw which inflicts major damage. Ivy holds the hilt of her sword against the opponent's back. The segments of the sword orbit about the unfortunate opponent at a distance, then rip through his/her body as they return home to the sword. The missed throw animation is slightly different. Ivy throws her arm out more, which implies it may have longer range than the rest of her throws. It's the most powerful throw in the game, and the most powerful non-unblockable move as well. The motion for this is not as hard as it looks. The inputs can be entered within a second or so of each other, and can be combined with other moves. I believe if you input these moves in any sequence, each within a second or so, this move will come out. The easiest way to do this is spin the joystick from f,d,b,u,f....and mash A+B like a scrub, but you can also work a little custom combo into the actual inputs if you are skilled. For example, you can use a string such as d/f+K,u/b,f+A+B,d+K,d/f+K,d/b+K,N,A+B, and you just made a little Summon Suffering combo. The commands are also preserved if Ivy gets hit. You can get knocked down and get up doing this move! This move is also effective after a successful 8WR u+A or f+[B]+[K] throw variation. Summon Suffering becomes Sweet Dominance if it connects on the opponent's back.

A-Slash Moves

Raven's Beak (H,H) (11,18) A,A
Two high horizontal slashes. This is Ivy's standard close-up anti-sidestep move, just like most other characters' A,A combo.

Biting Raven (H,H) (11,19) [A]
A high horizontal slash followed by a horizontal whip. If the second hit scores a counterhit, it will shift to a throw that does 25 points of damage in addition. The second whip has some decent range so use it at long-mid range. Sometimes fools rush in and you get the counterhit, although it is in fact quite rare. Overall, more recovery time than A,A.

Raven Butt (M) (22) f+A
Ivy does a reverse-step through and strikes with the pommel of her sword. This move will result in a double-over stun on counterhit. A good followup would be d/b+B+K or d/f+B. Since Ivy is so damn tall, I have trouble throwing after this move. This move has little range and comes out pretty slow. Try using it after doing one of the whip-throws or if your opponent gets jumpy after parries.

Raven's Egg (H) (46) f,f+A
(8WR) f+A
Ivy lunges forward with a high horizontal slash. Sadly, this is does not hit M like Sophitia's f,f+A, so it's slightly inferior. Still a good sidestep stopper. Use interchangibly with f,f+K to stop sidesteppers.

Cross Madness (M) (24) d/f+A
Ivy does a mid horizontal circular thrust. Not a very good move, since the range sucks and her other mid attacks are faster and more likely to hit. Sadly, Ivy doesn't have the mid range sidestep killers like Mitsurugi's f,f+A or B~A.

Cursed Mark (SM) (16) d+A
Ivy does a crouching swipe. You can begin some from crouch games here. This is a good close-in tick move and can be used defensively or to set Ivy up for bigger and better things.

Menace Slice (H) (33) b+A
Ivy leans back, and then does a high horizontal slash. On a counterhit, you can follow up with d/b+B+K. This move has a tiny delay so keep that in mind.

Singing Sparrow (L) (24) [G]+u, A as Ivy lands
A jumping attack in which Ivy swipes low while landing. Like most attacks of this type, the attack takes it's sweet time coming out. I don't like jumping, but I may see some use if the opponent tries to slide in or throw you. Again, watch the execution time. This move may work best if you jump back instead of just straight up.

Wing Blade (M) (33) u+A
A jumping mid horizontal attack. Comes out with a short delay, and is a rather high mid attack (if that made any sense).

Menace (M) (21) while standing from crouch, A
Ivy does a mid horizontal slash when she gets up. A good rising attack with a short delay. This is very similar to Mitsurugi's WS+A. However, the delay will cause this move to lose to fast sidestepping attacks such as the Hell Flash. The moral of that is, don't always do a while standing attack after a low attack.

B-Slash Moves

Immortal Wind (M,M) (17,19) B,B
Two quick vertical slashes. This is pretty much just like Sophie or Mitsurugi's B,B. Pretty useful quick counterattack and generally a safe move to do in close.

Immortal Gale (M,M(G)) (17,23) [B]
Ivy does a quick vertical slash, and a quick vertical whip. A good close range attack and a typical counterattack. This is not much slower than the next move (B,B) so use it if you can control yourself from mashing B,B.

Squire's Bow (M,H) (17,18) B,f+B
(17,29) B,f+[B] to extend second attack to whip
A vertical slash followed by a thrust that angles up. The only reason I can ever see to do this attack is to do the whip extend version, and the only reason I can ever see to do THAT is if the opponent is airborne. Why? Because if the high angled-up whip connects with an airborne opponent, Ivy's whip slams them back to the ground for 30 more points of damage. Watch a jumping Seung Mina get whipped down here.

Ivy Thrust (M) (28) f+B
A vertical thrust. Ivy reaches for this one so the range is decent for a sword attack. Still slower than Sophitia's f+B.

Ivy Lash (M) (36 at close range) f+[B]
(26 at long range) f+[B]
A trademark move of Ivy's, the long range whip thrust. This move comes out slower than f+B, but it fully extends Ivy's sword. Use this to punish missed attacks at long or mid range. If your opponent is a total moron you can kill him using pretty much this move alone. Also, the computer falls for this move a lot as well.

Ivy Lick (H,L) (33,20) f+[B]~u,K
A strange little combo that features the high air throw followed by a quick little low kick that I wish could be done on it's own. The only time I could see doing this combo is at close range or if you miss the air throw and want your opponent to keep away. Now, the first move by itself is deadly. Upon connecting with any airborne opponent, it will execute the same air throw as in the Squire's Bow. It does an additional 30 points of damage if it hits. Watch Mitsurugi get slammed here.

Biting Ivy (M,M) (33,30 at close range) f+[B],u or f+[B],d
(26,25 at long range) f+[B],u or f+[B],d
This move is the sidestep killer. Ivy does her normal Ivy Lash and then pulls the whip either to the foreground or background, depending if you press up or down afterwards. Use this move a lot to keep opponents from 8WR around you. It still can be avoided with rather extreme 8WRs and it has a long recovery time, so be sure to bite the right way (into the opponent's 8WR).

Serpent's Breath (M) (28) f,f+B
(8WR) f+B
Ivy lunges forward with a vertical circular upper thurst. Overall not a very useful move with short range. The priority is decent but the move is a tad slow and subpar overall.

Cursed Heavens (M) (19) d/f+B
Ivy's floating uppercut. She does a full reverse step-through and slashes upward. Since she turns her back while doing this move, she can be back thrown out of it. On a counterhit, the opponent floats exceptionally high and an Ivy Lick air throw is the move of choice.

Curse Brand (M(G)) (19) d+B
A crouching vertical slash. Another reasonable safe move while attacking in close, which unlike d+A or d+K, cannot be blocked low.

Poison Ivy (L(G)) (23) d/b+B
(L(G)) (36) d/b+[B] (close range)
(SM) (39) d/b+[B] (long range)
(8WR) d/f+B or u/f+B (all variations available)
Ivy thursts her sword into the ground at a forward angle. If you hold B to get the whip variation, the whip extend and bounces off the ground, making a "V." Before the inflection point, the attack is low. At long range, after the inflection point, the attack is special mid. The move has some rather poor execution time, so don't try this for a general low attack. Use d+A+K instead. A good use of this move is to back up out of the range of an incoming move, and then to use the whip version.

Ivy Bite (H) (14) b+B
A high short thrust. This is one of Ivy's quickest moves and can be used for getting opponents out of your face. However, since the move can be sidestepped and ducked, I don't like it. I would prefer to use a quick A or B instead.

Spiral Punishment (M,M,M,M) (13,13,13,35+17) b+B~A,B
Ivy spins her whip in a vertical plane in front of her. Pressing B after A results in a long-range whip spiral that does 52 points of damage. Holding the second B causes a delayed, more damaging attack. The first hit of the front spin deflects incoming attacks. However, since this move is slow to start up and rather easy to avoid, I don't use it. Some people have mentioned merit in using the b+B~A to get ground hits or in floats. Give it a try.

Darkside (M(G)) (36) b,b+B
(33) if Ivy is far away b,b+B
(8WR) b+B, u/b+B, d/b+B
Ivy does a overhead whip. Another good back-out move, especially since the move has a back up built in to it. This is a mid-range attack, but still will lose to other faster mid-range attacks.

Venom Lash (M,M) (17,18) d,d/b,b+B
Ivy takes a step back and waves the whip up and down for two hits. This is a good post-impact move since it's nearly impossible to guard impact. It's just longer than a short range attack and has good priority.

Fear's Lash (SM) (18) [G]+u,b

Falling Sparrow (M) (28) [G]+u,b after top of jump

Fear's Flame (M(G)) (37) u+B
A very long jumping vertical whip attack. Rather useful, as jump attacks go.

Shameless (M) (24) while standing up from crouch, B
Ivy swings her sword down while standing up. Not a very good while standing attack. The d/b+B Pride is superior. Shameless is too easy to sidestep (not that Pride isn't) and takes too long as well.

Ivy Masquerade (L) (23) while crouching, d/f+B
(L) (29) while crouching (opponent close), d/f+[B]
(L) (26) while crouching (opponent far), d/f+[B]
While crouching, Ivy does a low forward thrust. Hold B to extend the whip for a long-range attack. This is Ivy's long-range low attack.

Pride (M) (37) while crouching, d/b+B
Ivy stands up while doing a sword uppercut slice. Comes out faster than Shameless. On a counterhit or in very close, it knocks opponents back over Ivy's head. It is the crouching ring out alternative to A+G. If you are quick, you can get an Ivy Lick air throw off of it afterwards (watch the sequence here).