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WWF SmackDown! ‘Just Bring It’ begins a whole new season of the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Square off against more than 35 WWF Superstars in 70 different match types as the most electrifying show in Sports Entertainment comes to life like never before. Utilizing the power of the PlayStation 2 entertainment system, WWF SmackDown! ‘Just Bring It’ graces the screen with unsurpassed detail, lightning fast action, all-new matches, a TV style presentation, 1000’s of moves and for the first time ever, exclusive play-by-play. Form the opening Titantron entrance to the final bell, each Superstar comes to life with exquisite detail and true to life motion. Perform bone-shattering finishers - from the Rock Bottom to the Stone Cold Stunner - as you annihilate opponents with more than 80 different moves per Superstar. A TV-style presentation, real-time events and on-the fly commentary called by Michael Cole and Tazz surrounds the player in the drama of SmackDown! and the spectacle that is the World Wrestling Federation as stories play out and champions are crowned.


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  Demo Review

Finally we get to play a sneak preview of the game, unfortunately I have not been able to get hold of the demo yet, so i got someone to write a short review on it... there is alot more that could of been added to this but until i can get a demo or the full game ill write a feature length review, or paste it in from somewhere (j/k)

SD3: JBI Playable Demo

WWF Smackdown! 3 Just Bring it - The Demo

One of the most eagerly anticipated games of 2001, WWF Smackdown 3 came out in demo form last Saturday. As demo's go it was extremely generous with six wrestlers to choose from (The Rock, HHH, Angle, Austin, Kane and The Undertaker) and two match types available to play (singles and tag).

The first thing that strikes you is how much the graphics have improved since the game has been put on to playstation 2 everything is a lot smoother, none of the overlapping that occurred in SD2 occurs in the demo. The moves look a lot better and are all much better animated.  The programmers have included a lot more moves making the wrestlers move lists a lot more accurate. There are now a maximum of 12 grapple moves from the front position and 8 from behind., there's also a maximum of 4 upper turnbuckle moves.

Conversely there are some glitches still to be worked out especially in tag matches, when tags are made and double team moves performed. Also the improved graphics seem to have slowed down the speed of the game play .

Overall the demo is excellent and a great advert for how good the complete game is going to be. The only to have improved the demo would have been to have put a couple of the new superstars in as opposed to the ones that appeared in the previous games.

New moves have been added
More moves in the grapple positions
Double team moves whilst both members of a tag team are in the ring

Still a few glitches to be worked out
Game speed is slower
The referee can get annoying


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