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WWF SmackDown! ‘Just Bring It’ begins a whole new season of the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Square off against more than 35 WWF Superstars in 70 different match types as the most electrifying show in Sports Entertainment comes to life like never before. Utilizing the power of the PlayStation 2 entertainment system, WWF SmackDown! ‘Just Bring It’ graces the screen with unsurpassed detail, lightning fast action, all-new matches, a TV style presentation, 1000’s of moves and for the first time ever, exclusive play-by-play. Form the opening Titantron entrance to the final bell, each Superstar comes to life with exquisite detail and true to life motion. Perform bone-shattering finishers - from the Rock Bottom to the Stone Cold Stunner - as you annihilate opponents with more than 80 different moves per Superstar. A TV-style presentation, real-time events and on-the fly commentary called by Michael Cole and Tazz surrounds the player in the drama of SmackDown! and the spectacle that is the World Wrestling Federation as stories play out and champions are crowned.


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Game Info

Count-Down! To Smackdown!
  days To go For the UK





Number of Players
4-8 (with I-Link)

Dual Shock

UK Release
24th November 2001

US Release
19th Nov

Memory Card

UK Price
£45.99 or £40.99

US Price


WWF Smackdown 3 / News

Hello And welcome to this Smackdown 3: Just bring it site. dedicated entirely to the new wrestling game thats due to hit the PS2 platform on the fall of 2001. On this Site there's going to be: CAWS, Biographys, Guides, secret cards, Cheats, Pictures, videos and loads of other stuff to do with SD3. 

The Rock Is back In his third outing on the Playstation Platform and the People's elbow has never looked better! The First thing you'll notice when you play this game (not out yet) is the Mass extent of New game modes. there are 70 modes. 38 new from its predecessors. Including 3 gimmick   matches: Street fight, Ultimate submission, and 3 stages of hell.

WWF SmackDown! ‘Just Bring It’ is the third instalment in the highly successful WWF SmackDown! series. To date both titles have sold over one million units each for the PlayStation game console. The franchise now moves to the PlayStation 2 entertainment system with the most comprehensive WWF title yet. Developed by the award-winning team of Yukes and carrying the World Wrestling Federation license, this title authentically reproduces the in-your-face attitude and drama that is the WWF.


1/11/01 - - Updated the videos with some brand new insider videos, also the UK release date has been brought forward to the 16th, according to EB games, amazon and other sites, I believe the release date and have set the countdown for the new release date

1/11/01 - - New insider movies added! also some double team movies, when it rains it pours. and added dean malenko's entrance

31/10/01 - - The pics are back on the air! I am sorry about the lack of updates. I've been searching hard (not really) for an unlimited bandwidth hosting site. and FINALLY... I've found one. so any pics you wanted to see they are all back up. That's all for 2day. more insider movies tomorrow.

28/10/01 - - Added new pics and movies of raven, due to a request on the guestbook. am I dedicated or what? That's all for today folks!

28/10/01 - - I've finished uploading some new videos, some nice new java scripts and a banner for my friend's site. please click it. Also I've put a UK countdown on the Game info on the table on the left hand side. I would of added a US one but there is not a confirmed release date. i am currently having problems with bandwidth which means none of the angelfire pics work. I am currently swapping files to another server... they'll be up by tommorow. in the mean time check out the videos section for something big!

27/10/01 - - Updated The screenshots section with a Plate glass window and new pics of Shane, Steph, Jerry lynn and Tajiri. all scanned in from OPM2. Also a FAQ section, with all the questions answered. RVD, Blood, and more key questions,

26/10/01 - - A guest Book has been added to the site, its an external one unfortunately. sign it here... Also I've added a Discussion board, that to is also external. visit it here. also Post pictures and CAWS

24/10/01 - - Game News - The Game US release has been pushed back again un-till the 19th of November, the UK date however is still standing at the 23rd, wheh hey, and also ive been having trouble's with Geocities bandwidth, now all my media is being held on angelfire. if there are any broken links, please, please mail me here

24/10/01 - - Updated the screenshots, and arenas with pics of the new SD set and Fred Durst. also The screenshots have been updated, I don't think they've ever been seen again because they were on a French site... check the screenshots page from the menu on the left... Also the Story Pics has received an update

23/10/01 - - If you've got some spare time on your hands take a gander at these here Also.. Thank you for making this such a successful site. 2179 hits! I've Beat an all time record. and instead of adding thousands of news entry's ive introduced these page breaks, and after one month all the news goes into the news Archive (not up yet)

23/10/01 - - Site update - Every page has been checked over for links, and mostly new stuff added to every page. A new design may not be far away as well... i also have some cool javascripts to use. Also the top tool bar has been updated. the underlined links work now... and a demo review has been uploaded View it here...

23/10/01 - - SD3 Isn't based on SD2 engine! its actually based on royal rumble for the DC... Full story. Also nearly all the pages on this site have been updated, e.g, the links above in the black strip and on the side, any other links that don't correspond to any of the topics will be posted on the news section...

23/10/01 - - Oh yes! 6 Man hell In a cell, bit crowded though here And a Screenshot of the Create menu Here. A lot more Screenshots here Also A lot of Backstage Pics Here. The Videos Section has also been updated to bring you more videos. a new Key has been brought up to make viewing the videos easier..

22/10/01 - - 32 Story Pics added... Here

22/10/01 - - Some New Rumoured Information from a friend on a SD3 Message board at told me this (here)

22/10/01 - - IGN's Interview With the main man at THQ and Producer of SD3, Saunders Keel Here

17/10/01 - - Picture added of the UK demo from EB games. Here. and also a Joke Alliance Picture, drawn up by me Here

15/10/01 - - Ive also uploaded a very Wanted picture of Tajiri. proves he's made the cut  Click here. Also Pics Of Fred Durst, Yes he has been Included as an ingenius way of getting his Rollin music cheap. Here

10/10/01 - - The release has been delayed a week because they are renaming the "Raw is war" and taking the word "war" out of it. Its now called monday night raw or just Raw

Obviously some of the stuff is'nt up because of the game still in development and the rosters are subject to change. E.G the Superstars, match type etc.


  • Over 70 different matches
  • More than 35 Superstars
  • More than 1000 Moves
  • TV style Presentation
  • Exclusive play by play Commentary
  • Expanded season mode
  • In game events
  • Advanced Create-A-wrestler
  • Superstar Entrances
  • Signature music
  • 10 detailed vast backstage areas
  • Three Different arenas
  • Enhanced Graphics and Realism
  • Differnt Size ladders in TLC mode


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