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Mambo-Salsa (E) D or I Sfr 60 +pp

See some highlights from the first Swiss Salsa-Mambo Championship. Then learn some of the moves!

The Salsa-Mambo Moves

Basic Movements and Turns/ Shoulder to Shoulder + Zig-Zag / Op. out-Lady Dip / Salsa Runs in PP / Check in CPP + Hiptwistswivels + Spin / Cross-Body-Lead Basicfigure + Man‘s Turn + Lady's 3-Step Turn / Continuous Cross-Body-Lead + Caresse / Shuttle + Scallop from Cr.-Bo.-Le. / Top to R - Op. out Move + Lady Roll / Open Break - Ripple - Tourbillon / Triple Turn / Lasso + Sweetheart / Coxa-Bamba / Tango-Hook / Side by Side / Tandem Position

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