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Salsa Obsession (E) Sfr 60 +pp

See a clip that goes back to the Roots of Cuba and then view a clips of the present Salsa

The Exotic moves
Conga / Comparsa / Bachata / Samba-Reggae / Batucada

The Salsa moves
Pretzel - Grapevine - Pretzel - Catapult - Neckwrap - Lambada - Rolling off Arm - Salsa Hip-Hop

The Mambo moves
Cross Body Lead - Neckwrap - Man Spot Turn - Lady 3-Step Turn Caresse + special Neckwrap - Lambada - Rolling off Arm

The Classic Mambo moves
Madeiro‘s Break + Lady Dip / Chavez Lasso + Lady Dip / Montez Lady‘s Pass behind Man finishing with Lady‘s Candle

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