Sophomore year, I lived with my good friend Nancy.  Our room was really tiny, but we loved it.  When people came in for the first time, they would frequently comment on how "homey" our room felt.  It was full of pictures, blue stuff, our four pets, food, and lots of other random junk.  We loved it. Here's a bunch of pics of us with our friends in our room, Gina and Shannon's room, and just around. 
Shannon & Natalie
at her desk
Felicia & Gina
on Gine's fluffy bed
Nancy & Julie
before a rave
Chrissy & Adriana
cozy on a beanbag
Meghan, Natalie, Vanessa, Gina
doing nothing
Carla (my lil "sis") & Natalie
Gina & Natalie
sitting in her room
JulieAnne & Meghan
in the middle of finals
Shannon & Natalie
making sure she isn't thirsty
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