Now that I am at college, I don't get many chances to watch my brothers play football.  So, when I heard that the football team was coming up near MSMC to play, I was ready to go!  The game was up at Frazier Mtn. High School, so I had to stay the night with my family in a hotel.  The next day was nothing but football!  The boys played a super game, espically Nathan!  Noland did a great job at manager too!  I had a fun time hanging out with everyone, espically Johanna and Krista. 
Nathan, Michael, Natalie, & Johanna
ahh...brothers and sisters!
Chelsea, Nycole, & Rebecca
the little sisters
Vanessa, Natalie, Kristy, Johanna, & Leigh
watching the game from the grass
Georgina, Rosie, Bob, Gail, Michaelyn, Mike, & Orville
Redhawk parents
Natalie & Ryan
at dinner the night before
Nathan, Travis, & Richard
after the game
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