So, this was the most fun night in the world!  We went to a sushi bar with over 30 people in our group, and had a night that involved dancing on chairs, doing the locomotion around the room, and lots of laughing!     
Kellis, Chrissy, Anthony, Gina, Natalie, Mike, Erin, & Pat
Brooke, Natalie, Gina, Vanessa, Rochelle, Perla, Janet, Meghan, Alicia, Lilly, Gina, Elizabeth, Amanda, Evangelina, Chrissy, Erin, & Cheryl
Mike & Natalie
Meghan, Kellis, Chrissy, Anthony, Natalie, Mike, Erin, & Pat
Meghan & Kellis
Dennis & Amanda
(we love you two!)
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