Natalie, Heather, Carly, & Miranda
playing in the pool
    The week after we all graduated from high school, a group of my friends and I went to Las Vegas.  We stayed at the Tropicana for a week, compliments of Mike's uncle, and we had a really fun week!  We also spent so much money!  Since I knew this would be one of the last times we all hung out for awhile, I took a ton of pictures.    
Carly & Heather
best buddies
Miranda, Carlos, Mike, Natalie, & Chad
at Planet Hollywood
Mike, Carly, Heather, & Carlos
at King Arthur's
Miranda, Natalie, & Chad
at King Arthur's
Mike & Natalie
at Country Star
Carlos, Carly, Heather, Natalie, Chad, & Miranda
in Excalibur
Carlos & Miranda
with a Ceasar Bear
Natalie, Carly Heather, Chad, Carlos, Miranda, & Mike
at Rainforest Cafe
Miranda & Natalie
bestest friends
Chad, Miranda, Natalie, & Mike
at Hard Rock
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