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               Misioneras del Divino Rostro

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We would like to welcome to our website dedicated to the service of Christ and our Mary Virgin. We are a Nicaraguan congregation which supports the catholic education and social work. We announce the word of God and we proclaim Jesus Christ as the only way to get the Truth and Life.

The Missioners work on the evangelization, take care of orphan children with psychosocial problems and do social and pastoral work. They are helping to the development of Nicaragua with their hard work and sacrifice.


Thank you Virgen Mary for your protection and support


Mary Virgin our star in the evangelization. Our lady.

Managua, Nicaragua.

Centro América



This page was designed by Patricia Ayerdis and Claudia Ayerdis as an effort for collaborating with the work and projects of these amazing missioners who are helping to  many children in Nicaragua. We would like to thank for their support and