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Molloy Electrical & Security, while providing the usual electrical services such as: house wiring, alarm wiring, problem solving, cabling, control panel wiring, etc. want to encourage and lead the consumer into making the decision to make the strategic shift towards thinking energy efficiency, cost saving, environmentally friendly alternatives in the home or business.

Training Background & Certification
Everybody has to go through the same process of practical and theoretical training to become an electrician qualified to practice in Ireland. The profession is very tightly experience-based, and progression through the levels runs directly in line with experience gained. Otherwise respect for superior experience and position would be missing and the hierarchy would correspondingly collapse. There are currently 6,360 electrician apprentices in all seven phases in Ireland.

Pricing Strategy
Fees are usually agreed in advance, so it is in Molloy Electrical's interest as well as the customer's to get the work completed quickly. To enable an effective pricing strategy, we have completed market research to determine a fair price for our services. We have called similar businesses to learn about their pricing. The special services that Molloy Electrical & Security offers can add value. Our aim is to be fair in our pricing strategy, to give the customer complete transparency in relation to the fees that they are being charged, so that they can see that they are getting value for money.