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Welcome everyone I hope you enjoy

Hey everybody! Hope you enjoy the site, if you need anything just email me. Some people have asked why I do not change the design of this site after awhile, the answer is...I like the design and find it easy to use. NO I DO NOT REALLY LIKE PINK lol. I just like the background. If you have any suggestions please email me. Please vote for this site.
I am trying to make this site more fun and to think of some contests. If you have an idea please email me.
I am planning on a Fanart section, if you would like to send some fanart in please email me at
CCF has a competetion at the moment which looks like alot of fun so why don't you check it out by clicking the banner below

Here's gift's from Sakura's Dream Stars ^_^ Gift.
Cardcaptor Sakura does not belong to me it belongs to the wonderful creators CLAMP.
Updates: 5th Oct: Planning Fanart Section

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