Jonah (Ayame, Joie, Jlee Bean, Jones) is a 14 year old girl, currently attending middle school at grade 8. She was born in Philippines on January 18, 1988. She currently resides in Guam, with her mom, dad, and two older brothers.
    She is a rather outgoing person, yet somewhat shy. She's sarcastic and weird, and never misses a chance at making people laugh (even if it's at her).
    Jonah spends most of her time in front of the computer; downloading music, chatting with friends, posting on message boards, or working on one of her sites. When she's not on the computer, she likes to read or draw. And, like any other teenager, worships the tv. Her favorite shows are Friends, Charmed, Who's Line?, and Boy Meets World.
    Jonah is known for being very loud, being somewhat of a "nice girl", her drawings, having a pale complexion, and her witty sarcasm.
    During her time on the net, she's joined many cliques, made many friends, and created many sites like Got-Me.NET, Sweet Dreams Network, Flair, and Femme Fatale.
    She created this blog merely for her It's a way for her to express herself, and clear her head a little. It is not meant to hurt and/or offend anyone, so if anyone is offended by what she has said, please remember that she's only expressing my feelings. So please don't flame her for what she says. Emotion kitties to her.
    This blog was started on 20011105 and there have been 17 versions so far.
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