GAYATHRI   (Tamil)  B&W
Sridevi with  Jaishankar. The story of this movie was originally written by the famous Tamil writer Sujatha. Actually Jaishankar was not the hero. Rajnikanth takes the role of villainous hero who marries the heroine and takes movies of their bedroom intimacies without the knowledge of the heroine which he sells in the underworld market for a high price. When Sridevi suspects something fishy, she sends message and Jaishankar comes to rescue her. But before he could succeed in his attempt, she commits suicide.
The transparent saree enhances the beauty of this low hip !
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Sometimes, transparent sarees are more glamorous!
A special photo from the movie. There are marks on her face and ....well, to indicate that the first night was over! Watch her right cheek and near her chain below collar bone.
Sri was know for wearing her saree much below the navel increasing the heart beat of the viewers! A dangerous level!!
Rajni gives a supporting hand to Sri!
02 May 2004
Some thumbs are lucky!!