A Black & White movie with Sridevi and Jaishankar. A murder thriller written by Sujatha. The original story was published in the name "Anita Ilam Manaivi" during 1960s. Not a big hit. But Sridevi was looking very young and beautiful in this one. You can observe her exaggerated gestures and overacting which looks funny! Quite a few glamour scenes are there. Especially in a song, when lies down on  a rock, the neck line plunges and gives you a nice view. In one or two scenes she flashes thigh show too.
The camera didnot failt to capture the beauty of what you were waiting for!
The scene described above. A good cleavage show. It is a pity that it is a long shot.
A scene for thigh show
A mild exposure of cleavage. Quite a poetic beauty
Just an inch for a smooth kiss!
Mistaken for a transparent dress
Dimensions in differenet angles!
Lucky hero has nice resting place for his face!
A special photo of Sridevi with mini skirt exposing thighs
Little better bending down would have revealed better stories
A larger picture with better clarity - 19th Dec 2002
14 January 04
Sigh.......Lucky Jaishankar gets a better view of ........... Sri's face!
Talk about dimensions ............!