A very ordinary movie with Sridevi and Jaishankar. M.R. Radha took the role of Sridevi's father. There are three scenes where Sridevi exposes her beauty. First scene of her entry where she shows of her thighs wearing just a towel. Another scene where she was in a disguise as a boy (!) and Jaishankar beleiving her disguise tries to remove her shirt and gets stunned on seeing the bra - in a fraction of second you can see the open shirt and during the climax liberal shots are there. Sridevi's saree was stripped by the villain and for about fifteen minutes Sridevi struggles with villain (and also when Jaishankar was fighting with the villain) and a treat for her fans to see her only with blouse and in-skirt.
This is a special scanned picture for our viewers. Sridevi's thigh show
Sridevi in mini skirt
Jaishankar attempting to open the shirt of that "boy" (Isn't whe willingly keeping the hands broad enabling him to open the shirt?)
Without saree. If only a DVD is made, clear shots will be available!